Wednesday, March 23, 2011


          Q.  Wait a minute—the mainstream media say No Drama Obama made a brilliant decision there—not too warlike,  not too pacifistic…the porridge not too hot, not to cold but like in the Three Bears “just right.”
        A.   The same liberal Katie Couric-style media that saluted Lyndon Baines Johnson early in Vietnam and which turned on him with a vengeance when the coffins started arriving.   If there’s a distinguishing characteristic of modern liberalism, it’s that its relativistic, can turn on a dime—can extoll humanitarian causes and betray them overnight.   Take a look at recent events of “humanitarian” military incursions and how they backfired.
      Q. Refresh me.
      A.  Before we get to that…understand that the emotional Left…rootless of principle, relativist to the core… has been the trigger in all war involvements starting with WWI’s make the world safe for democracy…continuing up to WWII and propagandist  William Allen White’s Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies White the small town Kansas editor (bankrolled by Wall Street interventionists) notice how these programs extolled by White rolled off the tongue?...Lend Lease…Cash and Carry… then the savageness of Pearl Harbor, caused by FDR’s tightening the embargo noose that made an attack on us a possibility (although “journalist” White was winding down then) …then in 1950 the crusade by the Luce  press,spare  heroic, doughty little South Korea from invasion by the awful Red North the late `50s  from of all papers The New York Times urging Ike to do what the French failed at by defending South Vietnam from the hideous North…All these wars were originally validated by the idealistic Left; then suddenly the Left swung back to non-involvement—not so much with Korea but certainly with South Vietnam.  
         Now to the “humanitarian” causes.
        Q.  Yes…
       A.  In 1992 there was the issue of children’s starvation in war-torn Somalia and after taking a poll Bill Clinton rushed aid to it.   But not long after TV pictures came back here showing American casualties there was a sudden reversal from liberals. Clinton withdrew and nixed a similar overture concerning Rwanda.  Then later in the Clinton years the Left cheered our intervention in Kosovo because of Milosevic’s genocide—led by The New York Times and dewy-eyed Katie Couric—but when the pictures came back there was a sudden dissatisfaction from the Left and Katie, the revisionist Times reporting…guilt-induction being a great tool of liberaldom…that we by being involved contributed more to ethnic cleansing than any other bystander nation.
       Q.  Your point…
       A.  My point is that now we have a great arbiter of wafer-thin  liberal sentimentality—greater than Katie Couric ever hoped to be—Jon Stewart the faux anchor on Comedy Central who has turned against Libya.  Minister Louis Farrakhan on Cliff Kelley’s WVON thundered to Obama  last week “You can’t order him [Gaddahi] to step down and get out! Who the hell do you think you are?”    That magnificent heavyweight documentarian Michael Moore saying to Obama “return the Nobel peace prize!” Denny Kuchinich whose lopsided Alfred E. Neumann visage gives us a glimpse of his inner feelings, trying to cut the Libya appropriation.  Hardly was Farrakhan and Moore out of the box than the vituperative 71-year-old crank of the Senate spoke out…with electrically charged white hair standing on end like a mix of Leopold Stokowski and Albert Einstein as played by Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in Back to the Future—Vermont’s nutty Bernie Sanders who said it’d be good for liberalism if Obama had primary opposition.
        Q. You detect  the first smoke of revolution?
        A.  I do—but it’ll fizzle out quick if Crazy Denny has anything to do with it.  The guy to do it is Evan Bayh who can take up the role of Gene McCarthy. Here’s the timeline.  On Nov. 30, 1967 McCarthy filed in New Hampshire.  March 12, 1968 he gets 42% of the vote but loses to LBJ as a write-in. Four days later on the 16th Bobby Kennedy enters the race. On March 31 Johnson announces he’s out. 
      Q.  Who does Obama have to thank for this—the Pentagon?
      A. Not at all.  Bob Gates went on record as quoting MacArthur saying that if one preached a land war at this instance, he should have his head examined. No—Obama has Mme. Fat Legs shrouded in a pants suit, the overgrown but still immature Wellesley graduate Hillary Clinton and her State Department ultra-soft noses to thank for it, recognizing that these are the very people who will be off the reservation shortly….Hillary saying coyly she won’t serve in a second term.  You get Evan Bayh running in primaries and while Obama wins, he’s toast…the liberal base  is shattered—for which he can say to his historic old enemy: Thanks Hillary!

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