Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Personal Asides: Conservatives Rout Opponents in South Carolina…Obama Move to Thwart Opinion on Drilling, Arizona and Amnesty? More.

  Vigil of Saint John the Baptist.* 
                                         Conservatives Rout.
        If there was any doubt of a conservative resurgence and a Tea Party revolution, it was blown away by the results from South Carolina.  Here’s a state that’s supposed to be staid and fusty…nominating by acclaim—in vote totals that presage almost certain election…Nikki Haley a beauteous 38-year-old Indian American, former Sikh who embraced Christianity…as the likely first woman governor of the state.  
        Her likely election could well make her a vice presidential hopeful in 2012 but if that’s too ambitious, certainly a media superstar roughly proportionate to Sarah Palin.   She defeated nominally conservative…but as it turned out, not conservative enough…Rep. Gresham Barrett, a 4-term congressman who’s been in hot water with voters for supporting the unpopular Wall Street bailout.   Haley’s victory came with a landslide momentum: 65% to 38%.   
        In a fitting nose thumb to politically correct  liberals who conservatives to apologize for history that occurred more than a century earlier, Haley announced her victory party will be held at…get this… 
         The South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum. 
        I love it.
         And lest this be interpreted as a rising of the old segregationist South, the Republicans nominated a 44-year-old African American Tim Scott to become the first GOP congressman for the state in more than 100 years.  More interestingly, Scott defeated Strom Thurmond’s kid, Paul, whom the late 100 year old crustacean tried to push for job after job including U. S. Attorney.  Scott will face a black Democratic nominee Ben Frasier in a district which is about 72% Republican.  
         Another supporter of bailout lost heavily, Republican Rep. Bob Inglis was crushed by prosecutor Trey Gowdy.  He was the 5th congressional incumbent to be toppled.
                         How Long Will Obama Thwart Public Opinion?
           As the election returns were rolling in validating a conservative restoration in the country, the Obama administration… 
           …(1) rebuffed by a federal court which overruled its drilling ban…is getting the Secretary of the Interior to order the ban while it fights its way through the Courts… 
            …(2) is holding up an earlier presidential pledge to send 5,000 national guardsmen to Arizona to fight the deadly wave of illegals fortified with drug dealers and kidnappers.  Why the delay?  Arizona Sen. John Kyle says Obama told him that it’ll be a political swap: the troops come if a “comprehensive immigration bill” is approved.  This Obama denies.  But where are the troops he promised? 
             …(3) is rumored to be considering granting amnesty to 10 million illegals by executive order. If this is done, there will be a state of civil war between the legislative and executive unrivaled since the days of Richard Nixon and touching as well on the battle over the Tenure of Office Act between Andrew Johnson and the Congress.  
                          The Fight Between McChrystal and Obama. 
            There is no gainsaying that General Stanley McChrystal was wrong in publicly criticizing the Commander-in-Chief and administration figures anent the war in Afghanistan.  There are no two ways of looking at it. A general is supposed to defer to civilian leadership and if he cannot do it, he should resign.   
               Accordingly there is every likelihood that he will bring a letter of resignation to Obama today.   I would hope Obama would make no bones about stressing that McCrystal was wrong…but that he would refuse to accept the resignation basis the danger of changing commanders at this time in a crucial war.  
              After all, Obama named McChrystal to his post after removing Gen. George Casey from the post.     
    *: Vigil of Saint John the Baptist.  This is the Vigil of, and tomorrow is the Feast of the birth of, John the Baptist. The son of Zachariah and Elizabeth he was a few months older than Jesus and destined to become His forerunner.  He was an austere figure and was looked upon by the apostles as a kind of reincarnated Elijah preparing the way for the acceptance of the Lord. He lived an ascetic life in the Judaean desert, preparing himself for a ministry in the country around the Jordan. Jesus always spoke of him with reverence: “I tell you, of all the children born of women, there is no one greater than John.”  
         The common people treated him with reverence but the Pharisees and lawyers showed disdain for him and refused to be baptized but Jesus Himself submitted to being baptized by John. Herod Antipas imprisoned John for boldly denouncing his unlawful marriage to Herodias.  Using her daughter to trap Herod into promising her a reward, Herodias demanded and received the head of John the Baptist. 

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