Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Personal Aside: Now for Another Review of the “Tribune’s” Gutsy Editorials.


The cancer vaccine debate is a not-too-bad meander of pros-and-cons concerning the vaccine against two strains of human papillioma-virus (HPV) which concludes that parents should ask their pediatricians about the vaccine but that it should not be made mandatory under state law. Deft skirting of the moral side of the equation and abstinence as the 100% failsafe remedy. A gentlemanly C.

Exposing the faux O’Briens is a predictable whinny in support of a bill signed by Governor Blagojevich that would mandate the phrase “formerly known as” to go along on the ballot with name change for political benefit…with a late plug for the all-editorial-board favorite chestnut, merit selection. D: a rewrite from the League of Women Voters boilerplate.

Falling to earth—a trite rehash of the plight of female astronaut Lisa Nowak—concludes that the higher one goes in prominence the farther one has to fall. Insightful, huh? F.

France’s surrender to Iran? relates President Jacques Chirac’s inept statement that if Iran drops a nuclear bomb on Israel, it would lead to the instant destruction of Tehran concluding with two prosaic observations: one, that it’s not much comfort for Israel and second that a country that builds one bomb doesn’t stop there which means that there should be no acceptance of Iran doing such a thing. Ho-hum: D.

The 40GB menace deals with a story that a Colorado teenager was hospitalized after being stuck by lightning while mowing the law and listening to his IPod. A lawmaker introduced a bill for a $100 fine for persons listening to IPods while crossing the street. However “self-regulation” is best. Brilliant observation worth a D.

That’s as much excitement as this writer can stand. More reviews soon.

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