Wednesday, May 11, 2011


       Q. Are all these media serenades to Daley too much?
       A. They are--with the notable exceptions of John Kass’ stirring column and Fran Spielman’s excellent dissections of what happened to his good appointments—Mary Rose Loney, named because she would be an honest O’Hare official, fired because she wouldn’t kow-tow to clout-connected suppliers which made her an honest O’Hare official….
       …the team of Paul Vallas as school superintendent and Gery Chico as president of the school board because they would put educational quality on a  priority basis over bowing to the teachers’ unions—fired (quietly, the way Daley prefers) because they wouldn’t bow to the teachers’ unions to the disadvantage of the children.
         I won’t surprise you by saying I especially cherish the Kass column because it demonstrates how close Daley has been to the Outfit.    But the payoff for me is how this fat little whelp after taking bows for beautifying the city with its own money does not feel its rewards enough that he has the no class to ask for five cops and two police cars to convey him around in private life.  This because his life has been threatened.  He has no shame; you’d think Maggie would restrain him but no she has her grubby hand outstretched too.  
       We authenticist Catholics have had to put up with this scoundrel who eschews 2000 years of theology embraced by the Church he falsely insists he belongs to…supporting abortion rights, gay marriage,  selling his honor by courting the gay rights “community” by funding a building for its…er…use. He gets by with high-fiving his Irish ethnicity which is supposed to account for these moral transgressions.   
        Q.  But if his life is really in danger, what should he do about it?
        A. What he should do with his amassed next largesse…a high paying directorship from AON…is to pony up and retain a private guard service.  Or rally his pals who have benefited from his association to put on fund-raiser in his honor that will meet the estimated $400,000  cost. And break down and buy a car he can drive himself.  He reminds me of Nero, so obsessed with the trappings of power, playing fiddle by cutting ribbons on projects taxpayers shouldn’t have had to pay for…while the city burns.  He’s really disgusting.

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