Friday, March 25, 2011


                        The Gesticulating Window Crowds.
      The vacuous, dull-eyed  crowds waving, jumping up and down and behaving like celebrity-drugged animals, braying with their moon faces and pressing their snotty noses to the studio windows of ABC 7, NBC 5 and CBS2 each night when the 10 pm news ends.
    Can anyone tell me what it means to them to be seen by a statewide audience behaving in this idiotic fashion?   Are their lives so cheerless that they actually believe they can snag off a piece of individuality in this way?  Can a psychiatrist figure it out? Am I right that this behavior is a pathetic striving to be noticed and recognized…the yearning to be somebody—anybody-- distinct from the mob? That and their (I feel) consuming fear of swirling down-and-around like a cigarette in a urinal into anonymity.   Is this what comes from being o’d on TV entertainment?     
                        The Oh so Sly Biases on Chicago Tonight.
         I’ve told you how Elizabeth Brackett and the uber-editor Mary Field load the deck for the Left when Brackett moderates a panel.   When the show considers education reform, she will have three different advocates of higher spending for schools and one hapless guy who supports vouchers.  When she comes to the vouchers guy and he begins his spiel,  she says hold that thought and we’ll come back to it and asks the guy why he is against a higher level of spending .   At the end of the session, she comes back to the voucher guy and says now apart from vouchers, what reforms do you advocate?
          The other night Brackett as Nurse Ratched discussed the first year’s anniversary of ObamaCare to the wide-eyed naif host Phil Ponce. For a line of support  she had a bureaucrat from the state Department of Insurance—Pat Quinn’s administration—whom she introduced in objective terms as an “expert.” Hmmm.  Well Pat Quinn’s bureaucrat performed as expected….delivering the verdict for ObamaCare as a slam dunk.     Then Nurse Ratched delivered the counter-argument herself…saying “in contrast, the  Republicans say.” Get the drift?   Stolid professional government expert saying it works and “in contrast, the Republicans say--.” Meaning: opposition is partisan; support is nonpartisan.
         This is crooked, vile idea manipulation to say the least. In the days of John Callaway there would be the state Insurance guy matched with a Heartland Foundation free market  guy.  But Fields and Ratched cannot allow that to happen.  That’s why the Mary Fields operation all the way up to that dumb $450,000 a year front man Dan Schmidt is so crooked intellectually it can’t lie straight in bed.
        One is right to assume Ponce is a tabula raza pawn between the station’s three powerful feminist women—Field, Ratched and the russet haired duenna of the Left, Carol Marin…and his inhalation from the Left fumes showed itself last night as he interviewed the two women candidates for alderman of the 41st ward.   His first question was how does Chicago get the increased revenue it needs to meet its governmental requirements?  No recognition that the question also should include expense paring.
        Listen Mr. Schmidt: if you want to spare your station the ignominy of NPR you ought to get next to yourself and provide some balance.     

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