Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I Really Think…Walsh…Berrios…Obama…Brady. More.

                                    Joe Walsh.
        If the media here were really doing their job, they’d report that if the likely election of Joe Walsh in Illinois 8 over Dem Melissa Bean, a rising Democratic subcommittee chairman, is verified with finality it would well be the most stunning good news to hit the Republicans here—or in many states.
       Walsh is “cautiously optimistic” as he leads Bean by 500 votes.  Of course the media here are mum.  Let’s say that Mary Ann Ahern won’t be jumping up and down with schoolgirl joy if as expected Walsh wins this one.  The news establishment and even some GOP country club cliques weren’t for Joe. His opponent has been supported in the past by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce.
        But Joe’s biggest ally is the Tea Party.   And I must say I have never heard anybody deliver a better stump speech.
          Nobody in my 50-plus years of reckoning ever won  a congressional race against more uphill odds. The liberal press savaged him because of his personal financial troubles but then I said  if everybody who ever had mortgage problems in this era voted for him he’d be a cinch.    If the initial returns are certified with Joe’s election, Republicans will control the Illinois delegation.     And if he sticks you can count that he’ll soon be regarded as a  conservative leader in the House. Oh  yes, signified his importance yesterday by calling him a crazy.    Crazy:  That’s what it calls everybody who dares to challenge the Big Labor Union bund.
                  Joe Berrios Win a Rebuke to WTTW.
       The oh-so-veddy-veddy cool media types like Carol Marin and her ally WTTW-TV Chicago Tonight executive producer Mary Field felt so veddy-veddy strongly about Forrest Claypool the “independent reformer” defeating that horrid old ward boss Joe Berrios for Cook Assessor that they blocked Republican candidate Sharon Eckersall from participating in its TV debate…to make voters think there was only one choice—bad old Berrios and good, clean “independent”  Claypool.
        Their motive was…and looked…contemptuously partisan and heedless of journalistic ethics.  By calling Claypool an independent even though he was listed as such on the ballot is to defy reason.  The “independent” Claypool was twice Daley’s administrative assistant,  the mayor’s appointee as Superintendent of the Park District, has been a Democratic county commissioner and has worked for David Axelrod and in campaign tandem with Rahm Emanuel.  That even tops Berrios’ record as a party loyalist.
       Berrios’s win, bad for Cook, nevertheless serves Marin and Field right.   They shouldn’t tamper with the election process.  I always thought the job at “Chicago Tonight” was to schedule debates with the two major parties represented. But they’ve played footsie with the Greens even though it’s a minor party at best.
         Their thumb in the eye tactic to Republicans was malignant and self-serving to their own liberal proclivities at the expense of the station they serve and which receives taxpayer funds. Moreover Sharon tops both in assessor credentials since she is already the Evanston township assessor.   But not important—as passionate liberals Marin and Field had an ideological case to make showcasing two Democrats and no Republican.  Well despite their fingers on the scale they got Berrios—hurrah.    
        Watching President Obama at his news conference yesterday ratified for me that he is a congenital Leftist who is truly in-educable.  Declaring truthfully that he and his Dem allies in Congress “took a shellacking” he made several assertions that proved he not only hasn’t learned from Nov. 2 but is in serious denial.
        He said the electorate reacted to the economy’s woes. Wrong. It reacted to his programs which cost a trillion dollars with no results but worsened employment.   He said he had to rush through a great many programs without adequate explanation. Wrong. His major programs were thoroughly defended by him: 64 separate addresses alone on health care.  Many-many news conferences by him and his cabinet touched on cap and trade…stimulus—you name it.
      He seemed to thrive on the myth that Republicans simply opposed… and advanced no alternative programs. Wrong.  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.l among others advanced a comprehensive re-ordering of budget and spending….so comprehensive that Obama’s favorite economist Nobel Prize-winner Paul Krugman of Princeton, columnist for The New York Times made a systemic critique of it. 
        Obama seemed annoyed that the voters don’t get what he tried to do.  He expressed contrition that “some of the finest public servants I have ever met” encountered defeat after risking their popularity by voting for his measures.  Good night…does this man not understand that the electorate does not want his program and the men who were defeated challenged their electorates saying they were wrong?
        This is the mark of an ideologue of the Left who embraces a philosophy at great variance with what the country believes—and what the Founders taught. Obama’s  philosophy is rooted in abject secularism with utterly no spiritual overtone…no doubt mention of The Creator stuck in Obama’s throat three  distinct times when he gagged as he recited words of the Declaration—“endowed [no mention of “by their Creator”] “with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
       Godless materialism which Obama slyly implies as progressive is a radical change from the liberalism as religious Social Gospel by passionate Christian William Jennings Bryan in 1896 and pursued mainly by Democrats until the McGovern campaign of 1972.  It was acceptable Social Gospel liberalism that this octogenarian covered as a 20-something journalist recording the words of Hubert Humphrey, John Kennedy, Scoop Jackson and others which basically came down from Bryan. This liberalism was junked by moderns as they expounded cavalier agnosticism embracing abortion, homosexuality as an acceptable preference and patriotism belonging “to the planet” rather than this nation.  (Not that I am a social gospel guy but it reflected basic American tenets).
          There is no clearer typicality of this intellectual agnosticism of doubt of religious verities than Barack Obama.  It is as alien to America as Obama has shown himself to be by his anti-colonialism seeped into his makeup by his many years in the 3rd world.  Obama being the first president who eschews organized religion is at least candid, no phony (Reagan avoided church-going but was devoutly Christian).  But anyone studying Obama realizes he is a man of no fixed absolutes other than the state shall supplant god (lower case).
        In this he, of course, has a right to his religious or non-religious opinions but we should recognize he is at variance with the entire point of western civilization belief—from the Greek teachings of absolutes in Deity, wisdom and beauty…through the Romans who instructed the fundamentals of tradition and patriarchy related to religious belief…continuing through the Israelites where the concept of salvation came from the Jews …going to the teachings of early Christianity where morality and sexual ethics were promulgated…then moving to the Middle Ages where in the monasteries intellectual curiosity thrived…proceeding through the Renaissance where with the works of Shakespeare and others vapid relativism was disproved…on through the Enlightenment where our forefathers delineated between statism and liberty…veering past the 19th century where Marx’s and Freud’s theories that man can be a god was disproved…to and beyond the 20th where major wars taught people that it is essential to resist godless Nazism and communism.
         This president of ours described wrongly by media as intellectual while well mannered, verbal with a kind of drawing room charm and an academic air… is basically educated beyond his intelligence, ignorant of all that has gone on before.  Let us see what lessons  he has learned from the midterm elections which he rightly said were “a shellacking” for his party.             
        He said his health care bill can possibly stand “some tweaking.”  What is there about the election he doesn’t get?  Did any of the Republicans who upset incumbent Democrats say “send me to Washington to tweak Obamacare?”  In this news conference Obama was at best un-cognizant, unaware and at worst duplicitous refusing to acknowledge the truth.
          His denial and willful obtuseness is a great calamity for the American people because it signifies that he has learned nothing from this election. In his first term Bill Clinton embarked on a similar Leftwing excursion and was set back by the midterm election.  He adopted some of the Republican critique, got credit for some of them and won reelection in 1996.  Not here.
        Here we have bad news for the country with Obama’s intransigence.  But good news for the Republicans because Obama serves notice that he is in-educable, incapable of understanding, much like Wilson…like Obama a creature of the Ivy League faculty…who shunned the Senate  after Versailles and refused to compromise one jot or tittle on the treaty.    But wait… Wilson was ill, having suffered a stroke which so changed his intellectual processes that he reasoned it must be his way or the highway which denied ratification of the Treaty and the League of Nations (a blessing, actually).
       Yes!  Exactly!  But Barack Obama has had no stroke.  He is the modern Paradigmatic liberal-radical… emblematic of  the university faculty lounge elites who believe secular statism, a European-style variant of  socialism, is in the future and damn the Great Unwashed—those who…as he told an inside San Francisco group of finance-contributing  elites where he didn’t know he was being recorded… “cling” to God, guns and nativism  because they can’t or won’t  understand the glories of “progressivism” as envisioned by the Educated Class.
        Think back if you can recollect any other leader who has shrugged off those who “cling” to God…guns…and nativism.
We elected a slender, tall,  very nice looking, courtly, soft-spoken un-American non-patriotic statist to whom any view of eternal verities is above his pay grade.   We will deserve what we may well get.
      I am told…rightly…that examination of ballots in the governors election should go on—which  may hit a snag and elect Bill Brady—but that the odds of his unseating Pat Quinn are less than even.   And of course I say with all Illinoisans: Of course proceed  so that the authenticity of the winner no matter who he is is not compromised.
       I was for another candidate in the primary but I came to respect and honor Bill for his forthrightness.  He is not a candidate who tries to spin you into Nirvana with ambiguous rhetoric.  He is latch-key honest and far more than his opponent who yields to the slightest breeze. 
         Even though I have covered politicians since 1953, supped and drank with them, listened to their stories, I have not  yet recovered from being aghast when I see those of my faith, tutored as I in the intricacies of the 2000-year-old moral laws that constitute our understanding of eternal salvation, cavalierly shuck them off for electoral favor.
          The litany of them is as long as one’s arm: all for the most part Catholic Democrats (always with some GOP exceptions—hi, there, Judy Baar Topinka who occasionally…prematurely orange hair tresses tucked under her cap…trots up to the altar at St. John Cantius to receive the Eucharist which if she has not repented her pro-abortion advocacy and received absolution would be an invested sacrilege, penalty for which canonically is eternal damnation).  The same applies to the whole lineage of the legions of  Democratic abortion advocates who constitute the fabric of  this major party.
                 As I say without puffing up the prayer of the Pharisee (Lord, I am better than these)…how the hell can they do it—knowing what in probability they face? Are they betting they can at the last gasp gurgle an Act of Contrition?  Is public office worth this?  As Thomas More said to Sir Richard Riche—you are doing all this—for Wales?  
          I have always known that Bill is a genuine Catholic statesman in an era when to be so is to be ridiculed.  God grant that an Angel somewhere sees that there are some validly voted ballots somewhere to rescue this situation.
           Capitol Fax Says Social Conservatism “Lost” for Brady.
        I resist being too hard on because as a useful tool it is equal…even more valuable…than Mike Barone’s indispensable Almanac of American Politics but all the same the newsletter and blog is shaded heavily to the Left on social issues.  Yesterday it seemed to allege that Brady was his own worst enemy by  seemingly alienating precious suburban women pro-aborts.   And it seemed to prescribe one of those unproven axioms that liberals invent:  For God’s sake take a pro-choice view or you’ll lose. Being Capitol Fax of course it often assumes as true about conservatives what on examination is untrue.
        For example:  Pro-life is poison to the electorate is it?  Here are the pro-life governors elected Tuesday:   Alabama—Robert Bentley (pro-life gain)…Alaska: Sean Parnell (pro-life hold)…Arizona—Jan Brewer (pro-life hold)…Florida: Rick Scott (pro-life gain)…Georgia—(pro-life hold)…Iowa: Terry Branstad (pro-life gain)…Kansas—Sam Brownback (pro-life gain)…Maine—Peter LaPage (pro-life gain)…Michigan—Rick Snyder (pro-life gain)…New Mexico—Susana Martinez (pro-life gain)…Ohio—John Kasich (pro-life gain)…Oklahoma—Mary Fallin (pro-life gain)…Pennsylvania—Tom Corbett (pro-life gain)…South Carolina—Nikki Haley (pro-life hold)..Tennessee—Bill Haslam (pro-life gain)…Texas—Rick Perry (pro-life hold)…Utah—Gary Herbert (pro-life hold)...Wisconsin—Scott Walker—(pro-life gain)…Wyoming—Matt Mead (pro-life gain).
        Any questions, Capitol Fax? 


  1. Tom Roser has it right, and the country club Republicans should leave the country club and join the Tea Party. Joe Walsh stood firmly on the social issues. Abortion was a major campaign issue - Joe, being 100% pro-life and proud of it. This is one reason why he may triumph over an entrenched pro-abortion Democrat.

  2. To be precise, Joe Walsh is leading by 553 votes. Let's pray that the Democrats won't find a way to steal this one.

    Thank God for Scheuer, the Green Party candidate, who took 6,449 votes from Bean!