Thursday, October 7, 2010

Personal Asides: Old Computer Died; New One on the Job… Tribune’s Executives’ Wild and Crazy Sexual Antics While Paper Declines……RIP Fr. L. Dudley Day OSA.

The Saints’ Day Returns:       Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary*
                                                New Computer
         As it must to all works of men, death came to  my HP computer the other day  swiftly, mercifully.     A new one has been installed which I am getting used to. The installer said proudly, “this will serve you for five years.”   Meaning until I am 87.   Wonderful:  the question is will  I be around to use it?  At my age I don’t even buy green bananas.
                                    Tribune Turned into “Animal House.”
            I have no brief for The New York Times: never had, never will…but the story on what its current owners call Tribune which appeared yesterday has been verified by so many people to me that I must send it along here.  It seems this venerable paper along with other valuable media properties—WGN, The Baltimore Sun, The Los Angeles Times. The Orlando Sentinel and The Hartford Current--, having fallen into the hands of a squatty red-haired, scruffy bearded renegade billionaire real estate developer who rides a motorcycle who bears uncanny resemblance to the face on the box of Lucifer matches…and who has about as much class as a visitor who wipes his nose on your office drapes…Sam Zell… who turned it over to be run an ex-radio shock jock who among other things is alleged to have propositioned a waitress at the InterContinental to show her breasts for $100 in front of at least two employees who certif this is true. But the ex-shock jock made several hundred million for Zell and thus has free rein.
         The paper’s impressive office, once the command post of Col.  Robert
R. McCormick has been turned into a frat house barroom, says the article. The highly touted “leadership” of Randy [sic] Michaels, has declined since Zell’s highly leveraged purchase to the point where less than a year later it fell into bankruptcy listing $7.6 billion in asset against a debt of $13 billion with more than 4,200 people let go.  The story goes on to characterize Zell’s awful personality and frequent use of the 4-letter word starting with “f” and Michaels’ and his executives’ use of “sexual innuendo, poisonous workplace banter and profane invective.”
            The story goes on to detail a lust tangle between a male executive and his secretary on a Tower balcony not verified by the head of security but which wasby at least two observers…after which the head of security was replaced by an ex-radio traffic reporter…huge bonuses given to select executives as the media properties collapsed in value….and a charge that Zell was not above using the paper for his own aggrandizement.  He asked the then managing editor to go harder on Gov. Blagojevich after which she found out that he was secretly involved in trying to sell Wrigley Field to the state—the purpose of being tougher on  Blago being obviously to make him come to terms on the sale to end the “heat” the paper was putting on him. 
          Tribune’s new hire employee manual was re-written to ward off females who might confuse the sexual innuendo-laden frat house atmosphere with harassment. It says “Working at Tribune means accepting that you might hear a word that you personally might not use.   You might experience an attitude you don’t share.  You might hear a joke that you don’t consider funny.  That is because a loose, fun,  non-linear atmosphere is important to the creative process.  This should be understood, should not be a surprise and not considered harassment.”
               Oh. The Times quotes an employee saying that Michaels and Marc Chase who was hired to run a division at Tribune held a loud, scatological conversation on a Tower balcony with their loud voices wafting down to employees below. They were talking about the sexual suitability of various employees. She also said a female executive “jovially offered to bring in  her assistant to perform a sexual act on someone in a meeting who seemed to be in a bad mood.”
               Small wonder the paper isn’t so concerned about reporters getting the full story and being topped by The Sun-Times when there’s that  much extracurricular antics going on in The Tower.  One thing I’ll say again.  Don’t think that The New York Times is manufacturing this out of whole cloth because it  is a very liberal paper and Tribune (while wishy-washy) is not.  Again—I’ve heard much the same things from ex-employees who ratify what has just been reported.
           Just mourn the incipient death of a great newspaper which has been passed into the  hands of venal scoundrels who abuse it.
                            Fr. L. Dudley Day, OSA.   Rest in Peace.
           A great priest…in fact a priest’s priest….was buried yesterday—Father L. Dudley Day—perhaps the holiest man I ever met and a fighter, too.    An Augustinian, he was pastor of Saint Rita’s and because he annoyed the chancery, then ruled by John Cardinal Cody, he was dethroned willfully, cynically and cruelly because among other things he had the temerity to speak out against the archdiocese sharing the proceeds of the Crusade of Mercy whose monies were also directed to pro-abort and contraception activities…so that when the  archdiocese shilled for the Crusade it was intentionally doing such, heedless of  the repercussions to society and the Natural Law in order to share in the proceeds.
        He was one of  the greatest men and priests I  ever knew.  If anyone gets the Green Light from above to come join the saints it will be this humble but valiantly courageous priest.

    *:  Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  This Feast on October 7 commemorates the victory Christian Europe gained over the Muslims at the third naval battle of Lepanto in 1571.  The battle marked the high point of  Turkish advance on European soil and with it the Balkans and regions west and north of the Black Sea returned to Western Christendom for succeeding centuries.  It was attributed to an avalanche of rosaries offered up for victory. At the request of  the Dominican Order, Pope Gregory XIII promulgated the feast in 1571. 

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