Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Personal Aside: `Bye-bye `Bama!’

`Bye-bye `Bama?’

It was the worst mistake a candidate for president can make —telling a crowd during wartime that American lives lost in the war in behalf of the United States were “wasted.” And although the cosmetics brigade of the guilt-ridden white media will cover for him, if sufficiently capitalized upon by surrogates of his opponents—notably Hillary--the speech in Durham, New Hampshire by Barack Hussein Obama should be enough to relegate his campaign to minor status. There is no way that a blunder of that magnitude should not be turned against him in the fight for the Democratic nomination and, even further down the road in the general election as a rebuke to those who have not repudiated it. Obama’s instinctive evasion of a full apology, then followed by a full apology, makes it worse—and doubly certain that his candidacy is George Clooney radicalism unvarnished. If this were to be the view of a president—even if apologized for—it would signal that for the first time the holder of this office were not a patriot.

It was not misspeak…like the incompetent telling of a bitter joke aimed at George W. Bush by John Kerry which made it sound like Kerry believes only the dumb ones go to Iraq… or the tongue-gone-wild gaffe that afflicted poor garrulous Joe Biden but unmistakable evidence that compassion…support for men and women who gave their lives and their families…has eluded this rock-star candidate who has been idolized for color not competence far beyond his capacity to assimilate it. In the end, the coolness he seemingly showed was symptomatic of an astounding inner coldness: inexplicable coldness to the needs of families who lost loved ones. We shall see if the affirmative action administered by his media friends will explain this egregious failure to appreciate noble sacrifice for country.

Let the comparisons with Abraham Lincoln end now. The cruel view made during wartime sounds—indeed may be—not only cold but unpatriotic. No one before has had the temerity to tell Americans that their lost children’s lives—even in conflicts that failed such as Bull Run, Chancellorsville and Pickett’s charge at Gettyburg…not to forget lives lost at isolated defeats at the Alamo, Bataan, Corregidor and Vietnam were wasted. All the cosmetic stitching and bruise-repair work David Axelrod can do will not be sufficient. Obama will still be beloved by the full moon white liberal Left and a segment—not all--of the black community…to them…but as for getting the nomination, he should be history.

So much for the excitable, heads-over-heels-in-love jumping teen-aged girl “Sun-Times” over-aged adolescent duo…Carol Marin and Jennifer Hunter…who accompanied the cool-headed old pro Lynn Sweet to the unveiling in Springfield. So much for the ensconced liberal media Greek chorus…the f-word spewing Chris Matthews et al… that sacrificially froze their stones Saturday…which was a delight to see… in hopes of even touch the hem of this falsely perceived cardboard icon. And so the orchestral symphony of a falsetto candidate ends with the discomfiting equivalent of a rude intestinal-based noise. Axelrod has already passed the word to those who are supposed to write today’s history…er, it never happened: ignore it. Not to do so is racist. Of course.

I have been ruminating from the past to see how this enormous blunder rates with those of prior presidential contests. Answer: it’s the worst. Worse than Biden’s appropriation not just of Neil Kinnock’s words but his resume…George Romney’s “brainwashing” statement showing how easy it would be to mislead him if president when he was mis-led by the generals whom he visited Vietnam. Dwight Eisenhower’s answer when asked what Nixon had contributed to his administration (“if you give me a week, I’ll probably have the answer”), Thomas E. Dewey’s insult to the engineer of his campaign train, calling him an “idiot” with the engineer saying, “it’s okay, I’m not going to vote for him anyhow,” Herbert Hoover’s “prosperity is just around the corner”—probably you have to go back beyond “rum romanism and rebellion” to John Adams’ description by Benjamin Franklin (“He means well for his country but… some times and in some ways gets absolutely out of his senses” which was used by Jefferson to help defeat the 2nd president).

Even then most of these are words said about a candidate not by him. The solution for the Obama campaign: treat the cold insult to dead soldiers and their families with silence. Which the lefty blog bund decided to do without waiting for Axelrod’s orders. We shall see what the Left does now. The Left that so hates the president it wishes defeat for the country…the Left, whose prime candidate has declared what he and the left inwardly have always felt--that heroes’ sacrifices made in behalf of America in Iraq are wasted.

The unpatriotic Left that cannot wait to see America punished and fail.


  1. Excellent- Right on the mark!

  2. I’ve read reports that 363 tons of American dollars --$5.5 billion – were airlifted to Baghdad and disappeared. ( ) If this money cannot be accounted for, I would not find fault with those who said it was wasted. The efforts of those who earned it were not wasted, but, through the workings of their government, the wealth it represented remains unaccounted for. Likewise, the dedication of the soldiers who serve in the military is not wasted, but I find no fault when Americans state that our leaders are wasting their lives by occupying another nation in an undeclared war on an abstraction.

    Yesterday I heard members of congress state that there is no negotiation with this enemy. In a “war on terror”, they are correct. When an enemy is not identified, there can be neither negotiation nor victory. Give patriotism a chance.

  3. Obama has now showed his real colors RED. This is a new kind of politics? This is what Obama said:
    "We ended up launching a war that should have never been authorized, and should have never been waged, and on which we've now spent $400 billion, and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted."

    Wasted? You self-important jerk! Who do you think you are? To toss those who would give their lives for their country to the side, as an applause line? I know it's hard for him to believe but there are people who love this country and when called gladly serve. Yes Senator there are families who have lost a son or daughter who don't agree that their lives were wasted they are proud their loveones could give their lives for a cause bigger than themselves.
    he and his allies will say he apologized right away, that it was a mistake. To me it was a glimpse behind the Curtin. This is the same old left wing trash and he should be ashamed of himself.
    I will stand with the patriots who WILLINGLY gave their lives for this country when called while he sat in his academic office pondering the ways western civilization have failed the worlds poor and down trodden . I shouldn't have to remind the Senator we were attacked on 9/11 and people who are now dead volunteered because they thought it was their duty and that it was worth the ultimate sacrifice! Now he has joined the senior Senator from Illinois in his open hatred of the military and shows he is just another war protester. He isn't fit to polish the boots of even the lowliest private!
    How do we in Illinois, the center of the great Midwest end up with two of the most left wing anti American Senators who ever served in the United States Senate?

    SEMPER FI !!!!!!!

    Jim Leahy RAI

  4. I was surprized how quickly he stumbled. I don't think he can get past this.

  5. The Press led by the once Conservative Chicago Tribune will bury this remark. Imagine how the press would have reacted is say Richard Nixon had said the same about the Vietnam War. But unfortunately, Obama is a "faired haird boy and the remark will be buried

  6. Obama's "wasted" comment was in Iowa. He apologized in New Hampshire.

  7. But they have been wasted. We have accomplished nothing but the death of Saddam, have destroyed a small a country and see no way out.

  8. I noticed that the Sun Times columnists are picking up the stumbled Obama's cross and re-wording what he should have said.