Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why a Catholic Tea Party? Two Bishops are the Reason.

          Q.  It’s been suggested….by you and others… that there be a national Catholic Tea Party with a different name—to start churning out criticism to erring bishops--and accolades for bishops who stand their ground for the Faith.   But the Church is not a democracy--so what good can an organization like this do?
         A. A whole lot. Bishops…particularly liberal ones… are preternaturally sensitive to bad press because they are covert….sometimes overt…secularists.  Like politicians they want to be loved—and by all.   Take two liberal Catholic bishops who have made a regular habit of running with secularism.  So far as I’ve heard, they haven’t gotten any criticism for it.   Without criticism it’s a cinch that the “tolerant” Catholic Left will feel free to try it again and often.
       Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany, N.Y. celebrated Mass earlier this week at the diocesan cathedral where New York’s newly elected Catholic Dem pro-abort governor, divorced and father of three, Andrew Cuomo, sat in the front pew with his live-in girlfriend Food Network chef Sandra Lee who watched while Cuomo received Communion.  Also receiving Communion was the Catholic Dem pro-abort lieutenant governor Robert Duffy.
        Bishop Hubbard “used the Mass” it is fair to say to salute the two pro-abort Catholics.  In his sermon he said this: “We know they, over the next four years, will be deeply immersed in the work of evangelization [sic] by bringing about the transformation of our state and our society—and we assure them of our prayers, of our support and of our best wishes for challenges they will face.”  
       Bishop Hubbard was named by Paul VI and…I like this…was named as a member of the Vatican Congregation for Unbelievers!  Somebody in Rome at least had the smarts to place him in the right category.  You tell me that a national Catholic organization raising the roof wouldn’t have an effect?
         The second one is Bishop Joseph Pepe of Las Vegas who celebrated a special Mass for Nevada’s new pro-abort Catholic Republican governor, Brian Sandoval.   Concelebrating was retired bishop Philip Straling of Reno.   An assistant to Gov. Sandoval said later “the governor takes his faith seriously. It’s important to him.” On his website Sandoval proclaims he’s “pro-choice.”
           Q.  What should happen?
          A.  All kinds of legit things: letters…pickets with banners ourside his cathedral…letters to Rome….letters to the editor.   Hubbard is coming to the age of retirement and there ought to be public notice of his flabbiness in messages to Rome.   He should be forced to make a public statement.  Finally you hit him where it hurts—at the collection plate.
          Q.  Why don’t you start one up then?
         A.  Are  you kidding me?   At this age…82…I don’t even buy green bananas.   Someone else has to. I’ll advise but the ideal founder should be a woman—preferably hyper-thyroid.  A workaholic, fluent in Church doctrine, fearless, articulate.  


  1. But this DOES smack of democratizing the Church, and it isn't any different from what the Left constantly does with the Church. Don't we too need to respect the hierarchical structure of authority in the Church? We shouldn't ignore the problems, but we shouldn't imagine that we wield authority where we don't.

  2. Jon - the problem is with the heirarchial structure of the Church. I don't think it should be dismantled or replaced but bishops should be pressured to behave right.

    Bishops and Cardinals are like Supreme Court justices. They don't answer to the citizens but they certainly pay attention to how they look on the TV news shows and NYT editorials.

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