Thursday, April 28, 2011


     Q.  Do we have Donald Trump to thank?
     A.  Yes.  It took somebody like him who moved the birth certificate issue from bloggers to the mainstream media due to his visibility.  What jarred the whole thing loose was Obama’s falling poll ratings….and specifically the astounding figure showing how many Americans really doubt he was born in this country at all.   But in the end, the thing that kept it going over two years was the White House’s cavalier inoculating the press with the snide comment that such speculation was nutso.  That was Axelrod’s fault.   If they had done this when it surfaced, it wouldn’t have caused such a furor.   They could have defused it at once.
  Q.  Does this give Trump a boost in Iowa?
     A.  It certainly adds to his being a celebrity.  He’ll register up there in  Iowa and the national polls but that’ll be of short duration.  For now, he  has every right to pat himself on the back—but so far as getting him the GOP nomination, no.  He has his own gaudy past to account for and the erratic things he’s said.   But for now give the devil his due.
     Q.  Big news day—now the Pleger thing where Cardinal George has suspended him and also his faculties.
     A.  The letter George sent Pfleger was excellent—a masterpiece.  I say: Better late than never.  I fully expect the Crying Towel liberals…including the Sun-Times editorial board, Carol Marin and Laura Washington…both nominal Catholics and whose grasp of theology is wafer-thin…will weep copiously:  This man has done wonderful things for the community!  Nuts.  A priest is not supposed to be a community organizer.  He was ordained to be an authorized mediator who offers a true sacrifice in acknowledgment of God’s supreme dominion over human beings and in expiation for their sins.  His mediation is the opposite of the prophets.
      They communicated from God to the people. The priest mediates from the people to God.  He reflects and in a very real sense represents Christ who is God and man, the first priest of the New Law who offered Himself once and for all on the cross—a victim of infinite value who continually renews that sacrifice on the altar through the ministry of the Church.  All the faithful share in that priesthood by their baptismal nature…and are enabled to offer themselves in sacrifice with Christ through the Eucharistic ministry…offering the Mass as they internally unite themselves with the outward offering made by the ordained priest alone.  
       Any community action the priest does is incidental but the above described is his principal role.  It does not mean trotting out like a carnival barker in vestments during a Sunday sermon  imitating Hillary Clinton…nor does it involve shouting over a megaphone to a legally constituted business owner acting within the law:  Come out of there or we’ll drag you out like the rat you are!...We’ll snuff  you out!
      When I say it’s way overdue, I mean in past years the Archdiocese has allowed itself to be humiliated by this hot dog…made a fool of.  The story of Pleger is that of an unruly showboat who went to a decadent “spirit of Vatican II” seminary and so entranced the teaching staff there that he was allowed to slip out, neglect his studies and cruise out to Chicago to do his “community organizing” (read: Left wing shannigans) work and get credit for it.  He was ordained but is a veritable illiterate in theology. Thereupon he bamboozled the weak Archdiocese into doing his things at Sabina’s undisturbed. 
       He shamelessly politicized his ministerial work and developed a nose for media exposure that fed his massive ego.   His subordination of his Church to his personal media-centric needs is shown by his frequently demonstrated willingness to shuck the Church and concentration of what he really wants to do with the rest of his life…be the Great White Hope of the Black Community…continue to be a power in The Squid by being able to mis-lead simple followers who like a good razzle-dazzle to enliven their Sunday mornings instead of spirituality.
        His departure will not affect the Church.   His congregants are less than 10 percent Catholic anyhow….conceivably troop up to the altar to receive the Sacrament unworthily…and are eager to follow him to either a theatre, an appropriated vacant church or storefront to swing, sway, clap and intersperse shouts of “Amen!” suited for a political rally rather than a divine liturgy which they and he pollute with their sacrilege.
       Expect the Sulking Sultan of Pout…Rev. Jesse Jackson…as much a charlatan as Pfleger…to “invite” this pinwheel of political self-indulgence to PUSH.  They belong together.
      Meantime, congratulations Cardinal George.

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  1. Congrats to the Cdl, verily.

    This will also have the effect of 'confirming' other US Bishop-brethren if they were thinking of doing the same thing to their more wayward priests.