Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WE GET QUESTIONS: See? The Vatican Can Too Do Things in a Hurry if It Wants—Beatify the Last Pope Before Sundown. Get the Trumpets on Cue, Guys, We’re Going to Have an Extravaganza!...And Chris Christie: Is He Pure Enough to Win for the GOP?

     Q.  In the first issue, you’re talking about the forthcoming beatification of John Paul II.
    A.  Yeah. I take nothing away from him and admire him hugely…met him once very briefly when he came to St. Louis…supported his efforts to return the Church to liturgical authenticism and theological tradition.   Moreover his world leadership with Reagan, Thatcher and Walesa against Soviet Communism classify him as one of the great Popes.   But why the rush?   John Henry Cardinal Newman, a preeminent scholar of the Church, had to wait one hundred years from his death to be beatified.
       Everything else in the Vatican…including the urgent need to either fire the editor of the so-called “official Vatican newspaper” L’Osservatore Romano or ditch the paper—which on occasion contradicts Catholic teaching and has the temerity to pick the top 10 rock-and-roll recordings of all time—becoming a vulgar near-scandal—goes at a snail’s pace.  Try writing the office of Catholic education there about the flagrant doings of De Paul incardinating a course in homosexual appreciation…Queer Studies:  101…and complainants here are still waiting for an answer five years later while the bishop-boob who ran the show arrogantly avoided an even cursory reply and later  got promoted for unique service to the  Church.  If JP II is a saint, he is so—and is canonized in heaven.
           To my mind there are a few questions unanswered that have never been categorized by this fast-moving Vatican.  One has to do with grievous administrative laxity on reaction to evident cases of child abuse and pedophilia.  We’re told it’s because JPII’s experience in Communist Poland involved from attempts by Soviets to apply calumny against good Polish priests in order to make them less effective in Poland.   Okay, maybe so but the West isn’t and never was Poland or the USSR.  The same excuse doesn’t…and shouldn’t…be applied. 
        The second is the lamentable sloppiness involved in one of the most vital jobs a Pontiff has: the naming of bishops to carry on the evangelization.   There is no doubt whatsoever that  this tenure was a low-point in the appointing of bishops who let the Church down.  I was told by a once very-high up functionary that dossiers of applicants for the bishopric were prepared with great care only to have JPII repeatedly and carelessly pick the first sheet off the stack.  Right or wrong?  You won’t get the truth from good old George Weigel who wrote the authorized biography…checked with the Curia.
         Third, while the aptly named Rembert Weakland OSB who took $240,000 of Milwaukee archdiocesan money to pay off a male lover to be silent, was consecrated by Paul VI why was no penalty leveled under JPII when his homosexuality and deviant theology became rampant? (In fact why was this viper who should have been stripped of his rank and sent to jail allowed to publish a book capitalizing on his homosexuality and glorifying himself in a statuesque portrayal where he basks with Mary and the
Child Jesus at his lavishly resigned cathedral…where he had also constructed  a baroque throne for himself front and center while you have to search fruitlessly for the tabernacle…why was this self-same ogre allowed any role at all in the investiture of his successor?  This is not to lay it all at JPII’s feet but years of inattention to the frolicking Weakland came on his watch.
        Fourth, why were the seminaries here and overseas allowed to go to seed both in the laxity of their admissions and their teachings?  The fact ignored by Ms. Maureen Dowd, Carol Marin and others is a simple truth not remotely covered by the supine press which dispenses deliberate misinterpretations of which they by their abject co-conspiratorial cooperation are guilty.    The fact that thousands of young people were victimized by homosexuals…lavenders attracted to pre-pubescent males…who had been allowed into the priesthood by willing gay moles supposedly guarding the entry doors of the seminaries, being tribute to the lax propaganda done up by Dowd, Marin and others who justify homosexuality as a justifiable alternative lifestyle—following the liberal political lexicon the two subscribe to.
       Whether politically correct appeasers like Dowd and Marin like to admit it or not—and they don’t since they are Leftist ideologues--the fact is that while not all…not even a majority…of homosexuals are child abusers, a preponderant majority of child abusers are homosexuals.   USA Today has written an unchallenged piece revealing that of 1,200 pre-pubescent boy-men who have been abused by priests, 91% of the victims were male.  Don’t get me going further on this.  
         Q.   Ah but you have.   Now we have another issue—of a far different type.
       A.  Shoot. I think I know what it is.
        Q.  A fair number of people question your support of a dream ticket of Gov. Chris Christie for president and Rep. Paul Ryan for vice president on the basis that Christie in the past supported a variant of gun control, Cap and Trade and appointed a Muslim lawyer to a state judgeship.
       A.      I haven’t seen the statements nor reviewed the qualifications of the Judge but let me point out a quirk in some conservatives…more than I would like to admit.  Here we are facing $13 trillion in debt, have a radical leftist in the White House embarking on what could well torpedo the economy and wreck us as a nation…and we have the opportunity however remote (since Christie in particular has eschewed any thought of the presidency for 2012) that we can defeat the aposthesis of all evil…immoral (one who is so abortion he snuffed the life out of Born Alive bill allowing babies born of botched abortions to suffer unto their deaths without nourishment or comfort)…because at one point or other Christie had espoused a wrong statement on gun control and Cap and Trade. Now let me put the following in bold face.
        Good God, people, have you lost your mind? Don’t you have the faintest inkling that not all political stands are absolutes—that one can change and is not forever to be disqualified because of issues that can be easily amended?   Are you that obtuse that  you feel if a guy has freckles he is forever sent to Hell with angels armed with fiery swords guarding our gates so they cannot return—as shown in the familiar Michelangelo painting of the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel.
       Have you so closed your minds to the possibility of human redress that you have forgotten that Reagan as governor signed the most liberal abortion law in the nation—more liberal than the one Nelson Rockefeller signed in New York…and that Reagan abjured his action (to me and others)….was taken back by social conservatives and became one of the great exemplars of social tradition?
         When…oh when… are  you guys going to renounce that lamentable kid stuff where what you may do in one circumstance on an economic issue is equated on the same level as the salvation of the economic foundation of the country and the turning back of the abortion culture.
        It’s time for you to grow up, smell the coffee…and for God’s sake try to adopt a political maturity….at least pretend you have it…for a time as climactic as ours.     



  1. I agree Tom on the unseemly haste to beatify Pope John Paul II. I did admire much about the man and - as the Vatican is quick to point out - this is about personal sanctity, not administrative ability. Okay…to a point, but why the rush?

    And, being from Milwaukee, the Weakland affair hits a still-raw nerve. That he was allowed to participate in Ab. Dolan’s installation was shocking. That Dolan didn’t immediately bar him from any public role in the archdiocese – until parishioners objected to his planned conferring of Confirmation in their parish (a parish where his former secretary was pastor and who has since been removed in disgrace) – was a scandal.

    But, just as the Dallas Charter ‘addressed’ the issue of abusive priests, it did nothing about abusive bishops or episcopal enablers of abusive priests. Granted, the USCCB has no authority to discipline bishops. So, who does…? Ahem, the buck stops with the Vatican and the Pope.

  2. Tom, why not the best? Yes, humans are capable of change, and if we elect a Christie-type RINO, he may (as you say) become a Conservative, but that has never happened, has it? Your advocacy of a less than Conservative candidate is akin to the proverbial woman who marries a rogue believing she can change him. Why not nominate a candidate who does not need to be changed: someone who has always been 100% Conservative?

    Since 1932, with only two or three exceptions, the Republican Party has nominated a me-too RINO moderate for every presidential election. Look at the destruction wrought by Bush-Dole-Bush-McCain after Reagan left office! Now is the time for the RINO tail to stop wagging the Conservative dog. We are no longer going to vote for the lesser of two evils. If the Republican hierarchy feeds us another RINO moderate, they will be met with a strong third party Conservative candidate backed by Tea Party money.

    So, Tom, tell Rove’s RINOs it is their turn to vote for their lesser of two evils: Conservative Sarah or Socialist Barack. Maybe they will find another John Anderson.

  3. $240,000


    It was $450K or so.