Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oberweis: Is He Too Tough on Topinka or Are His Charges Having An Effect? A Blog Plebiscite

The question a leading Republican (not a candidate) put to me was this: I’ve heard Jim Oberweis make presentations for several weeks now, including times when Judy Baar Topinka was in the room and scheduled to follow him. Frankly, his presentation is so tough on her, I wince. She doesn’t respond in kind but keeps her focus on Rod Blagojevich. While I agree with you that the battle is between her and Oberweis, I’m worried that if Oberweis wins the nomination he can’t get elected.

He continued: if it goes on, fatso, the electorate may turn to Gidwitz.

I said: what is this fatso? Gidwitz? Com’on, give me a drag on what you’re smoking. He said: No, I really mean it. There’s no doubt that you have to have the base and Oberweis has it—but there’s got to be more than the base. Reagan’s strength was that he was a sunny kind of guy not a grim one.

No sooner did I finish with him than I had a call from one who was turned on by the Oberweis presentation. She said: Your establishment friend is wrong. No, I said, he’s not establishment, actually. She responded: He is, I tell you! That’s the kind of stuff you hear in the country clubs by people who are lackadaisical about their Republicanism. This battle is for the heart and soul of the Illinois Republican party and don’t you forget it. What we want are people who when they get nominated and elected won’t go wobbly on us. Wobbly: does that ring a bell with you, old timer?

I said: You’re guilty of age-ism. Yes, that’s what Maggie Thatcher told George H. W. Bush just before Iraq War I. Yes, she said and he went wobbly all right and pulled out before he got Saddam Hussein. Now listen to me, fatso. The reason I--.

Fatso? What is this? She said: well, reduce, then. The reason I think your friend is goofy is that no one, not even Gidwitz’s own staff, sees him picking up enough votes. Only Gidwitz does. Are you sure this guy isn’t a mole for Gidwitz? I said I’m sure he isn’t.

The significant thing was that both of them agreed that Bill Brady’s campaign is going nowhere. And both agreed as to why. No money because Brady felt that once Jim Edgar bowed out, Edgar would endorse him and so the Brady people wasted an unconscionable amount of time in waiting out the endorsement that never came. The fact that Brady will not get out of the race strikes both—diametrically opposed on other issues—as exceedingly foolhardy. They believe he will take the collar if Topinka wins the nomination. Message to partisans of both camps: don’t come back slugging me because I have faithfully reproduced these views which are not mine. But in the interest of keeping the ball rolling, I’d like to get your views.


  1. I attended the Repub convention and heard Oberweis myself. Leadership IS tough. Unfortunately Illinois is so screwed up, a person is bound to say some unpleasant things. I am happy to hear SOMEONE speaking the truth. Judy is the old guard. Plain and simple.

    I coomend Mr. Oberweis for his courage to admit the truth. I believe it is refreshing.

    As far as Senator Bill Brady...HE is the NEW ROSS PEROT! He will not drop outeven though all he has had in the past 3 months is a pitiful 5 percent in the polls. PLEASE MR. PEROT (Bill Brady)DROP OUT now!! So we are not stuck with 4 more years of a Clinton type regime!!

    It is time for a regime change!!

  2. I'm active in gun, pro-life & homeschool organizations. To be frank, "the base" (I don't line using that term-it's the literal translation of "Al Qaeda") that I come across favors Brady, so I doubt Oberweis has it wrapped up. People in my northern Illinois county know of him, but that's about it.

    It appears to me that there are some real personal battles underlying the public battles in this primary. Take for example the (defunct Renew Illinois, now FTN's) "Topinka Tattler". I know of no one on the street who shares their venom for anyone who disagrees with them. Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave. I don't know what personal gripes are driving certain candidates, but I refuse to make their personal vendettas my own.

    I will vote for any Republican primary winner, including Topinka. Talk of conservatives not doing so is damaging to their own credibility and to the cause in the future.

  3. Could someone please provide legitimate polls that show Brady at 5% over the last 3 months? It is getting a little ridiculous to read this repeatedly posted on blogs and no real data to support it. Let's be honest when evaluating this campaign.

    If Brady does take the collar counties, as has been mentioned, then he will likely be the nominee. Since he is likely to win many of the downstate counties and now the talk is of him taking the collar counties...let's take a look at him as the potential winner. The numbers that I see have him already in the double digits and JBT falling as well as Oberweis stagnant FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS.

    Come on, Republicans of Illinois. Look at the issues and Brady has the right plan to change the course of this state and reverse the damage of the Blago Boys. Let's focus on who can actually beat Blago and give the party a chance to return to leadership. The only candidate with the credentials and positions to take out Blago is Brady...and that alone should be how we evaluate this primary.

    Who should we support? JBT who may as well be a democrat? The Milkman who has changed postion on so many issues that he has to check with his staff to find out what he believes today? Gidwitz who has actually seen no movement despite spending millions and who is little more than JBT with business ethics issues? The best choice for the party is Brady...the man who has remained devoted to the citizens of this state and can actually win in the general.

  4. Wonder
    I follow this very closly and I have NEVER heard "talk" about Brady taking the collar counties. I have not heard of Brady eveb taking the central part of the state and that is his own backyard.
    You are asking for numbers and you quote numbers from a poll you don't identify. What poll says Brady is in double digits?
    A vote for Brady keeps the combine in charge of the state party. He won't call for kejellander to resign, he will not resind his votes for illegals going to college cheeper than American citizens from other states. Or his sponsorship of the matricular consular card that Blago is using to give free health care and home loans with is that change???
    Now is the chance we have to bring real change to the ILGOP by electing someone with NO ties to former administrations. It is time we rebuild the party not keep fighting,. Bradys way keeps the fight going.

  5. How about the McKeon and Associates poll that has been cited by the likes of the Journal Register in Springfield? Performed in late November it showed Brady at 10%...okay, your turn...and please don't use the numbers cited on The Milkman's website.

    As a side note, I don't think that the issues you mentioned will resonate with the average voter. Brady has the plan to deal with jobs, taxes, education and the like...issues which the typical voter wants to hear about when choosing a candidate.

    By the way...use Oberweis' own numbers and do a simple google search for his previous campaigns. There is little question that you will see 5 years of numbers in the low to mid 20's...right where he claims to be currently. Actually, the Brady numbers can be googled as well...if you want to see some more.

  6. We conservatives were excited, but we understand-- Kathy Salvi will be a great Congressperson. Tom, you sexist, sexist, sexist pig.

  7. I had hopes for Rauschenburger but his withdrawl and alignment with Gidwitz has left me less than impressed. Oberweiss appears he will keep running for something, anything until he is elected and will spend the money to do it. His views have changed from his original stance running for the Senate so I wish he would start lower, like at the State Rep. level so we can get a legislative background on him that proves him to be consistent and trustworthy to conservatives. Must we be forced to abandon our values and principles just to have a candidate with an (R) next to their name? What ever happened to candidates who represent us?

  8. Are you an Oberweis supporter? If so, then you are wierd. I have never met a normal person working for Oberweis. Of the 7 or 8 I have met, Obee is their life and their Jesus. And they are strange people to begin with. And it is so nice of them to hand out their campaign literature at another candidate's rally...

  9. The silence from Reagan Democrat is truly amazing.