Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Personal Asides: Melissa Uses Her Old Bean, Hires Thugs to Silence Dissent at Town Hall Meeting (No Surprise)…Alexi’s Muslem Contributor Deserves Scrutiny.

    Feast of St. Hyacinth of Poland* 
                       Meet Ms. Bean and Then Sit Down and Shut Up.
      The first…and only…time I interviewed Melissa Bean was on my radio show…shortly after her election—and she showed up with a handler armed with a fact-book from the DNC.  I had a list of questions to ask her and as I am the ultimate in gentle-ness, I reviewed them with her before the broadcast to get her thinking about them. 
      That’s the kind of guy I am, folks. I’d rather get a thoughtful response than sneak up on an interviewee and surprise him/her with a “gotcha” question.    
       No, no, no she said about questions that did not pertain exactly to her congressional job but to the political climate of Illinois.  I won’t answer them.  No-no-no, I won’t!  
      The handler winced, looking like he was just kicked in the groin because the questions were not tricky at all. 
       No, no, no.  And on the air when I asked her one anyhow, she said she wouldn’t comment.  On some of the more tricky ones…that dealt with congressional issues…she used her handy Clif Notes from the DNC.  First and only time I ever saw that done.  Usually adroit Dems memorize them.  
       But still, by no means was she the worst interview I ever had.  That dubious honor belongs indisputably to the president of the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, Doug Whitley…he of new-found allegiance to the Republicans after a near lifetime of being a Democrat—and who is still emotionally and intellectually a Democrat to this day…not withstanding his run for the Republican nomination for governor this year. 
       Of course, social issues were off the table when Dugout Doug ran. He concentrated on issues important to the country club.   
         He just sat there and said on the air: No comment.  No comment. No comment.     
           But now Ms. Bean has come up with another formula to protect herself from the public…and you can see it on YouTube…or Breitbart and elsewhere around the Internet.  I would put it on here but I don’t know how to do it…but, hell, there are enough reproductions of that event to satisfy anyone curious enough to look-see.  I’m all thumbs at this technological stuff anyhow.  
       At eighty-two you’re thrilled when you wake up in the morning, ecstatic when you pull yourself up smoothly from a chair, declining help from those who rush over, stunned when you remember the punch-line of a funny story, saddened beyond words when you read the “Deceased” list of names in your university alumni magazine and find buddies there, edified when you make it up the 18 cement steps leading to the great wooden doors of Saint John Cantius, depressed when you have to pony up a stiff fee for new higher powered hearing aids, humiliated when you tell your family you can hear better now, leading them to  ask “what kind?” and you look at your watch and say “a quarter to four.”  No, Dad, I didn’t ask the  time! I asked:  what kind?

       Continuing: You’re terrified when that sharp pain hits in your chest, electrified with joy when it turns out to be only gas…fervent with sweet resignation (maybe some fear) when you whisper to your God the “Act of Contrition” before you go to sleep—hoping for the best.     
            Well, that  was a needless digression I can hear my sweet wife say. 
           Anyhow back to the story.  
            Ms. Bean showed up at a Town Hall with a couple of slab-faced thugs who specialized in discouraging her audience from challenging her.  
           That is the mark of devastating insecurity. Much as I dislike Mme. Schakowsky’s ideology, my Congresswoman, she’s got guts, inner resolve, ideological certainty, fire, healthy vehemence.  She doesn’t need male brutes to shush up dissent.   Not so Ms. Bean the Insecure.  
            You see that TV clip  and you will resolve to vote her out.       
                                 Who Was that Mosque Man?
           The Weekly Standard blog has an interesting reference to one of Alexi Giannoulias’ contributors. He is Mohammad Sahloul the former president of the Mosque Foundation, the Bridgeview outfit which was shut down by the Feds as a possible front for terrorism. He gave Alexi $1,000. The Standard says the Foundation gave $400,000 to four Islamic charities which were also shut down for links to terrorism. 
        By the way, Harry Reid’s opposition to building the Mosque near Ground Zero and Mitch McConnell’s out to presage a resolution supported by both to the Senate where it would undoubtedly pass—sending it on to Barack Hussein Obama. (The name Hussein by the  way is a longstanding honorific implying one who stands in good favor with The Prophet. Can’t quarrel with that up to now.)   
         Sort of pathetic how Obama has been trying to clear up his original statement that sounded unmistakably like he favored building the Mosque.  Now the firm party line is that he merely endorses the right of Muslims to worship as they please.   Now’s the time for Lynn Sweet, the Obama cosmetician to get her rhetorical powder puff, rouge and eyeliner  out and pretty up the presidential image  on the Mosque.  
          While I’m at it, do the media have an unmistakably clear statement from Alexi on the Mosque issue?  I haven’t seen one.   
  *: St. Hyacinth of Poland [1185-1257]. When I started researching this I thought St. Hyacinth would surely be a woman.  Wrongo. He was a man!  He was born in a part of Poland that later became a sector of Prussia and was a Dominican preacher who earned the title “Apostle of the North.” He was a relative of St. Ceslaus, took his theological studies at Cracow, Prague and Bologna and became a Doctor of Law and Divinity. He joined the new order of Friars Preachers. He veritably spread the Faith throughout Poland, founding monasteries, preaching eloquently and a model of monastic order to the end went to his final sessions of Matins and Mass and calmly ordered that he receive the Last Sacraments. He did and died peacefully, being canonized by Clement VIII in 1594.  His relics are in the Dominican church in Paris.


  1. "She (Jan Schakowsky) doesn’t need male brutes to shush up dissent."

    Oh? So those "security" people at her town hall at Niles West on health care were really gentle lesbians in male drag? Or there are really two Jans...like the Princess and the Pauperess?

  2. Regardless of what your wife may say Tom, I enjoyed your "needless digression". While I'm not up to your fourscore+ (being a mere stripling at threescore+...), I can relate to the impact of advancing years.

    As another octogenarian I knew used to say when asked (upon showing up at the golf course) how he was: "It's good to be here...in fact, it's good to be anywhere...!"

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Bean would surely lose if the R candidate was any good - but Joe Walsh is a squilch. No money, no organization, no backing. I blame the GOP leadership in the District; they should have got together before the election, and settled on a real candidate. Instead they jumped on their horses and rode off in all directions, and allowed Walsh to snag the nomination with 34%.

    The FEC sez Walsh has $30,242 in his campaign fund, and owes $88,510, while Bean has $1,170,672, and owes $12,800.

    A rising tide may float all boats, but it will take one heck of a surge to beat that kind of odds.

    BTW, did you know that Bean got EXACTLY 25,000 votes in the Democrat primary? Just an accident, of course, but a little spooky.