Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Emanuel Looks Inevitable as Mayor—Which is Okay by Me…Congratulations to Demetra DeMonte, National GOP Secretary.

                                            Okay by Me.
       I was visiting with some close conservative friends the other day who were turning up their noses at the idea of Rahm Emanuel becoming mayor.
       Is he the best candidate to  be found?
      No. Do I know him?   Answer: Yes, for about 30 years.  Do I like him?  Not especially…but I’ll tell you this--.
       He’s the best qualified to keep Chicago from becoming inevitably another Detroit.  Why?  Because he wants to do such a good job that he’ll be thought of as America’s Mayor—and to run as the first Jewish candidate for president—becoming if successful THE first Jewish president.
      Anyone with that kind of ambition will not be rolled by the Gray Wolves. Who?
      Eddie Burke and his council allies would like to return to the days when the Council was supreme and the mayor weak.  We call those days the era of The Gray Wolves, the ravenous denizens who cared not a fig for the city but whether or not they get theirs.   Gery Chico is a good man but highly susceptible to the entreaties of the Gray Wolves.
      Carol Moseley Braun can’t manage her own affairs and is the worst candidate who could possibly be found for this job…leading to the question was the Rev. Jesse Jackson who managed the “search”  for a black candidate—itself a racist phenomenon—serious?   Miguel del Valle is just another race-oriented candidate.
      Republicans again were caught napping and not participating.  Chicago’s mayoral election is technically non-partisan and there are many Republicans who could have filled the bill—but the GOP doesn’t support good candidates.  We had an outstanding one in Donald Haider, a gifted urbanologist who withered on the vine due to no financial support.
      The down-and-out nature of the Chicago GOP started long ago when the Big Business money-changers hanging out at the Chicago Club in the 1960s  determined they  could save themselves money and energy by falling into line, contributing to One Party and not duplicating effort.  I was a gofer at that meeting and thus was present at the creation.  Creation of one party politics—immortalized by The Squid.
        And that’s all there is to that tune.
                                      Congratulations, Demetra!
         Demetra DeMonte is the Republican National Committeewoman for Illinois…the daughter of an Dem subaltern ward boss of Chicago…of proud Greek heritage who became a Republican early….lives in Pekin and has so much energy that her 50,000 kilowatt candlepower could light the town of Camden, New Jersey.  The news has centered on the defeat of Michael Steele as RNC chairman and the election of a Wisconsin lawyer as new chairman.
         But of major importance to us is that our own Demetra, of Pekin, is newly-elected RNC secretary. She asked me to pray for her before the election and I did.   She’s grassroots oriented, a friend of the Tea Party but most important she is a dynamo of energy.  Her rise to national leadership in the GOP has taken only a few  years.  In Spring, 2008 she was GOP chairman of Tazewell county.  Her super-hard work got her on the State Central Committee representing the 18th congressional district.  Another phenomenal burst of creative energy and she became Illinois Republican National Committeewoman, elected at the June, 2008 state convention. Now she’s national secretary and in the 2012 national convention you’ll see her call the roll on national television for the nomination of one whom I will pray for as hard as I did for Demetra to become the next president of the United States. 

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