Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kathy Salvi’s Brother In Law Goes After Me. Calling Me Stupid is One Thing. But—Can You Imagine?—He Calls Me Fat!

In an encyclical to the Salvi troops, the candidate’s brother-in-law (so I am informed), Joe Wheeler of Pro-Life Victory PAC has sent a mass avalanche of e-mails which says, in full:
Is this the same Roeser who calls Jack Franks pro-life? I remember the same vile this voluminous man spouted on his small-minded talk show when he scandalized aTom Salvi as a pro-abort. lThe column only proves one of two things: his hatred for the Salvi family is as large as his waste [sic] line and/or his political opinions are guided more by friends he dines with than the temporary convictions he keeps. Tom Roeser is an excellent enemy ineither regard as his small following attests to. His traditionalist values are of the same tradition as the “country club Republicans” who have driven the Republican party so low in Illinois. The more men like Roeser speak the more I realize the need for a good person to sacrifice for the “common good” because they know what is “commonly good by experience,” the family [sic]. Tom might have missed this at Loyola but he probably missed a lot about the great women in politics. Perhaps he was a mommy’s boy and doesn’t understand that a hard working mommy can’t be home to feed Tommy cookies all day. As such he certainly holds similar contempt for all hard working single moms and dual income breadwinners. For me, the only enablers are the people who listen to Tom Roeser. Fortunately, the few enablers he has left have reduced his opinion’s popularity to the point of disability [sic].

(p.s. I get insulted at such suggestions that people with children cannot morally sacrifice for the common good. Perhaps I and my wife should just sit by and watch merely because we have 5 children. No, my wife and I do better at both than most and I am certain Kathy can too. That’s why I support her and so should the rest of the Pro-life community.!) Joe Wheeler, Pro-Life Victory PAC


I’m cutting this off now so I can waddle to the kitchen and ask my mommy to give me more cookies and milk.


  1. God bless Al's brother in law for dedicating his life to the pro-life cause. By the way, has McSweeney changed the pro-choice position he held when he attacked Crane for "right wing extremism?"

  2. I scanned the email (I sent to another pro-life member asking me to comment on your article and which you chose to post) which appeared on your blog and failed to find the word "FAT". I can't find it! Nor can I find "stupid". I purposely try to avoid using "fat" for it can too easily be applied to me in some morphological medical reference. You merely suffer from the unfortunate characteristic of being "voluminous" and at the same time "unheard". The substance of my disagreement with you applies to your misogynic political attitudes (which are as old fashioned as they are irrelevant) and your tendency to put your politics before the serious issue of being pro-life. If that is "stupid" I would have to agree on your use of the word describing yourself. You should also ask yourself whom is going after who?