Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: How Appropriate--Byrd Will Lie in the Senate...The Liberal Church for the Media.

   Feast of  The Precious Blood of Christ.*  
                             The Prince of Pomposity.
        When Robert Byrd came to the Senate in 1958 he told Lyndon Johnson that he’d be a good trooper…but he’d have to break with the prevailing Democratic majority on civil rights.  Supporting Johnson meant being full-speed ahead on the Vietnam War when Johnson became president and most measures of The Great Society. 
         Carrying himself like the ancient Cicero Byrd saw that he’d have to disinfect himself from the rabid nigra-hating segregationists with whom he allied to get to the Senate. So he executed a center-ward turn to accommodate the changing times, apologized for his being Grand Kleagel and Grand Cyclops of the Klan…but he kept a toe in the racist camp: voting against the confirmation of Thurgood Marshall for the Supreme Court so he could retain a modicum of believability to continue to  jolly it up with his belly-up-to- the- bar-white flag-burning West Virginia crackers at the Legion and VFW halls  across the state. 
       As he aged he tried to become a trophy hero to the Left because he had owned up to his past. His staff was deeply engaged in the cosmetics and character rehab. But in 1996, his staff made a colossal mistake. They put him on live network TV.  That was a disaster. I saw the program. 
      Asked about his views on race, he said “My dear old mother once told me ‘Robert, you can’t get to heaven if you hate people all the time.’  So I just decided to skip talkin’ about it.  There are a lot of white niggers who talk about it all the time…they were then and are a lot around now. I seen a lot of white niggers on this issue so I just keep my mouth shut.”
       That took care of the promotion that his staff wanted to make of him as a colorful folksy old Senator Claghorn.   He was never interviewed on TV again. 
        With Lyndon Johnson dead, Byrd needed to bring himself up to a glorious standard as a liberal icon.  It was not hard to do. He opposed the Iraq War and spoke…his head shaking demonstratively with palsy and his fingers twittering…to the glory of the liberal media.  Believe me, that’s all it took!  He was converted overnight from a skeletal old relic with terminal shakes who would have to stand silent in the chamber to collect his thoughts slowed by near senility into a hero of the Constitution. While he had voted for the Gulf of Tonkin which his friend Johnson had contrived dishonestly to get votes, he now spoke out on the necessity of declaring war.   Katie Couric and all the trendy ones on network TV wanted him but his staff said…nope…uh-uh. They didn’t want his earlier views on white niggers to get out.  
            The  New York Times and the residue of what remains of the establishment press saluted him…and that’s why his body will lie in the Senate: no other reason. You can make a lot of  mistakes with the liberal media but if you target the one issue they’re most interested in at the time…opposition to the Iraq War and George W. Bush…, all is forgotten, forgiven, and never mentioned in any of the obituaries.   
                      Liberalism: the Substitute for Thought and Religion. 
           This is the thread that has continually pervaded this blog. 
            Ignorance of religion and the classics…constituting bad education from the multi-versities which were founded to set it right…has built up in this country a vapid liberalism of relativistic precepts…a liberalism that has polluted the wellsprings of much of contemporary journalism.  It is not only that many of the liberal journalists of today have abandoned religious verities for the shifting sands of uncertainty that run through their commentaries. 
           It is that the teachings of the elders of philosophy are not known as well.  Aristotle’s Politics begins with a division of what the great sage saw as varied governments.  Reviewing them we find it very refreshing in view of what we have in this country…or what we have allowed to transgress this country. 
          He says: There is a six-fold collection of governments. Now hold on to your seats. If one person rules for the common good, it is called kingly rule.   
         If one person rules for his own self-aggrandizement and cares not what happens to the country, it is called tyranny. 
        If few rule for the true common good, it is called an aristocracy. 
        If few rule for their own advantage it is called an oligarchy. 
        Listen now: 
        If many rule for the sake of the true common good, it is called a polity. 
      And if a majority rules for the sake of their own selfish aggrandizement, it is called a democracy. 
      Aristotle takes the view that a majority can be as foolish, insensitive or tyrannical as any tyrant or oligarch.  I think that is what we have here today.  
       Therefore he concludes  that unalloyed democracy is a perversion. 
      Which means that the continual pressure through most of the years of “progressivism” has created a democracy. The continual demands for “diversity” for new rights such as gay rights spring from those who are ignorant of both the classics and theology.   
       There is a flame-tressed female semi-media monopolist here who has not the slightest appreciation…not the slightest…for the  teaching of the ancients or the canons of theology.  I call her Apassionata van Leftward. Though approaching 60, her eyes shine with the true belief of the shining-faced college sophomore thrilled for more liberalism…which is to her, her church and her compact of governance.  
        When Lech Walesa came here…the living icon of an era that subordinated Soviet Communism forging a partnership with Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul II…she was busily writing about…who? 
         Forrest Claypool.  Yes, Forrest Claypool.  
        When Alan Dershowitz came here…a renowned leader in the law…he came to endorse the Republican candidate for 9th district congress.  He got not a line from her, Joel Pollak.  She’s far more engrossed in Jan Schakowky who wants to further level the playing field to purportedly further help the poor—no matter what it does to the country. 
          Apassionata van Leftward is not alone. The Washington bureau chief of The Sun-Times who has had the basics of a good reporter has abandoned that vocation in order to be nothing more than a stenographer for The Squid.  
        It will not do to be angry at them. They are in fact ignorant and victims of mal-education.  No sense of history, they are chasing the mechanical rabbit around the dog track, hoping…hoping…to catch it to make the world blemish-free and a haven for perfect social justice on earth. 
    *: Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Christ.  Though the Precious Blood of Christ has long been used as a synonym for the Redemption since the time of the Apostles, the feast was certified in the early 19th century. The Church in fact rejoices in the celebration because it takes it as a kind of birthday—with the stream of blood and water pouring out all over the world. Chrysostom says: “It was therefore out of the side of Christ that the Church was built, just as it was out of the side of Adam that Eve was raised up to be his bride.”

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