Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HEY, CLINTON! Danny Davis Says “Don’t Let Sundown Come With Your Chalky White Ass Campaignin’ for Rahm, Heah Boy?” More.

                                             Danny Boy.
       Congressman Danny Davis, the bass-baritone-voiced,  slow-movin’, drawlin’, amblin’ easy-goin’ look-alike to Academy Award Winner James Baskett playin’…er, playing…the unforgettable white-thatched Uncle Remus in Disney’s 1946 hit “Song of the South”…orders the 42nd president of the United States not to campaign for Rahm Emanuel on account of that’d be racist…I say “RACIST”…when he—Danny Boy—is running er runnin’. 
       Earlier Davis declared regarding Gery Chico that a Hispanic  ain’t goin’ to be elected mayor.  This effrontery, my friends, is what white guilt has given us in the form of affirmative action producing a legion of race racketeers (for which dating back to the Nixon administration I  am partially complicit).  Good potential black mayor candidates…Terry Peterson,  John Clark…are all engaged in profitable private sector pursuits, leavin’ the posture-pedic types like Davis and Moseley Braun  to play race politics.   
          There’s one exception I will make to racial protest in behalf of a candidate —and that’s the kerfuffle produced in front of the Sun-Times against Neil Steinberg for a column he wrote ridiculing Moseley Braun. Nothing wrong with the column but Steinberg deserves opprobrium just for being obnoxious and on general principles for his longstanding anti-Catholic bigotry coupled with his officiously wise-guy (wannabe) squandering of good will.   The ragtag group somehow produced Leon Finney from yesteryear.  Good seeing you there Leon although I remember when you demonstrated for more worthy projects—but, hey, so long as you do it to Steinberg, the least of my brethren…and I mean the very least…you do it for me.
                     Matthews, Abercrombie:  No Good Deed etc.?
          MSNBC’s Chris Matthews just might be the worst thing that ever happened to the Obama White House. Yesterday he advised the Obama people to end the whole birth certificate mess by getting Obama to demand the hard-copy version from Hawaii and releasing it.  I can imagine what Axelrod screamed at Matthews’ visage on the TV when he viewed it:  Shuttup you idiot! We’ve put this thing to bed with the aid of the compliant liberal media!  Now everybody believes that to demand the hard copy is symptomatic of a sick mind! Your running your stupid mouth will blow the case!
          Sticking to the script, Clarence Page of Tribune prattled obediently that releasing the paper copy would not silence the nutty right. But Matthews as a certifiable left nut job can give birthers cause to reiterate the appeal and quote Obama’s No. 1 sycophant for support.
          Then as if that wasn’t sufficient, liberal Hawaii Gov. – Elect Neil Abercrombie followed suit saying he wants to end the controversy.  But Abercrombie can’t get  the hard copy because Hawaii’s privacy laws bar release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who in the state’s opinion doesn’t have a tangible interest.  Last year Hawaii’s health director said she saw the original birth certificate.
       Matthews has said what “birthers” have long said: If you’re right that we’re nuts, let Obama go ahead and request it and display it!   Had he done this when the controversy first began, it would have died in the bud.   
      Don’t expect the politically correct media to take up Matthews’ cry. To echo this would be…er, um,  racist.  

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