Sunday, November 13, 2005

Andrew Greeley: Churchill Should Have Been Tried as War Criminal

It is a mark of how devalued Father Andrew Greeley has become as a non-serious columnist in the Sun-Times that he can insist, as he did in Friday’s loony-tunes offering, that Winston Churchill should have been tried as a war criminal for his unrestrained bombings of Germany, and not cause a stir. I think it is a healthy situation where Chicagoans recognize that nothing, certainly not the Catholic archdiocese, can rid us of this priest and that the Sun-Times is titillated at his apostasy. The good news is that increasingly, even his favorites on the left are sensing that he is not qualified to make an historical judgment and is busily trying to say the outrageous so as to capture attention and snatch some network TV time.


  1. Greely sounds like Pat Buchanen. It's a familiar agument especially in the midwest and it basically amounts to we fought on the wrong side in WWII.

    On a related note here, Mark Shields calls periodically for Paul Douglas Brigades for the so called Chicken Hawks to serve in Iraq. Do a google search on the key words and you'll find the column.

    I've thought what we really need are Charles Lindbergh Brigades for folks who think like Greely and Buchanen.

    Lindbergh thought WWII the wrong war, at the wrong time, against the wrong foe; yet sought deperartly sought to serve his country when war came over the direct opposition of FDR.

    We need some Brigades like that today.

  2. Fr. Greeley has become a sad, bitter and demented man. He has tried, so hard, from the inside, to damage Christ's church. His ugly knee-jerk liberal anger and hate, however, have weakened his mission. He is to be pitied. Pray for him, and pray for those he has counseled over the years...

  3. Fr. Greeley has been a great supporter of the physical Church in Chicago. His assistance on our architectural history of the Archdiocese at

    was extremely valuable. Though I do not agree with Fr. G on all issues, he surely campaigns hardest for a thriving and capable Church.