Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Small Voice: Who’s Around to Beat Daley?...Why SNAP is Not Unlike the Chicago Archdiocese……Com’on, Archbishop Dolan—Please!

  Feast of St. Jerome Emiliani* 
                                   Who’s Around? 
         With only 31% who want Richard M. Daley reelected, what’s likely to happen?  First, don’t think for a moment that he’ll give it up.  He’s a political creature who can’t imagine living without the mayoralty. No matter what happens to Maggie…terminal illness, incapacitation or death…he’ll run.  And he’ll be sure to show tears whenever she’s mention. These aren’t crocodile tears. He means them. But no matter, he must run.   He can’t help it. A limited, totally un-introspective man this is his life.  So he’ll run. 
           Understand The Squid is not a democratic (with a small “d”) organization but is left-wing fascist-like in machinations… one whose candidate can survive unpopularity, scandal, anything and get elected with the benefit of vote fraud or a consortium with the supine media.   It is preparing to do so now. For one thing there’s nobody around who can beat Daley.  The only formula to do so is to find somebody with a billion dollars ala Mike Bloomberg—but obviously a vastly different type (Bloomberg is a New York Jew, a self-made man familiar in style and ethnic qualities  to New Yorkers: not a Chicago type at all).  
           I suppose you could conjure up the idea that this could fit Pat Ryan, the retired chairman of AON but he’s 73. Aside from age, though, he could fill the bill: a white-haired helmeted, ruddy faced Irishman…self made multi-billionaire…a back slapper who hosted fund-raisers for George W. Bush…then Barack Obama.  Heading the Olympic drive that failed hasn’t hurt him (it would have, had the Olympics decided to come here).  A friend of Daley’s but friendships melt in politics like a snow cone in July.  But no matter: he’s too old.  Enough. 
            The idea that liberal reformers…ala David Hoffman…could do it is ridiculous.  If anyone was promoted by the media beyond his political competence, it is Hoffman.  Patrick Fitzgerald could probably do it but he’d have to have a lot…and I mean a lot…of money. Still I don’t know if his personality…which always struck me as frosty, Jansenist, purer-than-thou…would pull him through. Maybe if the media got behind him—but in order for them to do this, Fitzgerald would have to be super-liberal on social issues.   
            Still, we’re in an age of political unrest, tumult and revolution.  
            Who do you think could do it?  Not just who you like ideologically—who do you think could actually carry it off? 
                SNAP’s Agreement With the Catholic Establishment. 
              In the past I interviewed the two leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests. I’ve also interviewed from time to time a woman I greatly admire for her constancy in dealing with the bishops of the USCCB: Anne Burke.  SNAP is going to have a convention here soon…and Burke, who was interim head of the investigatory group formed to ferret out abuse and structure recompense of the Catholic bishops organization, will speak.   
               Frankly, I’m not anti-SNAP because I wouldn’t count on the Church personnel itself to blow the whistle…even though I know that Jeff Anderson, the Minnesota lawyer, makes his living with lawsuits and presumably helps fund SNAP.  When I asked Blaine and her assistant how they were funded and if they profited from Anderson and the personal injury bar, they stuttered, stammered and turned away.  But there is no doubt that they do. 
              Neither SNAP nor the Catholic establishment is willing to comment on whether or not the cause of the difficulty is not the Lavender Priesthood.   Both shy away from the question because of  fear of violating the inflexible canon of political correctness that dominates our society in almost every feature of life. 
                            Archbishop Dolan’s Response. 
            New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan was shown on YouTube smiling and applauding the introduction of a Gay/Lesbian/Transgender/Bisexual Group at a New York church…known for its condescension of the gay lifestyle.  He had just celebrated Mass there and was seated in the altar throne when leaders of the congregation hailed the various gay-oriented groups.  The question arose whether or not the groups were advocacy or not.  The huzza’ing of the crowd would seem to argue that they were advocates.  
             The YouTube scored an impressive number of viewers and of course Dolan, a man of infinite eloquence, was required to respond given that the sexual practices of the group are not consonant with the teachings of the Church.   
             His statement was brief and said that he was impressed with the compassion that the group held out to gay people—not because it ever dawned on him that they were celebrating permissively such practices—although it must be said that nothing in the service indicated their opposition to homosexuality. 
             But the archbishop says otherwise. 
    *: St. Jerome Emiliani [1481-1537].  After an exciting time in the Italian military where he was engaged in the defense of Castelnuovo, taken prisoner and escaped, he made a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Treviso to fulfill a vow.  Appointed to a high municipal post in Castelnuovo he returned home to supervise the education of his nephews.  In his spare time he devoted himself to the study of theology and practice of charity. After his ordination to the priesthood in 1518, he spent a major part of his time serving the poor. In 1528 a year of famine and pestilence he seemed to be everywhere and showed zeal especially for orphans. He rented a house to care for them near the church of St. Rose and with the assistance of some laymen ministered to their wants.  He also added another project: the building of a hospice for the incurably ill.  
         He founded a community dedicated to the care of orphans, aged and incurably ill.  He contracted a fatal disease while caring for the terminally ill and died at Somascha. He was beatified by Benedict XIV in 1747 and canonized by  Clement XIII in 1767.  He has been designated as the patron saint of orphans and abandoned children.

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  1. In all due respect, I think you are asking the question in the wrong way. You ask "Who do you think could do it? Not just who you like ideologically—who do you think could actually carry it off?"
    I think you are looking for some sort of an elitist. Perhaps not an elitist, but a "somebody". You are looking for someone with a "name". And you are looking for a billionaire.

    We the people are looking for a regular conservative.

    We have to get away in this country and in this city from looking at aldermen, commissioners, presidents and committeemen as rockstars.

    Illinois and even Chicago people are still majority conservative, not liberal.

    Yes, majority in this country, state by state, are like you and me Tom: they are conservatives; we are a conservative nation. We are a conservative people. HOWEVER, the minority runs the majority. Mostly this is because many conservatives are timid (dare I say cowards) to speak up and engage the political system.

    Back to Daley. Many people I know who vote for him are social conservative through and through EXCEPT for the fact that they vote for him.

    SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So if we run a conservative "idealogue" against this facsist, we the good people -the conservatives would win.

    Numbers back this argument up. He won with only 325,000 votes last time. He wins with less votes then those who ran and lost back in the 1970s and 80s. Translation: the northwest side and soutwest side do not vote; ALL the true conservatives do not vote. They are waiting for a real candidate. It can be a taxi-driver, lawyer, teacher, carpenter, doctor, you, or anyone who can just articulate that illegal immigration is wrong, that affirmative action is wrong, that denying school vouchers is wrong, that seeling our assets is wrong, that making political deals with the Jacksons and Strogers is wrong, that being an obfuscator avoiding debate is wrong,etc.

    Pat Ryan and Pat Fitz are probably horrible names to even mention (Hoffman too).
    Ryan is a pal I'd guess of the fascist, just as say Gidwitz is. That makes them politically bad, sorry.
    Fitz? Let me be the first to say it on your show perhaps. Perhaps. I think the guy is dirty. Yes. I think Patrick Fitzgerald is dirty. Now that will break a lot of hearts of good naive innocent folk. Life is tough to be sure. Why did he arrest Blago like a crack dealer who may escape. I dont believe it was because the deal to sell the seat would go through. I believe it was to bail the Daleys out along with the squid.
    Am I wrong? I'll talk about it.

    This race can be won, barring election fraud, by the CHICAGO VOTERS rallying behind an articulate, modestly energetic conservaitve. You don't need a whole lot of money!
    We go around the media, as Reagan did. We even call out the media as the despicable entity that they are , as you do so accurately well with eloquence. We wouldn't even have to get as eloquent as you write.
    We are living in a time that is ripe to throw the despicable political Daleys out of OUR offices. Grass roots. Not just reform, but root-and-branch reform is called for today.

    - Carl Segvich ,
    Republican Committeeman, Chicago (11th ward)
    Nominee for Cook County Commissioner(11th dist)