Wednesday, February 23, 2011


       The smashing 55 percent victory scored by Rahm Emanuel for mayor of Chicago means that he will attune a latch-key slimmed down governance plus old-fashioned entrepreneurialism to become the best mayor in the country…confident that by solving the city’s woes which are the country’s own—overspending, public union autocracy—he will become “America’s Mayor” and grease the skids for a future run toward higher office….which does not exclude the presidency.
      If Rudy Giuliani who led the Republican presidential polls most of the time in 2008 had not been weighed down with personal baggage…such as having  met his third wife while cheating on his second…he would have been a natural for the nomination that year.   Because aside from foreign policy much of city management is national in miniature, Emanuel—if he is successful—would normally be in the front row of future claimants to the presidency….with a repertoire including service in Congress and as White House chief-of-staff.
       I would imagine the first and most prudent thing for him to do is to end the police detail assigned to Eddie Burke while not…definitely not…removing Burke from Finance.  Emanuel can accomplish this by swiftly taking command of the small army of fledgling aldermen who may not be indentured to Burke.   Second I could contemplate Emanuel adding to his team the person of Gery Chico who far exceeded Emanuel in vision and presentation by promoting Chico to a post with great visibility. 
       A longer-range goal would be to move away from the all-but-announced two-man leadership of state Democratic affairs shared by Richard M. Daley and House Speaker Mike Madigan.   Madigan is an Old Bull and must be treated gingerly but Emanuel, young enough to be his son, is bubbling with ideas for the future—and from the start should not in any sense deferential to the laconic House boss who concentrates on political logistics when our times have begged for vision and strategy.

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