Friday, March 11, 2011

Held for Questioning…

     Q.  Your impression of the political reaction to the Wisconsin public union imbroglio?
         A.  The big MSM news services are misplaying the effect of the story.  They say that since Wisconsin was the political seedbed of political reform, the riots at the state capitol will detonate a voter backlash against the GOP: That’s what Yahoothe liberal Internet service says and to some degree the whimpering AP: agrees. Wrong.    The play of history presumes public reaction will go to the right—and with a vengeance.  The nearest yardstick at hand is the experience of the 1960s with the demonstrations and burnings when Martin Luther King was assassinated followed by the melee in Chicago during the national Democratic convention.  Riots and cops forced to carry limp demonstrators have the opposite effect. The country was basically center-left in 1968 following the landslide for Lyndon Johnson in 1964.  The civil rights and anti-Vietnam violence presaged that Landslide Lyndon beset with primary challenges from Gene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy basically couldn’t win again.
       Q.  What does it do to the presidential prospects of the Republican party?
       A. Basically, the calculus was changed last night with the riot police called to the state capitol in Madison. The so-so Establishment list of candidates has been diminished.  Romney…Palin…Huckabee…Newt (“I committed adultery because I got so swept up in love of my country!” Gingrich…Paul…Bolton…Barbour…Daniels—the short, bald little motorcycle-riding auditor come to examine the books who so intrigues that centerpiece of conservatism David Brooks… all seem to be treading water, irrelevant—locked in another era. 
     The exciting new breed begins with Christie of New Jersey…continues with Pawlenty of Minnesota…and extends to Scott Walker of Wisconsin who as result of the masterly passage of the union defanging bill is at least a grassroots conservative celebrity on the scale of the early Palin…all three of whom represent the spirited gutsy clash of ideas of today—embattled pro-taxpayer governors who faced great odds with Democratic liberal majorities.
       I would imagine a draft for Christie could begin at any time now…and a spirited countermove launched for Pawlenty. You can judge by the virulently liberal New York Times which launched a page one onslaught against Christie—fearing his spectacular rise.  To my mind, Pawlenty is at least as attractive and armed with greater resources since he completed two terms as governor and Christie is in the middle of his first.
      Q.  Then you think all this palaver about the Republicans entering 2012 with a weak bench is…                  
      A. Last week’s story…and in fact last week the weak bench story did in fact palpably  exist.   But you can’t see what’s happening in Madison without projecting hugely favorable grassroots support for those who defend law….who object to scatterbrain, lip-synch Democratic liberal lawmakers paid to legislate who absconded their duties.  And also the overage, cliché-ridden, trembling, fist-shaking vindictive  old man Jesse Jackson…the bogus “inheritor of King” with catsup splashed on his sweater purportedly representing King’s blood…Jackson now on all TV screens, a vulture of misappropriated “civil rights valor”…his credentials theologically and of character always in doubt… who appears whenever there are media opportunities to exploit and vanishes when they disappear (ala his selection of Carol Moseley Braun)…is as cynical a protagonist and as undisciplined an opportunist as is possible to find in American history.  And in Washington far away what do we find our president doing?
       Q.  Running a White House conference against bullying.
       A.  Exactly…a conference tailored to appeal to gay activists who have touted this so called phenomenon to win support.  That conference is emblematic at the sadly out-of-touch liberalism Obama and the mainstream media represent.  Here violent union hoods paid with our tax dollars are breaking down the windows and threatening death to legislators who didn’t vote “correctly”—public workers fortified with phony doctors’ excuses for missing work…errant lawmakers who evaded their sworn and paid duty…and Obama is concerned about bully-boys in high school who are unkind to their more sensitive colleagues in classroom situations.  Just as in the 1960s there is a sudden convergence of other issues ratifying the need for political change.
        Q.  …such as?
        A.  Such as the ridiculous situation involving public radio where one executive admits it would be salutary if there be no public funding…playing into the hands of the Republican House appropriators and is fired…his CEO who sanctioned the firing of Juan Williams over the phone…losing the confidence of her board and stepping down—and replaced by one who is a contributor to the Democratic National Committee…its institutional contributions executive setting up a way to launder a supposed $5 million of funds from bogus Muslims. Here pathetic little Danny Schmidt president of WTTW attired in this $2000-plus suit pleading on air courtesy taxpayer facilities for his $450,000 a year job paid for partially by your tax dollars.  All these things happening and our largely compliant media—the two big papers…three, really with the Daily Herald…horribly out of touch, out of sympathy with the tenor of the people.
      Q. So you think out of this will come…
      A. Again: A  Draft Christie for President committee shortly.  Expect to hear much more from Pawlenty.   The situation is fluid but as an old Minnesotan I am for Pawlenty-Rubrio.

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