Friday, April 8, 2011


         Q.  Among these events…Obama backing down on civil trials for 9/11 alleged plotters and going instead with plans for military trials  at Gitmo…his extolling job growth in a speech at a windmill factory owned by Spaniards…his planning a weekend getaway while the government faces a shutdown—which of these tell you most compellingly that he will lose in 2012?
        A.   All of them show ineptitude but none forecasts the desperation reflected in his request to the Rev. Al Sharpton to keynote Sharpton’s National Action Network which he did Thursday.   That’s as if a Republican presidential wannabe would speak at the Klan.   If you’re the first black president in U. S. history but you still feel you don’t have sufficient support with your black base to the extent you have to pander to the racial arsonist who perpetrated the Tawana Brawley  hoax, a leading anti-Semite associated with bitter demonstrations in New York, that tells you all you need to know. 
        The fact that the conspiratorially  fawning media has collaborated in this farce leading to the most incompetent of administrations headed by a real dumbbell…loaded with honorifics but so far as we can tell since we are denied access to his school papers or grades, educated far beyond his intelligence…who substitutes drawing room grace for ability—and is by being rendered immune to proper media investigation a walking hoax who personifies media’s complicity.
         Three major network Obama shills are getting out now—Katie Couric of CBS…Matt Lauer of NBC…and Meredith Vieira of NBC—the latter having disgraced herself at the inauguration by announcing on air that  she was close to sexual orgasm with excitement. But there are many lesser lights—including Mike Flannery formerly of Chicago CBS now with Chicago Fox who wrote a disgustingly sophomoric plea in mid-campaign that Obama send Flannery an ornament from the White House Christmas tree…this before the election—and written for a shamelessly liberal advertisement supplement in The New York Times sent to Chicago subscribers.   Any competent editor would have removed Flannery from the political beat for this outrage—but no. 
        Q.  Your views on the Caterpillar letter to Gov. Quinn and what it means.   There seems to have been a blurring over the import.
        A.  The blurring comes from the pro-tax-hike group typified by Capitol Fax…which gives superhuman coverage to state government much of which is exemplary and unduplicatable…but which has taken the back-down by the CEO as support for Quinn’s  out-of-control government.   No CEO likes to be in the limelight threatening to leave, but the letter said plainly that it was disturbed at Illinois’ spend-and-spend, tax-and-tax.  The fact that the CEO seemed to endorse the tax hike can be laid to the mushy quality of Big Business expostulation in the media. The letter said everything but of course Capitol Fax, a megaphone for the unions—particularly public unions—draws its own conclusions consonant with its megaphone.

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