Monday, May 24, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: Once More the Old-Old Routine ala Gun Confiscation. ...More.

  Our Lady Help of Christians*
                                   Paris and Toyious.   
       Prayer vigils, marches, oracular speeches by charismatic preachers, bouquets placed tenderly in front of houses, collections of guns at $75 apiece which include some World War I style rifles with bayonets. And then there’s the red-faced Daley, jowls waggling, trying to change the subject of law enforcement impotence by continuing to placate civil libertarians by opposing the death penalty and implying that inanimate objects like guns go off by themselves…thus freeing everyone from guilt.  And the continued cataloging of intriguing first names to killers…Paris and Toyious 
       Not to forget the routine tantrum struck up by Daley who painfully sought to change the subject of why gun confiscation isn’t working by playing to the pit and playfully offering to shove a rifle up a newsman’s posterior orifice.  But the names Paris and Toyious stick with me.  Someone…evidently their mothers (or more likely grandmothers)…searched far and wide to find these names—names that are rarely if ever heard. I’ve got to thinkToyious was made up. Was Paris McGee named after the capital of France or the Greek mythological figure?  And then there’s Toyious Taylor.  
        Toyious Taylor.  Perhaps if their mothers and/or grandmothers (they obviously have missing fathers…sperm donors…since that’s the sad story of poverty that media won’t really explore because of political correctness) had spent as much time cherishing their uniqueness as human beings as they did searching for intriguing first names—before they sent them out to run the streets—a lot of people would be better off and some would be alive today.   Paris McGee.  Toyious Taylor.    
       Did you ever hear the name Toyious before for either man or woman?  Let me know.         
                                   Don’t Cite Hawaii-Please.    
     The bald, almost unutterable truth is that the national Republican leadership is flagging and failing to take advantage of a hot anti-Democratic mood in the nation.  While the party won the first district of Hawaii over the weekend, the unpalatable truth is that the winner, Charles Djou, got less than 40% of the vote and his Democratic challengers racked up 58%.  We’ll see what happens when Djou has to confront a single Democratic challenger in November. 
       I sound like a pessimist but it’s time for realism. While the GOP has done well in governors’ races and senate contests, insiders know that the victories in Virginia and New Jersey governorships are due largely to Gov. Haley Barbour, the brilliant governor of Mississippi who was a very successful RNC chairman.  Scott Brown won his own victory in Massachusetts without much help from the Republican Senatorial Campaign committee until the latter part of the campaign.   
        The first failure for the Republicans was New York 23. For the Republicans to have lost New York 23 on Nov. 3, 2009 was due to crass ineptitude.  The district had been in Republican hands congressionally for the most part since 1873.  The party convened in a motel lunchroom and nominated a very liberal GOP woman state lawmaker who was sadly out of touch with the party.  She was Diedre Scozzafava who supported same-sex marriage, federal funding for abortion and the Democrats’ favored card-check organizing for unions.  Her husband was a solid Democratic and union organizer.  The mismanagement began locally but extended to Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), chairman of  the RNCC and Newt Gingrich of all people who advised the party that Scozzafava was the “realistic” choice. 
        Along came the New York Conservative party which nominated Doug Hoffman, a true conservative.  Three days before the election, Scozzafava dropped out and endorsed…you guessed it…the Democrat, Bill Owens. The results were: Owens (D) 49%, Hoffman, Republican-Conservative 45% and Scozzafava whose name was still on the ballot, 5%.   The defeat that shouldn’t have happened is due to Sessions and the inept lack of coordination from Michael Steele, the RNC chairman who was too busy getting on TV promoting Michael Steele for the future national ticket to run an effective RNC.  The failure was to listen to that prattling know-it-all Gingrich who bills himself as “the smartest man in the room” and Sessions with Steele bumbling along as usual. 
         The next failure for the Republicans was May 18, 2010 and Pennsylvania 12. This was the Jack Murtha seat. The Republicans ran a campaign featuring TV commercials attacking Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama neither of whom were on the ballot.  The Democratic candidate, a former aide to Murtha, campaigned on the issues—opposing ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, stressed that he was pro-life and hotly against tax increases. Who cares about Nancy Pelosi or Obama when the Democrat draws the line that strictly on the issues?  The Republicans poured $1 million into the race to no avail as the GOP candidate, Tim Burns got 45% to the Democrats’ Mark Critz’s 53%.   
         The answer: Michael Steele who has been tabbed as a poor manager and hyper-expensive RNC chairman…flying first class and ordering in the midst of a stiff recession a GOP winter meeting to be held in Hawaii…should be canned.  He is utterly no good for this role and was picked as a kind of affirmative action candidate to counter a black president which is ridiculous.  The sad thing is that the GOP can’t or won’t get rid of him because he’s black.  See—that’s what comes from playing the race game anyway.  
       Sessions is another stoop who should be dropped off a pier. He’s pointing to Hawaii 1 as an argument that he should stay but everyone knows Djou won because of division in the Democratic ranks which brings no great astuteness nor credit to Sessions and his committee.
           *:Our Lady Help of Christians. For some reason or other…don’t ask me to speculate about this new-fangled Internet stuff at age 81…the search engine I’ve been using to compile these bios is failing. Did you ever hear of that happening before?  I haven’t. If you have a solution write me at  All I know is that this title was invented by St. John Chrysostom.  When I hit the search engine, sure enough it identifies Chrysostom but when I press further, all disintegrate.  Weird.  Can you help or do I need an expensive technician to come in? H-e-l-p!

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