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Thoughts While Shaving: Clinton Says Byrd Embraced the Klan “to Get Elected.” …Will Somebody Get the Hook for Michael Steele?...Why Don’t Candidates Forget Their Past? More.

     Feast of St. Maria Goretti* 
             At a memorial for Sen. Robert Byrd Bill Clinton said Byrd joined the Klan because he had to, to get elected. 
              Oh, well, then it’s all right, huh Bubba? 
            Being Bubba, he was so confident he could make the sale that I stretched the truth beyond its recognizability.  He said it was a little error that he apologized for and it wasn’t all that overwhelming.  Two other politicians made a slight error with the Klan and lived it down—Harry Truman and Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black (who was a senator from Alabama).  But, Bubba, Bobby Byrd went whole hog—he became the state’s most visible leader of the Klan, Grand Wizard and Grand Cyclops.  In all, he was the most important Democratic leader to become identified with the Klan since Woodrow Wilson hosted the filming ofBirth of a Nation at the White House. The film, produced by D. W. Griffith, is a soaring cinematic tribute to the Klan.    
              Liberal journalist Margaret Carlson comes along with the cosmetician tray and says although it was a mistake, Byrd “grew” and “matured” on race. 
             As when in his 70s he gave that comment I referred to a few days ago about “white niggers,” huh, Margaret?  
            The Republican National Chairman’s accusation that the Afghanistan War is Obama’s and that a land war in Afghanistan can’t be won defies credulity.Obama’s war? Does this guy read the papers? At a time when Republicans in the Congress are supporting the military appropriation, here come this guy out of left field and sounds like a commentator for The Nation. 
             The sop that he will be out in 2011 really doesn’t hold water. This is a capital offense and should be dealt with by his being fired…else we get the reputation that nobody is steering the ship. Altogether too many things of this nature have happened…but this is the worst. 
            This Michael Steele thing was a botch job from the start. It was designed to be cute…Republicans always like to be cute on race. With a black Democratic president we’ll show the world that we’re sophisticated too and will trophy-out a black National Chairman!  Any idea that there’ll be a backlash involved in getting rid of him ignores the utter embarrassment and humiliating performance he has made as Chairman. And he is not above playing the race card for himself—as when he said offhandedly that both Obama and he have to measure up to a higher standard because both are black.  The ridiculous idea that he should be succeeded by Ken Blackwell of Ohio, another black, is barren. How about us just getting a good RNC chairman who’s interested in fund-raising and nuts and bolts?  
          Steele took the job to be considered for the national ticket as veep. Well it ain’t going to happen, Buster, so get packing.  The idea that the money coming in to the GOP coffers is due to Michael Steele is ridiculous.   The money is going in as everyone knows because contributors think we have a chance at winning…not because of the undisciplined, big spending, wholly indiscriminate leader of the GOP.  
        Not only is Steele off-base in pronouncing about foreign-defense policy, he is woefully ignorant of history.  After 9/11 George W. Bush started Operation Enduring Freedom on Oct. 7, 2001 because Afghanistan was not merely a source for terrorism but was a country run by terrorists with al-Qaeda woven into the regime.  An extensive coalition of governments offered help—70 nations contributing as allies.   So to say this war can’t be won plays into the hands of the Left.  
                                     No Self-Introspection. 
        No sooner did it appear that J.C. Hayward had a chance to dump old bait and switch McCain than it turns out Hayward did an info-mercial advising viewers how to scoop up free money from the federal treasury. 
        So that’s that. After 58 years in this business, I am still mystified that the possibility of scandal eludes candidates who want to get elected.  Didn’t Hayward reflect about that Info-Mercial? Who could vote for Hayward now?  
                       Obama Gives NASA Head His Priorities. 
          In case you’ve missed it, the head of NASA Charles Bolden gave an interview to Al Jazerra [sic] saying that President Obama gave him three missions…none of them touching on space exploration…but the most insisting that “I find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with predominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering. 
            Any doubts about the particular affiliations of this guy?  Or about his mind processes? It’s the most stupid concoction of psycho babble, Lefty rationalizations made by any president.   2012 can’t come fast enough for me.  I don’t know whether we can survive this bubble-headed Third World thinking.  You don’t have to prove where this guy was born.  He is the most dangerous president we have elected.  Dangerous because he gives the glossy finesse of being an intellectual but is at bottom a stupidly hopeless naïf. But mark my words, we have a lot to learn about this mystery man the people foolishly elected—facts that the supplicant press have almost criminally hushed up in a conspiracy with the Far Left. 
  Maria Goretti [1890-1902]. She was born in Corinaldo, a village 30 miles from Alcona, the daughter of a farm worker Luigi Goretti and his wife Assunta.  The family had five other children.  On a hot afternoon in July in 1902 she was alone and ironing when a randy neighbor, Alexander, 18 ran up the stairs to her apartment, beckoning her to the bedroom. He had tried this stuff  before so she resisted.  He seized her , pulled her in and shut the door. She struggled, tried to call for help but was unheard. Alexander ordered her to submit but she said she would rather die.  He pulled a long dagger and plunged it into her back and ran away.  In the hospital she showed concern for where her mother would sleep and even worried that by revealing details she would cause harm to his family. She died in 24 hours; he served 24 years in jail.  He became penitent and apologized to her family.  In 1947 she was declared Blessed by Pius XII in the presence of her mother and two siblings.  Three years later she was canonized  

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  1. The Byrd obits told of Senator Byrd's brief passing interest in the KKK during the late 30s and early 40s. What the Byrd obits did not mention was that Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd, Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, did not quit the Klan until 1952, and then only after the northern (Wheeling) part of the W.Va. Democrat Party threatened to cut off his party funding when Byrd first ran for Congress.

    Also omitted from the obits -- In 1958 Byrd killed a man while driving drunk on a road just south of Wheeling during the campaign in which Byrd was first elected to the U.S. Senate. Inebriated U.S. Senator Jennings Randolph (D) was in the car with Byrd. The local Democrat sheriff refused to arrest Byrd, and he was never prosecuted.

    You can take the boy out of the Klan, but you cannot take the Klan out of the boy. In 1964 Byrd led the Senate filibuster against civil rights for Blacks. Byrd then became the only Senator to vote against confirmation of Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas, Janice Rogers Brown, and Condoleezza Rice, all of whom have one thing in common: skin tone. I know Byrd said he regretted his past, but his bigoted past stretched over seven decades. Had Al Capone survived syphilis, he too would have said he regretted his past.

    In 2001 Byrd used the phrase "white niggers" twice in a nationally televised interview. Needless to say, that was Byrd's final live television interview. His handlers knew an encore performance would be disastrous.

    Catholics were the focus of Byrd's activity just as intensely as Negroes and Jews. During 1959-60, large amounts of anti-Catholic campaign money poured into the crucial West Virginia presidential primary, and Byrd was in the thick of it playing the fiddle for Hubert Humphrey and speaking out against Jack Kennedy. Byrd's close friend, the Reverend Doctor Ellingsworth, was the unofficial spokesman for the anti-Catholic campaign. He proudly proclaimed his hatred for his perceived two great evils: Catholics and Republicans. The Sunday before the November election, he reluctantly endorsed Nixon as the lesser of those two evils.

    P.S. Next Tuesday, July 13th, is a Tennessee state holiday honoring the birthday of Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the Ku Klux Klan (Tennessee Code section 15-2-101).