Thursday, January 27, 2011


                                       Anne Won’t Recuse.
      And why should she?
     The famed Illinois  Supreme Court Justice said yesterday she worked for Republican Jim Edgar which wasn’t to Eddie’s liking.     I salute her.  It’s the same Anne Burke who refused to be rolled by a onetime head of the Catholic bishops, the suave, polished bureaucratic Bishop Wilton Gregory, then of Belleville…then (as now) and advocate of finesse through p. r. —now archbishop of Atlanta.
        She was then interim head of the Board of National Review,  the oversight committee that was set up to probe clerical abuse and bishopric laxity in supervision of children who were victimized by pedophilia.   At a certain stage when she had determined  she was not getting sufficient cooperation from the USCCB she….along with Washington attorney Bob Bennett…got on a plane and headed for Rome to privately confer with Vatican leaders including then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger,  then Prefect of the Congregation for the Sacred Doctrine of the Faith.   When she got back she got a snotty call from Gregory asking why she didn’t check with him before going to Rome.
           She told him something like this: Get this right, Excellency: in this job I don’t report to you. And when I don’t get cooperation here I will always go to where I will find it.
            In retaliation she didn’t get a full-time appointment as head of the National Review Board, but she showed the guts to get the job done.  When she did that, I wrote in The Wanderer, the oldest national Catholic weekly in the United States:  God bless you, Anne!
           I don’t know how she’ll vote on the Rahm Emanuel issue but rest assured whether she agrees with me or not,  she’ll apply her best judgment without intimidation….fear or favor…from any source.
           So once again, I say: Go get `em, Anne!
                    Nation Pleased with Obama—Too Easily.
      Most Americans want Obama to succeed—even Brit Hume says that—but I think they’re not realizing nor caring what it is he would succeed with…his so-called principles often so antagonistic to what has always been the nation’s.  But so what?  Americans want him to succeed.
      Succeed--not because of what they faintly think he believes. Rigorous comparison of his stated principles finds a great disparity between the average person and his elitism,  as contained in his famous disparagement (when he didn’t  know he was being recorded) of Americans who cling….cling…to guns and religion as a refuge for their disappointed lives. Time after time he has disclaimed association with values appending to Americans: his refusal to pronounce America as an exceptional nation for example….the three times that the word “Creator” got stuck in his throat—saying Americans were “endowed….with certain inalienable rights--.”
        Yes, inside that growing American goofy marshmallow soul weakened by relativism that frighteningly too often overcomes the ethos of a once secure people, they want this living  over-privileged university drawing-room figure to succeed.   A man about whom they still—although fooling themselves—still know next to nothing….about whom they’re in denial—as the media are in denial… fleshing out in their imagination what they hope is contained in this tall 3rd World reared stranger in our midst.    Now even Neil Abercrombie has given up—having said that as governor of  Hawaii he’ll produce the answer.
           Well why bring that up?   To do so is racist, ain’t it?
        Oh well, an Enigma he may be…but we want him to succeed anyhow.
        Still and all…
          Imagine the cold-hearted unrealism of him proudly standing by as his daughters prattled their Chinese for the approval of President Hu Jintao, his detached gerbil-like conscience unconcerned that the Chinese government has faced urban women to have abortions under the ”one child” policy, punishing second abortions, imparting forced sterilization with particular interest to rooting out possibility of more female infants through abortion, forcing Chinese families target females for extinction—and often when born abandoning them to purposeful neglect and infanticide.
         Oh dear do the marshmallow hearts here ever-ever-ever want him to succeed! And remember what he said as he toasted Hu Jintao? 
       “While it’s easy to focus on our difference of culture [sic] let us never forget the values that our people share: a reverence for family…and most of all the desire to give our children a better life!”
        A supposed “intellectual,” he seems to have been born without a trace of intellectualism’s conscientious reflection.  A so-called jurisprudential “expert” he is a braying incompetent when describing the Constitution.
       As he said while a state senator after he killed the Born Alive bill in the legislature….a bill that without his opposition would have enabled infants born live after botched abortions to survive with nourishment, medicines and human comfort….as he said then:
       “That determination…that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a child—a 9-month-old child that was delivered to term…that determination then, essentially, if it was accepted by a court, would forbid abortions to take place. I mean, it would essentially bar abortions—because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child and if this is a child, then this would be an antiabortion statute.  For that purpose I think it would probably be found unconstitutional.”
          He was talking about a baby born alive after a botched abortion, remember but made it sound like pre-birth.  Clever, no?  Duplicitous, no? Or invincibly ignorant?.  The compliant  media then—as they have ever since—granted him a pass.
         And grant him a pass now.  Aw, look, he seemed so tall, mannerly and straight saying these nice things to President Hu and having his two lovely daughters with him!
         Indeed, Americans want him to be successful—and if it means he’s reelected well, gosh, maybe on second thought even that would even be nice.
       “Lookie here.   His move to the center is getting higher marks, no? Give it to Billy Daley, huh? Down through last June we thought maybe…well—gosh—maybe he couldn’t hack it.  But beginning the week of December 20 to 26 look at how his Gallup ratings went up…from 47% to 48 to 49 and beyond.  For all Democrats the uptick is up 4, with liberals up from 69 to 75…for moderates up from 53 to 58.  And here comes the ABC/Washington Post with overall job approval at 54, highest since April.
         “That’s what comes from handlin’ them Republicans smart during Lame Duck.  Whatta he do?  He signed on to their tax cuts but lookie here, the media says he done good.   So he musta done good, huh?  Hey, Katie Couric thinks so!   So does…whazzhername…Carol Marin?  And whachacall  Mike Flannery is excited!   Chris Matthews!  Big Ed Schultz?  The New York Times?  The Sun-Times?  Neil Steinberg?  Mark Brown?  
         “Aw sure the unemployment rate is still at 9.4, is projected at 9.0 next year and 8.4 in the fourth quarter of 2012, election but seein’ him stand there so nice, skinny and tall, Harvard, Columbia, the U of C and all-- with the Chinese president with his lovely daughters all around and they all lookin’ so proud, caused me to say to the wife and kids it’s sure nice seein’ him succeed.”
        Even though the poor marshmallows don’t have a clue as to what it’ll mean for them and the country when and  if he really does succeed and gets his way.

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  1. Nice juxtaposition of Obama and his daughters praising Chinese family values. When Obama was campaigning, he famously said he would rather kill is granddaughters than have his daughters punished for a mistake.

    Last week a Philadelphia abortionist was charged with eight murders for killing babies that were delivered and viable. He cut the babies up with scissors. These babies were "born alive" and the charge is murder. And State Senator Obama was worried about constitutionality?