Friday, June 4, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: The Vatican Ought to Keep Its Nose Out of Arizona and Gaza. Doesn’t It Have Enough to Do?

   Feast of St. Francis Caracciolo*  
                                        EPA Edict.
       So the Environmental Protection Agency has ordered Chicago to so purify the Chicago River that people can swim in it.   Daley was exactly right to cite the Potomac River in EPA’s backyard.  I don’t think anybody ever wanted or needed to swim in the Chicago River since industrialization took over in the mid-19th century.  Certainly it’s much cleaner than it was 70 years ago.  Why would anybody want to swim in it now? Lake Michigan is far to be preferred.   
                                         Church and State. 
        A high Vatican source has condemned the Arizona immigration law.  Until the Vatican gets its act together to put a lid on Lavender Priests and Bishops abusing children, it has no credibility with me on issues that do not bear on faith and morals.  
        The same goes for Cardinal Renato Martino’s censure of Israel in the flotilla landing. Martino was right on when he criticized the Terri Schiavo matter…but is seriously intruding in the foreign policy of nations when he goes on like this.   The Israel blockade of Gaza is both legal and rational.  And it is certainly not the province of Martino or the Vatican to take sides on it.  
                                         Mark Kirk. 
        I don’t think the hubbub over Mark Kirk’s service record is going to hurt him.  Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal did the same thing and in checking his popularity, I find he’s 30 points ahead of his Republican rival for U. S. Senator from Connecticut.  
                                        The Obama Aura.  
          I’ve tried to catalog the reasons why I believe Barack Obama is the worst president we’ve had in U. S. history…and the record is far from complete yet.  But one I have ignored is that this man has not run so much as a candy store in his life which has been shown plainly in his failure to put his arms around the tragedy of the oil-drenched Gulf.  A state senator and a U.S. senator where he was absent much of the time running for the presidency.  The White House is obviously in chaos.  It is clear what America bought in him was a smooth drawing room sophistication which charms it because Obama appears to be cultured, suave as well as black.
      His drawing room aura hides woeful ignorance…of history and the law.  He is the composite Freddie, the foppish gentleman in “My Fair Lady” with perfect manners but zero ability beyond that of reading from a Teleprompter.   Those who say he is deep and an intellectual have been fooling themselves. There is very good reason why his school papers are hidden from view as well as his other writings…apart from the two autobiographies he is purported to have written.  There are none which can be examined critically because he is a hollow drum.   
         Thus the Obama phenomenon .bears all the earmarks of fraud. The rhetorical flourishes in these books, especially the first one, bear unmistakable flourishes of Bill Ayres’ style.  But the establishment media has so heavily invested in this mythology that they dare not…and will not… allow the truth to be told.  It is a case of willful delusion.    But the truth will be told when this generation of media savants gives way to a new generation.  
             Some day we will find out more when the shroud of mystery is withdrawn which has covered his life.  And we will find that we have been taken…taken by the media which has forsaken its role to examine candidacies—because they have deluded themselves in thinking they have a Sidney Poitier.  It is the same case that happened with John Edwards. CBS’s Bob Schieffer, the pompous liberal lefty establishmentarian media baron, refused to consider the looming Edwards scandal. And at his direction, others followed suit. 
           For which he should be censured and fired for journalistic malpractice. It took a somewhat disreputable publication, The National Enquirer, to run the truth down.  Likewise it will take some media organ…far from establishmentarian…to run the truth down about the glaring fraud that is Barack Obama.
         St. Francis Caracciolo* [1563-1608]. He was born of noble parentage (as many saints have been, have they not?) at Villa Santa Maria, Abruzzi, Italy.  He was cured of a serious ailment as a young man and in fulfillment of a pledge that if cured he would devote his life to God, he studied for the priesthood at Naples and was ordained. He joined the Bianchi della Giustizia, a fraternity devoted to the care of prisoners.  Later he and others founded the Minor Clerks Regular devoting to ministering to the sick in hospitals as well as prisoners. They established a house in Naples and then in Spain. On the way back they were shipwrecked but were picked up by commercial fishermen.

        The Minor Clerks flourished and they were asked to take over Santa Maria Maggiore.  They expanded to Madrid, Valladolid and Alcala.  Francis served as superior, then was allowed to retire and become prior of Santa Maria Maggiore and master of novices. He died in Agnone where he had gone to establish a new monastery. He was canonized in 1807.




  1. That is a fine summation of the real Barack Obama, a storefront mannikin with a voice.

  2. Well, when the Holy Father was questioned about Gaza on his flight to Cyprus, he made the point that he and the Church were primarily concerned with religion, not politics. He also refused to be drawn into the conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, which has gone on for decades. But it appears that not everyone in the Vatican - and the hierarchy at large – has gotten the message.

    Similarly, regarding the abuse situation, he doesn’t take his lead from the secular media headlines or self-interested politicians. He calls for a return to the practice of religion – prayer, penance and receiving the Sacraments – while still pursuing justice for wrongs committed. He has also hit out at ‘careerism’ among the clergy – another message which has yet to sink in among assorted diocesan chanceries and the Curia itself.