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Fair Enough: U. S. Gave Tacit Approval to “Compassionate” Release for Lockerby Bomber—Report…Special Senate Election May be Essential…Loyola, Ignatius Preps Here Observed Gay Day of Silence.

       Feast of Sts. Joachim & Anne.*

                Let Him Stay in Scotland in “Compassion”: State Department 
      The U. S. government urged Scottish ministers that it would be “far preferable” to free the Lockerbie bomber and allow him to live in Scotland rather than in Libya reported The Daily Australian quoting the Australian newspaper The Sunday Times—contradicting a statement by President Obama that “all Americans were surprised and angry” when the bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was released to Libya because he was at death’s door with advanced prostate cancer and had only three months to live.  After he was released, a doctor in Libya said he can live for a long time: meaning the pretext of the release was a hoax.  And the soft underbelly of the U. S. State Department under Obama technically agreed but wanted him to stay in Scotland.  The report was quoted in the Drudge Report last night.  
       A letter to that effect was written and signed by the deputy head of mission at the London U. S. embassy, Richard LeBaron.  It was sent to the Scottish First Minister.  Its release has been fought by the Obama State Department which has maintained that the memo should be treated as confidential to protect the integrity of communications between the U. S. and other nations.  But the memo from LeBaron says flatly that if the bomber must be released “from Scottish custody the U. S. position is that conditional release on compassionate grounds would be far preferable to prisoner transfer which we oppose.”  
      This memo from an Obama State Department official changed the decade-old agreement between Britain and the U. S. that anyone convicted of the bombing would serve that sentence in a Scottish prison.   That soft-headedness really rubs it in for the families of the 243 whose loved ones  flying in a Boeing 747 were blown out of the sky over Lockerbie Dec. 21, 1988 on a flight from Heathrow (London) to JFK International in New York.  On January 31, 2001 Abdel Bastel al-Megrahi was found guilty and sentenced to 27 years in prison in Scotland.  He was released by the Scottish Justice secretary on compassionate grounds…grounds Obama seemingly opposed but which his State Department gave a tacit “o.k” to via the memo from LeBaron.     
          If this doesn’t become a major issue in the 2010 campaign I’ll be surprised. 
                          Special Senate Election May be Essential. 
           At first I was vexed at the folderol and expense to taxpayers surrounding the possibility of a special U. S. Senate election which would elect an Illinois Senator to complete the Obama term by serving from election day Nov. 2, 2010 until the date of the next term’s inauguration in January, 2011…but last night on the radio Chicago Daily Observer president John Powers pointed out that a chance for a Republican senator is paramount to block what may well be a last-ditch attempt by the Dems to use a lame-duck session to ram further liberal legislation to passage.
            I agree.  Good thinking, John.  I hadn’t considered that possibility.  
              Day of Silence Adhered to by Loyola and Ignatius: Report.
          Catholic parents who dig deep into their cash reserves to pay for expensive, supposedly “Catholic,” education for their kids at top drawer schools as Loyola and Ignatius prep in Chicago may not be aware of the fact that both schools participated in the “Day of Silence” dinged up by gay advocates under the leadership of GLSEN the Gay, Lesbian and Straight [sic] Education Network last April 16. The event is a slick attempt to use public and parochial education to propagandize the nation’s children on the nature of homosexuality…rendering any objection as akin to hate speech by bigots.  Smart and duplicitous idea which was started by Kevin Jennings, gay activist and founder of GLSEN.  He’s Obama’s assistant deputy secretary for…get this…Safe and Drug-Free Schools.  
              Kicking to the schools for sponsoring it won’t work as the brilliant gay-rights strategists manipulate it to the point where the Day of Silence is ostensibly promoted by the students—but you can bet gay instructors are savvy to the ploy.  GLSEN says it is designed to “end bullying of gay students.”  What it actually does is to affirm gay rights in the impressionable young minds of students along the same lines as civil rights.  Clever huh?
           Slick and duplicitous, the campaign is endorsed by the National Education Association, the American Library Association, the chairman of the University of Illinois Music Education, the National Council of Teachers of English, the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance [sic]  and the hardy left-wing perennial the Southern Poverty Law Center. Student participants remain silent in classes on the day of observance and don’t respond to academic questions. 
           It’s no good to protest to public  school administrators because they will say that their schools do not officially endorse or promote the Day of Silence because technically it is promoted by students (but don’t be so naïve as not to believe that pro-gay and gay teachers aren’t behind it and snuffling with laughter up their sleeves). 
         But for Catholics there is a 2000 year history of opposition to homosexual practice and advocacy. The Church teaches that homosexual advocacy and practice is in moral contradiction to the purpose of  sexual activity which is God-given…the self-giving of two married persons cooperating with the Creator to transmit human life.  The answer is to insist that the Catholic school administrators not tolerate the student-led practice because it is at serious moral variance with Catholic theology and philosophy.  Don’t believe for a moment that these school administrators don’t know what you’re talking about. They know and either support or shrug their shoulders at the stratagem that promotes gradualism. Today kids will be taught how awful it is to discriminate against gay people; tomorrow there’ll be the beginning of a “Tolerance” course to accept the practices as normal, under the lie of a pseudo-science that homosexuality is neither pathological nor reversible.  
          The thing to do when this next occurs…and it comes around once a month…is to keep your kids out of school for that day.  Then it’s my advice for you in company of other parents raise holy hell with the flaccid weaklings who run these institutions.  Tell them you’re going to pull your kids out, you’re going to protest.  They have the responsibility to protect your kids from insidious influences, not to turn their backs while liberal Dem advocates pervert Catholic dogma and theology.  
      *: Saints Joachim & Ann, parents of the Blessed Mother. Absolutely nothing firm is known about them and I’m not going to burden you with apocryphal tales which are pietistic but which has no basis in historic or scriptural fact…such as they were wealthy, couldn’t have children for a long time and that they tithed 10%.  All this stuff has filtered down through the ages.  But they were the parents of the Blessed Mother and that’s definitely all we know.

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