Monday, March 21, 2011

Ask Me Your Questions and I’ll Tell You No Lies…

                         Northwestern’s Phony Jail House Journalism.
     When this octogenarian was a kid, most of us thought of journalism in heroic terms…the old Call Northside 777 genre of 1948… where Jimmy Stewart’s dogged research frees longtime felon Richard Conte after almost twenty years an unjustly convicted man.
      But since that time liberals have seized upon the craft for redemption and belief in the innate goodness of man separate from the degeneration of the human condition since the fall from Eden…so much so that the pendulum has swung from interest in convict getting the full measure of what evidence shows he deserves…to the preemptory conclusion that criminal justice is sending innocent people away on trumped up evidence—and Jon Burge beat the hell out of all his prisoners since so many of them cry real tears trickling down their faces testifying honest to God I was doin’ nuthin’ when this highly decorated Vietnam War hero-thug cop  beat me into telling lies about myself.
       All the while Sob Sister Carol Marin, the 60ish  avenging angel of self-rectitude, tosses her russet hair on “public supported” (read: significantly taxpayer paid) television WTTW…Wilmette Talking to Winnetka.
        The liberal belief in the unalloyed goodness of man consistent with the importuning of the snake in the garden I tell you, you shall be like God…that racial discrimination, being denied oatmeal cookies in kindergarten…has formed a creature easily exploited by cruel, bad cops…has been in high ascendency of late.
       Lifting the spirits of go-for-the-underdog sentimentality has made Northwestern journalism professor David Protess a big man on campus playing into the cunning hands of Old Watery Eyes Quinn who has a self-conferred doctorate of Catholic theology applicable to whatever he wants to accomplish to get elected (I just think what would Jesus Christ do in this land of Lincoln where everyday and ordinary working families have to get along—and I call out JESUS! HELP ME DECIDE…AH SAY HELP ME DECIDE WHAT IT IS YOU WANT ME TO DO?) leading to naïf Marin’s unjust assailing of a good Catholic bishop for objecting to Watery Eyes’ proclivity to invent on the spot ramifications of the natural law.
       It turns out now that the merry-go-round of always bad cop, always good guy accused offender has at least one possible  scam as the Tribune reports that the “Innocence Project” may not have shared all necessary evidence gleaned in the case of 48-year-old felon Anthony McKinney for a 1978 murder with the prosecution.    It cost the university many bucks to fight prosecutors in behalf of showboat Protess but now having diligently played the role of Sancho Panza, the school has evidently had its belly full of Quixote.  A private lawyer hired by the University has withdrawn his services writing “we believe you have displayed lack of candor with us and have not cooperated with us.” Former U. S. Attorney Anton Valukas has been retained to find the answers…and NU flack Alan Cubbage, fresh from mis-defending the school’s resident sex expert on robo-stimulated female orgasms has more work to do.
       Ah, does this may mean the tender scenes of Protess dissolving into tears as he hugs a released offender…stirring the heady admiration of the kids…may be ending?   Well, for now. Protess has been notified that his course won’t be held this coming semester.  No matter how it turns out, don’t bet that the editorial boards of the two papers will be drawing conclusions about the lesson of eager hot dog journalism professors dealing with memos the kids turn in.
                                        The Blind Seeker.

  All the while happy hot-dog priest Michael Pfleger continues once again to make a fool out of the archdiocese as he has done since Francis Cardinal George got here…winning a humanitarian’s award for social justice despite, among other things,  shouting over a bullhorn to a legally constituted gun dealer ala Jimmy Cagney come out of there I say or we’ll drag you out like the rat you are! We’ll snuff you out!..Pfleger collecting his plaque, professing contriteness then once he returned home charged the archdiocese forced him to confess which confession he now repudiates, the Tribune’s simple Manya Brachear who bills herself as ”The Seeker” fell into the clutches of the media operative Chancellor again to write a glowing review of George’s tenure minus mention…except in only the most terse, controlled way…of the details of Dan McCormack, the Mundelein rector’s declaration he would ordain this pedophile yet again and loss or destroyed seminarians’ records.

       Earlier after the McCormack thing broke she was taken to an Upper Room and given an interview to which the Holy Spirit was not an accountable party…to the effect that since the Chancellor has the job of watching out for pedophilia all troubles will be over—not understanding that he had this mission all the time.
           Pfleger is leading the archdiocese on a merry chase—rather like a cat playing with a retarded mouse. Please-please, would you surrender the keys to Saint Sabina’s which you’ve had for thirty years while all other pastors have to observe term limits…and would you condescend to take a leadership role at nearby  Leo High School? 
          All the while the insouciant  Pfleger is holding the Archdiocese hostage while he “decides”…organizing his minions to march in his behalf…making monkeys of ecclesial authority.  What would he teach the kids at Leo…how to organize news conferences? to thumb their noses at Church doctrine and tradition in the same manner he has so ingeniously flouted?   
        Be that as it may, Pfleger has served a useful purpose to illustrate how flaccid, weak, pusillanimous, timid and indecisive the bishopric is here.   Not that we’ll ever hear that from the religious media here with which Manya Brachear is so representative.

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  1. "highly decorated Vietnam War hero-thug cop"

    That isn't an intrinsic contradiction. A man may be a wartime hero, and yet be (or become) very flawed later on.

    I bet you remember Clyde Choate, the downstate Democrat who was Majority and also Minority Leader in the Illinois House in the 1970s.

    Do you also remember that Choate won the Congressional Medal of Honor in World War II? He earned the Medal, no question - but that didn't make him any less of a slick politician later on.

    Today's hero, saint, or reformer may be next week's villain. It's happened a million times.