Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More One-Sentence Commentaries.

                                  One Sentence Findings.
           1.  This octogenarian’s heart could hardly stand the denouement: How about those Bears? 
    1. The best news yesterday, Ann Coulter’s address to a gay
Republican parley (GOProud) where she told `em “same-sex marriage is not a civil right”: we’re not losing her to the crazies. 
         3.      With Delaware voters running 49% for Dem Chris Coons and a startling 41% for Republican Christine O’Donnell (Rasmussen) a threatened write-in for liberal Republican Mike Castle could elect O’Donnell: what d’ye think of that? 
         4.   With Rahm supposed to announce for mayor this week, more and more it looks like Squid whites may plump for Emanuel no matter how obnoxious he is because there is no coalescence behind a minority candidate and the black/Hispanic ones who are vying are either incompetent (Hendon, Moseley Braun, Gutierrez) or otherwise unacceptable to white liberals…as for example the Rev.-Sen. James Meeks, pro-life, pro-voucher and  a foe of homosexuality (we wouldn’t want a traditionalist like him who subscribes to traditional marriage to ever be mayor, for God’s sake!).  
    5.   Big rap against Sheriff Tom Dart for mayor is that the
Speaker…co-head of The Squid…fears that if elected, Dart may bail out of the mayoralty in 2014 to run for governor (that’s when Lisa is expected to run against the almost sure to be elected Bill Brady)—but has no such fears about Rahm. .  
  1. All the while, Daley-ites fear Lisa may jump in the mayoralty
herself which, if she did, would see her get elected meaning that with a Madigan as mayor and a Madigan as Speaker would give Daley zilch influence in the future. 
  1. An article in The New Yorker profiling Axelrod sounds like
it was dictated by the Great Spin Meister himself showing his Far Left idealism that has been shattered somewhat in the real world of Washington, D. C.     
        8.    The profile of GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino in The New York Times is meant to diss him but does exactly the opposite portraying a flesh and blood activist who made mistakes (sired an illegitimate child after which he confessed, weeping, on his knees to his wife and is raising her as his own with his other kids: talk about the Catholic virtue Firm Purpose of Amendment!).

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  1. Umnhhhh....

    The Bears did not WIN that game.

    The Packers GAVE it to them.