Thursday, May 4, 2006

Political Potpourri: Guest Column Idea’s Fresh!...The Big Surprise: Meeks May Take More from Topinka than Blagojevich

The guest column from Al Harris that ran yesterday comes as a fresh bolt of energy, and we will be running more from him…Also, Bruno who commented on his idea yesterday should prepare a 200-word approach that can tie into it…I’m thinking seriously of hosting a coffee for any readers or contributors who may want to get together and share ideas: let this be the first of regular get-togethers: what do you say?...

Analysis of the latest gubernatorial poll done for Rev. and Sen. James Meeks shows a significant groundswell of support from social conservatives, basis the push-poll strategy that informed voters of Meeks’ pro-life position. Those people would have been voting for Topinka as a natural matter of course, voters she will lose as word of her pro-abort, pro-gay rights stand spreads. However, the poll is somewhat distorted. No regular outpouring of voters will have the benefit of such intensive indoctrination of Meeks’ position. However if Meeks run, as is unlikely, there is no doubt that he will publicized his views himself. However the tally is interesting

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