Friday, May 5, 2006

Political Potpourri: Bobby Rush to Support Blagojevich with No Hidden Agenda for Topinka…Prediction Firm that Meeks Won’t Run…A Hint of Sabotage Against George in the Pedophile Scandal?

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) who cut a deal with Judy Baar Topinka to deliver African American votes to her in his last run against Tom Dart won’t be doing the same thing as she runs for governor this year…There is no change in the prognostication that State Sen. James Meeks will not run for governor no matter how many times he hints…The story broken here that Topinka herself was the source of the disparaging comments on President Bush to George Will has not been denied, which means you can take it to the bank…Nor has the fact been challenged that behind the scenes there are a good number of elected Republicans who have signed up officially for Topinka who are actually for Blagojevich—as well as a reasonable number of prominent Democrats officially pledged for Blagojevich who are pushing for Topinka quietly but effectively. But because Topinka’s funding is at a standstill, those covert pro-Blagojevich Republicans are more effective…Latest theory to hit the priest pedophile scandal is this: one liberal priest has been quoted as saying that Francis Cardinal George’s removal is coming fast because of inaction, hinting that a coterie of liberal priests had withheld information on Dan McCormack in order to do him in. You think? After all, George is a theological conservative who is less liked by liberal priests than the late Cardinal Bernardin, a liberal. Your comments on all of these would be interesting.


  1. Richard M. HanisitsMay 5, 2006 at 7:18 AM

    Believe me! I have no doubt Cardnal George was set up for a fall. I thought so from the word get go. I have a new pastor at Saint Bede the Venerable, a parish which can boast of a pedophile priest, Norbert Mayday and a pastor who managed to steal about a million dollars before he was caught. You know a priest today can pick his own new assigment, and I am sure Father Lisowski picked St. Bede's for possible good pickings. Our new pastor, Father Bill Stenzel, preached at all the Sunday Masses several months ago that Cardinal George does not care about us. It seems he went down the chancery to get more dope on Jeramiah Dugan, a former accused pastor and now deceased, and he was given the cold shoulder- according to him. In order to " comfort" us he assured us that such abominable things happened in the rectory he could not mention them- which made all us is feel more curious and more miserable than before. I call Stenzel " James the inventor" because of his tinkering with the sacred liturgy, and on this matter he has heard from me twice. By the way, I am curious to know the name of the priest who went around to southwest parishes asking for passive resistence to the marriage amendment. How can we fight the scoundrels if we do not knowwho they are?

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