Monday, November 28, 2005

Kathy Salvi and Frank Coconate: A Winning Team

Kathy Salvi, who’s seeking the Republican nomination for 8th district Congress, did a good job on my WLS program last night as did Frank Coconate, reflecting the true workingman’s view that the Democratic party once espoused before it went elitist. Kathy, a former student of mine at Loyola, is a charmer, possibly not the policy wonk Dave McSweeney is but an excellent candidate nevertheless. She wouldn’t take a position on term limits, did you hear that? Most interesting was the way she declined to take a position which showed finesse. But I still like term limits. Coconate was superb. For next Sunday I’m going to try to get Ron Gidwitz: let’s see if he will go head-to-head with a Democrat as did Bill Brady, Steve Rauschenberger and Jim Oberweis. No, it won’t be Becky Carroll. I’m saving her for the big time.

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  1. Tom, I want you to be there for another "BIG" event.....Congressman Jackson Jr. was invited by my son Frank jr. to Visit his classroom....he accepted!A Jesse Jackson coming to Daley Country!