Thursday, March 2, 2006

The Cardinal George Matter: Some Authenticists Feel Mis-Led

Some of the same people who went to the spontaneous demonstration for Cardinal George on Feb. 12—authenticist Catholics—feel they have been mis-led, basis the report that came out showing that an archdiocesean review board had recommended Fr. Daniel McCormack be taken out for sex abuse. The report was ignored and McCormack was indicted for criminal activity subsequently. That reply from the archdiocese that the report was “interim” is bogus. Nothing interim about it. Also there was a report that McCormack was sent to a Maryland facility for psychological evaluation—the same procedure pursued by other bishops, a procedure since largely discredited. More to follow.

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  1. I have read your post carefully a few times and perhaps your promised follow up will clear this up but are you stating that the Cardinal was aware of the review board recommendation and that he ignored it? Are you stating that the Cardinal knew or was responsible for sending McCormack to Maryland for evaluation?

    I think everyone feels that this matter could have been handled in a better way however if you have information that the Cardinal himself ignored a report or knew of this evaluation then this should be clearly stated.