Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pharmacists Terminated by Walgreen’s Shows Disdain for Illinois Right of Conscience

At least seven Walgreen’s pharmacists were terminated by the big drug chain today in a southern Illinois area known to be desperately short of pharmacists with the flu season approaching. One pharmacist tells me that she was given a form by Walgreen’s to complete on-line which said: “I am willing to dispense all contraceptives, including Plan B”—the morning after pill which has acted as an abortifacient and can well be a danger to the well-being of young women taking it. Following that statement there are two boxes. One says: “I agree” and one says “I do not agree.” She checked “I do not agree” and the screen flashed: “Do you understand that by checking `I do not agree’ you can be terminated?” She indicated yes and continued with the form.

Of the seven Walgreen’s pharmacists terminated in southern Illinois, three worked the night shift. This action comes as result of an executive order by Gov. Blagojevich notifying pharmacists to do their jobs notwithstanding their conscience which has been called by many Christians a clear violation of their right of conscience. Attorney Ed Martin (314-914-1455) is leading the Right of Conscience drive at Americans United for Life. This is an issue that has not yet reached the full attention of the MSM, mainstream media. If these pharmacists were terminated because they dared to stand opposed to WalMart or in response to a socially popular cause, you can rest assured they would be number one on the MSM agenda, featured on the front pages and on the TV news. Reluctance or refusal of MSM to provide coverage only certifies that with them the news is important only when it ratifies their prejudices.

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  1. Excellet post. Let's keep the pressure on! In the last paragraph, you mentioned WalMart. Did you mean to say Walgreens, or is Walmart's pharmacy also posing a problem.