Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Personal Asides: By the Time I Went to Bed Last Night—McMahon Won in Connecticut and It Looked Like Nathan Deal in Georgia…Not Bad. More.

   Feast of St. Clare*
       I decided to cash it in and go to bed at 10:30 pm last night when the primary election results looked pretty good for Republicans.  Wresting magnate Linda McMahon won the GOP nomination for the U. S. Senate in Connecticut.  She’s spent the most of any Senate candidate this year--$30 million—with a general election left to go. She easily defeated former 3-term congressman Rob Simmons. Left back in the pack was another mega-millionaires venture capitalist Peter Schiff a Ron Paul enthusiast.   McMahon is a moderate Republican as is Simmons.   Five-term senator Chris Dodd is retiring and his successor for the Democratic nomination is Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. 
      Every election has a surprise.  This one was the surprise victory of appointed Democratic senator Michael Bennet in Colorado—President Obama’s man—over former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, who was backed by Bill Clinton. Both of them are ultra-liberals.  By the time I called it a night, the election for governor of Georgia seemed to go to Newt Gingrich’s favorite Nathan Deal rather than Sarah Palin’s endorsee Karen Handel.  Despite Palin’s endorsement, Deal…not Handel… seems to be the more conservative of the two. 
                                           Ultra-Liberals Ahoy! 
       The other day I mentioned that three major league media players here were warning Republican conservatives to stay away from ultra-conservatives whom they described as Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart. It prompted me to ask these media types if they could ever name ultra-liberals. 
        There’s been no response, of course, because to them…most reportorial denizens in Illinois…there is no such thing as an ultra-liberal. But they ought to pay attention to Robert Gibbs, Obama’s press secretary who just called out a number of them who are dissatisfied with the president despite his passing…over my objection, of course…nationalized health care, a massive stimulus which hasn’t worked to cut unemployment which is 9 million jobless more than when Obama took office…and new financial regulation. 
          Gibbs blasted those ultra-liberals for being dissatisfied, believing Obama hasn’t spent enough…saying perhaps they should be drug-tested.  The hive of ultra-liberals consist of  those who write for the Daily Kos.  Strange that none of the media moguls I mentioned have seen fit to identify these ultra-liberals.   
      The other day Laura Ingraham interviewed a media type who at least admitted the error of his publication’s non-objective love affair with Obama…Howard Fineman of Newsweek.. Now that Obama’s economic plan has not worked, there’s some serious reappraising going on.  Fineman smiled and pleaded nolo contender—saying yes indeed it was slanted because the media fell in love with the candidate: bad thing to do. 
       Which leads me to wonder if other reporters…especially in Illinois…will have the guts to admit the same thing: Lynn Sweet, the cosmetician for Obama and family…and Mike Flannery, then with CBS-2 now with Fox Chicago.  He wrote a love note to Obama in a commercial magazine sent out by The New York Times…this before The Messiah was inaugurated…begging for an ornament from the White House Christmas tree.  After writing that, no self-respecting editor should have allowed him to cover Obama or national politics as Flannery was obviously deeply in love and swayed.  Can you imagine what would happen to a Chicago reporter if he/she had penned the same gushy sophistry to George W. Bush?  
*: Saint Clare [1194-1253].  She was founder of the Poor Clares. After hearing a sermon preached by Francis of Assisi she gave all her possessions to the poor and followed him, taking the habit of a nun. She received her religious formation at the Benedictine convents of Bastia and Sant’Angelo di Panzo until Francis was able to offer her and her companions a small house adjacent to the church  of San Damino in Assisi where he had restored.  There she became abbess in 1216 for a community of women who wished to live according to the rule and spirit of Francis.  It soon included Clare’s mother and two sisters.  She never left the convent but spent the remainder of her life in hard work, scrubbing floors and in holy contemplation.  The Poor Clares continue today as an Order dedicated to the same work as undertaken by Clare.

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