Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Personal Asides: Election Views as of 11 Last Night…Rush: How Could You?

     Feast of St. Ephrem of Syria*     
                                       As of 11 Last Night…
                                        Lincoln uber Halter.
      Despite all the media howl that Arkansas’ Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln pulled out a squeaker when she had been consigned to the political grave, her demise has just been forestalled, that’s all.  My personal preference would have been Lt. Governor Bill Halter, so ultra-liberal…supported by and the liberal unions…that he would have been easier for Republicans to beat.  But it’ll be easier running against Lincoln for us than it would have been against Halter since Halter has no voting record and Lincoln has supported bailouts, bailouts, bailouts.  I think we just won in Arkansas. 
                                       Haley in a Runoff.
        In South Carolina where politics is almost always extra-special dirty with the untrue rumor that John McCain fathered a black child stemming from 2000 and the extra-marital affair…no rumor…conducted by the sitting governor with his lady love in Argentina…it was no surprise that the gutter-ball players tried to assassinate Nikki Haley the conservative Sikh-turned evangelical Christian who has the chance of becoming the first woman governor of the state.  Sarah Palin’s support of Haley was decisive and while Haley is ahead of her nearest opponent Rep. Graham Barrett, the two will be in a runoff.  The foul play here should engender a revenge tidal wave for Haley.  No sweat. 
         By the time I went to bed last night results weren’t tallied in sufficient numbers to identify a trend but it still looked like GOP  Gov. Jim Gibbons is history, defeated for re-nomination due to a tumultuous first term that included a messy divorce: good riddance.  I have to say my favorite to run against Harry Reid has been Sharron Angle instead of State GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden (with a thumbs down on Danny Tarkanian) but I would guess Angle will pull it out. Either Angle or Lowden can easily defeat Harry Reid which would make the November election significant if for no other reason. 
         It’s way too early for California to come in as I wind up the cat and put out the clock for the night but my bet is on Meg Whitman for governor against insurance commissioner Steve Poizner to oppose ex-Gov. Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, in November.  Also I’m rooting for Carly Fiorina over former U. S. Rep. Tom Campbell the son of a vehement Democrat in Chicago, the late Federal Judge William Campbell who was appointed by FDR.  Whoops! As I was writing this I see Meg Whitman has just been nominated.  Good deal!  Now I’ll keep on pulling for Carly.  
         Eloquent he is, brilliantly polarizing, smart as a whip but there’s some factor there that made him run through three wives. Now Rush Limbaugh has married and who did he pay $1 million to perform at his reception? Elton John!  Elton John was treated for serious cocaine addiction years ago at Lutheran General here.  He’s a very questionable entertainer for a guy who has been stalwart on most conservative issues. Also having those two gargoyles Mary Matalin and old Serpent Head, James Carville as “close friends.” How those two can stay married if, in fact, they believe what the polarizing sides they’ve been pushing is beyond me. I believe they’ve got to be fake. 
       Your choice of Elton John makes me think you, too, are fake, Mr. Limbaugh.  Show me I’m wrong.  
      *: St. Ephrem of Syria [306-373]. A native of Mesopotamia, he was baptized in 324 at Nisibis and was educated at the cathedral school there of which he later became head. After the Persians captured the city, he became a monk and hermit living in a cave near Edessa.  There he wrote exegetical works and hymns which were later incorporated into the liturgy and translate into several languages. In 370 he visited Gregory of Nuyssa who wrote widely of his praise. In 372 he organized alms to victims of famine and died soon afterward in his cave.  His voluminous works, still extant, earned him the title of Doctor of the Church. 

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