Thursday, November 18, 2010

Partisanship Triumphant, Dems Don’t Move to Seat Kirk Right Away, Although Illinois Would Benefit…Needed: A Public Drive to Remove Eric Holder. More.

     Time Wends On While We’re Stuck With Incompetent Egoist Burris.
        It’d be different if we had a duly elected U. S. senator filling the seat for Illinois.  Then he could continue to serve until Mark Kirk is sworn in.   But we don’t.   We have an appointed hack by a governor soon to go to jail—the appointment made under clandestine appearances.
         And we don’t hear any protest at all despite (a) it’s a given that Mark Kirk has been elected; (b ) no one believes the outcome will be changed; (3) Illinois loses senate seniority with the delay and (4) in the meantime our state’s vote is being cast by Tombstone Roland.    If the governor and senior senator would push Burris to relent in favor of restoring legitimate representation, it’d be salutary and gracious.  If they urged Judge O’Grady to act it would be classy.   But no—Dems say if Republicans want Kirk to take over to gain seniority, let them ask O’Grady.  For Republicans to push O’Grady would be ridiculous and self-serving.  Too bad we don’t have a Dem governor and Dem senator who could rise to a degree of  magnanimity—but we don’t. 
          So we continue with an unelected Squid hack Dem senator whose words on tape smack of his eagerness to buy Obama’s seat…a guy who misled the state legislature when he testified, declaring that he had discussed quid pro quo with a Blago emissary before being appointed when demonstrable facts prove otherwise…a guy who tainted that he had to knock on the door to gain admittance to the Dem-controlled Senate and for a time was denied by majority leader Harry Reid…a guy whose ego is so out of kilter he has to order that his resume be carved on his tombstone in pathetic hope he’ll be remembered…moreover--
       …a guy so treated at pariah’s arm’s length by his own party’s majority that they put him in the presiding officer’s chair within earshot of the parliamentarian in order to stash him somewhere, he interpreting this as a boost in stature—this guy who’s a laughing-stock  but whom the Dem state leadership will not importune to step down early so as to give the duly elected senator an ease-up in seniority which means so much in the Senate…all these things and the press doesn’t fathom importance to Illinois and why Kirk is kicking…some suggesting Kirk  ask Judge O’Grady himself to be seated!
     Sure there are still votes to be counted but Kirk cannot be counted out. Of course there is no vacancy since Burris hasn’t volunteered to step down.     But if the Democratic leadership of this state had any class, it would ask Burris to step down for the good of Illinois so its newest senator could gain needed senioriy.   What do they want—Kirk and the Republicans to demand of the judge that Kirk be appointed?
       Gee, wouldn’t it appear gracious  if the governor and Sen. Durbin made the case given that all agree Kirk has been elected?
       Of  course Burris won’t leave until they drag him out of the chamber.  There could be a modicum of pro-Illinois sentiment existent in the governor, Sen. Durbin and the president to do what’s right for Illinois and ensure the elected senator gets some seniority!  Their ploy is  to hunker down and hold on to the Illinois seat  being occupied by a appointed unelected nonentity in hopes that their party can squeeze the last drop of partisan advantage from it with votes on the floor….heedless of the fact that Illinois will be deprived of seniority by keeping Kirk out of the Senate.
        Where’s the fine sensibility that the governor—for one—keeps touting about “the land of Lincoln” where “everyday ordinary, regular working families composed  of hard-working everyday working men and women”et al?  These hard-working everyday regular men and women deserve an elected senator to cast votes for Illinois.
        Ah well, the governor campaign’s over so he’ll stash those gooey words until they can be recycled for the next campaign.      
             Major Repudiation of Holder Warrants Push for Removal.
        The egregious repudiation of Attorney General Mark Holder yesterday has made the nation a laughingstock—and should trigger a public move to pressure the president to remove him.  Former Guantanamo detainee Ahmed Ghaliani yesterday was found not guilty on all but one charge by an anonymous civilian jury in New York.  It should prompt the entire world  and especially America’s critics to howl with laughter at the benign, naïve incompetence shown by the Justice Department.
       Get this: Ghaliani was convicted of the charge of conspiracy to destroy a federal building which carries with it a 20-year sentence (and maybe life.   Given that he beat the rap on 231 other counts, it’s unlikely. But the very legal definition of “conspiracy” presages collaboration which is contradicted by his beating the rap on the 231 other charges. 
         Ghaliani should have been tried as a war combatant in a military court but ultra-liberal Holder insisted on a civilian jury to provide all the trappings of our constitutional rights on a terrorist sworn to destroy us.   It has been seen as a test case for the Obama administration to put the self-admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four other terrorism suspects on trial on U.S. soil, the brain-child of Holder with the support of that eminent “constitutional law lecturer” Obama. 
           One juror sent a note to the judge saying she was threatened by other jurors.  Terrific;  now we know what quality of peers were selected in one of the most liberal cities in the nation…all due to the leftwing intransigence of Eric Holder.   And the judge.   He was god-awful, excluding the testimony of a star witness because he was water-boarded by the CIA. 
         But judges are judges.  The culprit is Holder…not a legal scholar by any means but an ideologue.   Imagine a man testifying against the Arizona immigration law before the House Judiciary committee and not reading the 16-page law!  In this matter of trying terrorists in a civilian court, he  was regarding this whole procedure as a kind of game,  where he would be portrayed as standing tall with The New York Times and the Left as protagonist in a  Broadway drama where the safety of the people of the United States comes in second. 
      A military court was the only rightful place where vermin of this kind could be tried—one accused of assisting Al Qaeda buy a truck, filled it with explosives used as a rolling bomb in his native Tanzania and carrying out a simultaneous bombing in Nairobi that killed 224, including 12 Americans.  The day before the bombings he boarded a flight to Pakistan, then moved to Afghanistan where he forged documents for Al Qaeda and worked as a cook and bodyguard for bin Laden.  Witnesses testified that Ghailani used cash to buy gas tanks used in bombings and that the FBI found a blasting cap in his room at a hideout.  The defense used the usual arguments—the FBI had trampled over evidence found in his room et al.
        The man federal prosecutors called a “cold blooded terrorist” was allowed to make use of constitutional law to evade payment for his crimes.    It’s time….in fact well beyond time…when a public drive is launched to get rid of Holder who has been a menace to the internal security of the people of the United States.
                           Kicanas Defeated for USCCB President.
         Wow—211 Catholic bishops actually voted for Tucson Bishop Gerald Kicanas (aptly pronounced kick-anus) for president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops!    Due to the providence of God this Bernardin protégé, skewed to the Left, praised by a leading homosexual activist group as possibly being amenable to softening church condemnation of abortion and homosexuality, spared the Church another spate of investigations.  
        He’s a walking embodiment of toleration for the lavender priesthood.  Imagine:  he ordained pedophile Dan McCormack after learning of his involvement in gay sex with his peers!   The mystery has never been solved as to how the files on McCormack “disappeared”  from Mundelein seminary.  Paradoxically militant gays themselves detonated his candidacy…not particularly anything the bishops did themselves.  Still the Church itself and the secular media cannot bring themselves to state candidly and upfront that Catholicism’s great ecclesial challenge in the U.S. is the lavender priesthood, lavender seminaries and the indisputably incompetent admissions policies that open the floodgates.  


  1. God's grace really showed in the election of Archbishop DOLAN. Hopefully the lavender scent that has prevailed, because the stable wasn't swept clean, just scented with lavender, but now is dissipating. Bernardine's ghost still haunts the halls. However, it didn't infect the majority of bishops, only 211 of them.

  2. Sadly the vote total shows how divided the USCCB still is - and that Ab. Chaput only got 91 votes for the vice-presidential spot is also telling. We still have a long way to go.

  3. Tom,

    Reality check: the guy you wanted to lose lost. Somehow you neglected to mention that Dolan won. Sorry you had to scrap the column that was ready to go if Kicanas won. Still, you were able to save two paragraphs with which to sadden the Church in the midst of her jublilation.


    And who was it that WON the VP spot? It was Abp Joseph Kurtz. And what exactly is it about the election of Abp. Kurtz that indicates "we still have a long way to go"? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Lee, the reference was not to the election of Ab. Kurtz - about whom I know little, whereas Chaput is a known entity - but to the division among the bishops. Like Congress, they appear to be split down the middle as the totals demonstrate and past events have shown.