Monday, May 16, 2011


        Q.  What’s this?  A spouse decides whether one runs for president?  Has this ever happened before?
       A.  No.   Of course not.  I think it’s a joke and makes a laughingstock out of Daniels who on a number of fronts…budgetary expertise, excellent governor…is a well-qualified candidate.  The proper way would be for the couple quietly to make that decision up or down and then either go for it or no.  Throwing the ball to Cherie in public to make the decision for Mitch makes Mitch a sad joke of the GOP candidates—the weenie runt of the litter. 
        As we all know, Cherie left him and their daughters  for another man, divorcing Mitch and marrying an old flame because she despised Mitch’s chosen vocation of politics…and then did a reverse switch,  divorcing him and returning to Mitch. Do they think this device…leave it to Cherie… will insulate her from another switcheroo when the press heat comes on?  Looks a lot like it.   But with her already demonstrated instability I’m not so sure.  This stupid p. r. device should disqualify him from election if anything does.   This smacks of Dick Lugar,  his topmost adviser.
       Q.  And what’s this Condi Rice for vice president stuff?
       A.  Daniels made the suggestion carelessly over cocktails with some college kids after Cherie spoke to a Republican audience. Smart, huh?   Earlier he had been quoted as saying he did not feel qualified at this point to debate Obama on foreign policy.  Smart, huh?    What a laugh after all the goof-ups Obama has made!   Now he evidently wants an architect of the George W. Bush foreign policy to be considered for veep!  Thus from the outset the negatives of that policy will be used against him and the cameras will switch continually to Condi to defend it. Thus one woman decides whether Mitch will run—not Mitch—and another woman will be asked all the big foreign-defense policy questions—a vehemently pro-abort woman at that…..with Mitch presumably left to drive his motorcycle alone down the highways.
       The Bush tie-in has already been glaring….Laura calling up Cherie to steady her nerves….the big media serving a trumpet fanfare that here is the truly super-duper candidate…with  smoothly the George W. and  Poppy rolodexes clicking into place.  That’ll mean we face a return to Wilsonianism…our mission being to lead those nations involved in the Arabian Spring to democracy—no how much blood and treasure it takes.
        And why Condi?    Does he remotely think that Condi Rice is going to lead him to a treasure-trove of black votes when blacks already have a president?     God, I hope not.  But “My Man Mitch,” as “W” calls him has made all by his own-self the most spectacular screw-ups any pre-announced presidential candidate has done…with a laudable pro-life record, he announced it would be off his table if he were to run—thus sacrificing an army of social conservative volunteers.
        He then angled back and signed the Planned Parenthood state funding ban which didn’t allay social conservatives but proved he was trying to be cute.   Anyhow, he vitiated much of the so-called “moderate” vote he had gained previously which had made him so exciting to big secular media.  Then he booted his big decision...whether or not to run…to his wife.  Finally denying himself a free hand postulating a foreign policy at odds with Obama’s…a great natural advantage…he hoists the white flag by suggesting  the point-person in the Bush foreign policy be his veep.
         What we have here, friends, is a wimp who has proven he isn’t worthy of serious consideration for the presidency because all  by himself he has blown it.

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  1. "a laudable pro-life record"?

    Haven't you been saying all along that Daniels is a crypto-liberal pro-abortionist?

    Make up your mind.

    I have my own problems with Daniels - notably his apparent support for the "Missouri Plan" for judicial appointments, which allows trial lawyers and Democrats to name the lists from which appointments are made.

  2. I'm a Herman Cain-iac! I also like Col. Allen West - talk about two tough guys.

  3. While you, Tom, are not a Rummy-lover, it is VERY clear from his book that he thinks Condi is a twit. Highly educated, brilliant, but a twit.

  4. RIP Mr Roeser indeed. God Bless you and a life fully engaged. In this careful, artificial and calculating world of today, we are not likely to see the likes of Tom Roeser again.

  5. Rest in peace, Tom. You had a sharp eye, a long memory, and an honest heart. You will be missed.

  6. Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine
    Et lux perpetua luceat eis
    Requiescant in pace