Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: You Tell Me There’s No Double Standard for Pols’ Dumb Statements?

                                   There He Goes Again.
       You tell me there’s no double standard in the media that protects liberal pols from dumb statements while sneering at conservatives for the same sins?  Get serious.  Conservative Republicans have long been regarded as being dim bulbs.  Liberal Democrats’ gaffes and plain breaches of knowledge of history have for years been ignored as…well…just one of those things. 
        Palin is supposed to be dumb, right? But here again yesterday Joe Biden announced seriously that he is second in line for the presidency.  Com’on Joe, you’re first. Who did you think was first in line, Michelle? What are we going to do with this guy who successfully gets away with these Herculean mistakes? Such as reporting that to steady the country after the 1929 stock market crash, FDR took to the television and calmed America” 
      Send him to Civics 101 to learn that the vice president is first in line for the presidency?  Send him to science class to learn that television was not in effect except as an experiment in 1929 when the stock market crash occurred?   Send him to history class to inform him that Franklin Roosevelt was not president in 1929 but Herbert Hoover was…and that the technology was not perfected to allow a president to address the country and steady its nerves?   
          Christine O’Donnell is supposed to be a wacko, right? She made a  remark  in 1999 that she dabbled in witchcraft as a high school kid. Her opponent Chris Coons described himself as a “bearded Marxist” in a college newspaper column. Oh, says the liberal Democratic apologist Media Matters, Coons was only kidding and when he wrote that  he was just a kid.  What about O’Donnell being a kid when she talked about witches?  Uh-uh. Doesn’t work.  Burn her. 
          But now we get to the interesting person Chris Coons is. Wonderful pedigree.  A member of the professional class. Amhurst undergrad. Yale Law.  Yale divinity. As a young idealist he crossed the ocean to Africa to South Africa and Kenya to do “relief work.”  Relief work. That’s all the contemporary press says. Relief work for whom?   Well, relief work for the South African Council of Churches.  And digging a little farther, we find Politico reporting that his experiences in Kenya and South Africa turned Coons “to the left.”  Oh. The South African Council of Churches was at that time engaged in liberation theology under a guy named Frank Chikane who was interested in the liberating religious goal of state ownership of all businesses but Chikane was close to a guy named James Cone who was involved candidly in pro-Marxist, pro-socialist, anti-capitalist views.   
           This story is not over yet, friends. It has a lot more mileage to go. It turns out that Chris Coons was more than “volunteering”; he was deeply involved in abetting socialist Africans who supported liberation theology through leaders who have had tied with the McCormick Theological Seminary here and Trinity United Church of Christ in Hyde Park.  And it turns out that as a young man this same Chris Coons wrote a lot of stuff about the glories of liberation theology and socialism. 
         All of this means that the battle is far from over…Judith Miller and Charles Krauthammer who so cavalierly consign O’Donnell to the ash heap.  As Captain Tom Parker told the Lexington Minute Men: 
        “Stand you ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. If they meant to have war, let is begin here.” 
          They…the liberal media…the elitist professional class…mean to have war and the battlefield is Christine O’Donnell. From what I’ve seen of the record, given Coons’ extensive involvement in black liberationist theology and socialist advocacy, the battle for the midterms 2010 may well be decided and won on the Delaware turf.  


  1. Have you seen how much money has been contributed to the Delaware GOP winner?

    Might be worth a mention. I think Rush started the push.

  2. Hi Cal!

    The more the clown opera media jump on this kid O'Donnell the better people like her.