Friday, September 24, 2010

Personal Aside: His Inner-Inner-Inner Thoughts…Steinem: More Women Candidates and No Rahm.

         “People ask me who I back.  Hah!  Lettem guess.  I’m sayin’ nuthin’ and will keep on sayin’ nuthin.  Dumb to do anything else.  But look at that field, will’ya? Well, Jesse’s out.  Hah! Little Looie?  Hah!  Ricky Hendon?  Hah! Mosley Braun. Hah!   Wanna relive that stuff about her old boyfriend- campaign manager Kgosie Matthews harassin’ women and her ma in the nursin’ home on Medicaid who had an inheritance the law bein’ clear about that the state should get it and  instead Carol handlin’ it getting’ the old lady to sign it  and cuttin’ the pie with her brother and sister and when the press found out she blamed the old lady, havin’ to pay back what they received from the state…the only reason she wasn’t prosecuted bein’ that Burris was the AG.   Hah! Will that be repaid?  Will it!  Hah! Ferget it.   
      “Meeks?   Lissen when the auditors get down to determining what money goes where—some to the collection plate, some to his senate campaign, and some to the mayor campaign that’ll be all over.  Ya know how they roll in the money in the baskets?  Then at his rallies. You don’t think that stuff doesn’t go get commingled?  Hah!   He’s been a high flier too long anyway. Besides the gays’ll be in revolt.  The school people.  The fems. Y’see, ya can’t have that. Ya can’t have all those groups with that much access to the media on the outs.  Gotta keep `em under the tent. 
        “So, lettem wonder. Me, I got only one real concern.  Lisa. Not that there’s much uva chance she’ll try but to see the thing go to the Madigans is about the worst than can happen to me and my legacy—worse’r than even Looie getting’ it. Hah!   But it won’t happen. Why would she do it?  Hah!  She’s closer to bein’ governor right now with no lieutenant around. That’ll change in a few weeks but run for mayor?  Naw. Hah!  Why would she?  
          “Well goddammit she’d do it because of her old man. Hah! Talk about Carol’s mother not getting her call answered. I’d really be Nobody if the job got tossed to the Madigans!    Hafta talk to Mike not her. Not even him. A Madigan whatchacall`em?  Minions. Hah! And don’t think she’ll ask me fer advice with her old man around. 
           “Naw. Won’t happen. She oughta let Brady get unpopular fer the tax hike and run in four years. If she did it now the old man’d have to step down.  
           “But goddamit he wouldn’t.  So I think behind the scenes I go with the Pushy Jew. He’ll checkmate…is that the word?…her and a lotta the weirdos. When I first hired him he was good at the money: he’ll be better now.  Besides when you get down to it he’s tough enough to knock heads together.  Dart?  He’s a media guy.  Not even a little bit tough.  Reminds me of that guy who was awful as mayor of New York. Lindy.  No. Lindley.  No. I’ll get it right but I know who I mean.  
          “No. I keep on shuttin’ up but I’m with the pushy Jew. With him in it’d be best fer me.” 
                                          Gloria in Excelsis Steinem.  
           Of course. It’s a logical journalistic question!  What does Gloria Steinem think of the Chicago mayoralty!  And who brings her into `TTW to answer that question? Who do you think?  Carol Marin, obviously. Who else? And Steinem right on cue says she’s dismayed there aren’t more women running for mayor.Now that’s the biggest question, isn’t it?  Why didn’t somebody else think of that?  The city in debt, 2000 fewer cops on the street, city pensions running away with costs, we having privatized everything, uniformed cops being shot to death in broad daylight.  The station ignored Lech Walesa when he was in town earlier this year.  Well who the hell is he?  You say along with Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope he helped bring down the Soviet Union?  Well big deal.  Who’s bigger than that?   Well, just guess. Gloria Steinem obviously. And that’s why she was on WTTW Wednesday.  
            And Carol asked her the Big Question obviously. The question that has been on the lips of all Chicagoans…but sadly, not asked until now. 
           And the real question is—why aren’t there more women running? You really gotta give that Marin girl credit.  
              Now, I have a valid suggestion. I don’t know where Carol Marin lives but I bet it’s in the city.  What about HER running?  She’s got plenty of dough from decades of anchoring at high prices. She’s known—very well known.  She’s so liberal she squeaks.  She’s pushing 60 but she has that breathless little Girl Scout idealistic visionary quality like she just left boarding school.  She’s a celebrity so she’d be a real draw for fund-raisers for herself.  Name ID: almost 100%.   Her friends in the media will push her insanely. Can’t you imagine Mike Flannery now?   
             How fortuitous at this time that Steinem pops up with the women question. Steinem even said she hates Rahm Emanuel so…having campaigned against him when he first ran for Congress…that she’d love to campaign against him again!  And who would be the most logical candidate for Steinem to support?  Carol Apassionata Leftward Marin!  Pro-abort, pro-gay marriage, female  leader against hateful male domination.  The minorities would just shrink away and the big battle would be between Rahm the male dirty-mouth and Little Demure Carol.   
           I’m for it. Of course she’d have to give up her media oligopoly: `TTW, Sun-Times, Channel 5.   We’ll miss her but if she loses she’ll be back. That’s how Chicago media are.

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  1. I seem to remember an article, a long time ago, about Carol marin that said she lives in another state (I want to say Kentucky) and commutes to Chicago.