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Personal Asides: Pravda-Times’ Mark Brown—Just a Tad Away from MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer. More.

  Feast of St. Stanislaus of Cracow.* 
                        Contessa (the Beautiful) Brewer of MSNBC and… 
         You remember the beauteous and vapid Contessa Brewer, the female equivalent of Ted Baxter who anchors MSNBC…and what she said about the Times Square would-be bomber—that she was hoping he would not be from an Islamist country…and that she was kind of bummed out when she found out he is from Pakistan and was trained in Taliban terrorist camps.  To-wit: 
        “I mean the thing is is [sic] that and I get frustrated and there was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country because there are a lot of people who want to use this terrorist intent [sic] to justify writing off people who believe in a certain way or come from certain countries or whose skin color is a certain way. I mean they use it as justification for really outdated bigotry [sic]. 
     “And so there was a part of me was [sic] really hoping this would not be the case that here would be somebody who is not the defined [sic]. I mean he’s accused you know I don’t want to convict him before it’s time to do so. He’s the guy authorities say is involved. But that being said, I mean we know even in recent history you have the Hutaree militia from Michigan who have plans to let’s face it create terror. 
     “That’s what they were planning to do and they were doing so from far different backgrounds than what this guy is coming from. So, the threat is not just coming from people who decide that America is the place to be and you know come here and want to become citizens [sic]. Obviously this guy did.” 
        What we can deduce from this liberal stream-of-consciousness I guess is that she was hoping it would be a conservative white. Which fits the group-thought of a network featuring Nora O’Donnell and Chris (“hey! I feel a tingle up my leg!”) Matthews.  Other points: (1).   The final sentence in her first paragraph has to do with “really outdated bigotry.”  What is up-to-date bigotry?   I suggest up-to-date bigotry is the decision of Comedy Central owned by Sumner Redstone of Viacom to satirize Jesus Christ in a cartoon series since doing the same with Mohammad on his South Park would trigger violence.  
        Note to Catholic and Christian activists: This is sacrilege which should trigger demonstrations against Comedy Central and Redstone himself.  Do I hear anyone responding? This should at least be the equivalent of Tea Parties which rebel against spending and taxes. This is anti-Christian bigotry which they should not be allowed to get away with. Write me here!    
        (2).  Contessa evidently didn’t pay attention to the Michigan Judge who let the Hutarees out on bail, telling the prosecution that hate speech is still 1st amendment protected and that they better have something better than that for their case.  (3). She had been a news-reader for Don Imus but she got angry at him, telling Page Six of The New York Post he’s a cantankerous old fool who doesn’t know how to relate to “beautiful women.” 
        Beautiful she is—but ego-driven?  Barf!  
                               …Mark Brown of the Sun-Pravda. 
         Yesterday Mark Brown in the Sun-Pravda:  
If a similar bomb goes off in Chicago “…[w]hen that day comes and the bomb goes off, we’re going to have to keep our cool this time.  That means no jumping to conclusions about who is to blame or condemning an entire race or nationally or the followers of a particular religion if we learn the perpetrator fits that demographic…There’s a bad vibe in the country right now and while it’s currently most popular to direct the undercurrent of anger toward Mexicans and Barack Obama, there’s no doubt in my mind it would refocus very quickly on Arabs and Muslims if the opportunity presented itself.” 
      Interesting in view of the fact that the first speculation on the likelihood of the perpetrator came from New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg who told Katie Couric that probably the would-be terrorist was a guy who is mad at Obama-Care.  That was the first official suggestion.  It wouldn’t occur to Brown to condemn that baseless conjecture, would it?  
                    CBS 2 Chicago’s News Director is the Guy. 
         Yesterday I reproduced the statement from a CBS political coverage producer to Mark Kirk that for the first time in my memory usurped the role of a covering agent of news by telling Kirk to lay off continuing blasts at Alexi Giannoulias’ family bank, saying “Alexi has been pilloried.” 
          That ignores the role of the media not to intrude itself into a campaign. If a media outlet doesn’t like a tone or feels one subject is being overworked in a campaign, it has the right to toss the news releases away.  The idea that the media should intercede on behalf of a candidate…as it did in behalf of Giannoulias…is highly unethical.   
        But later on along comes the stolid defender of Democratic party virtues and supporter of tax hikes, The Capitol Fax (which although invaluable from a fact standpoint likes to put its thumb on the scale in behalf of Democrats).  The Capitol Fax interviewed CBS-2’s News Director, one Jeff Kiernan, who tried to clear up the mess created by the producer but only succeeded in reaffirming the station’s intrusion into advocating what the Senatorial campaign should be discussing.  Again: If Kiernan or anyone else at 2 doesn’t like repetitive news releases, they have the option of ignoring them—not weighing in with blubbering about poor “Alexi’s being pilloried!”  
           Kiernan told this to the faithfully transcribing Capitol Fax. It starts off with a harummph of dignity:  
          “Anyone who characterizes our position as a refusal to cover the Kirk campaign or Giannoulias campaign is not only wrong but recklessly and purposefully wrong!” 
          I see. Meaning that if you criticize Channel 2 for telling Kirk he’s talked too much about Broadway Bank to the detriment of poor Alexi being pilloried, you are… recklessly and purposefully wrong.  How about: heedlessly, rashly  brashly,  congenitally anarchically, deranged, addlebrained, riotously wrong? 
        Kiernan continues:  
         “…however we refuse to let the candidates and their managers reduce a U. S. Senate campaign to a single issue and one that I will affirmatively tell you we have consistently reported on and will continue to do so—but we will also aggressively challenge the candidates to talk about other substantive and critically important issues facing the citizens of Illinois and the United States.” 
         Harummph!  So there! I want to tell you: when a news medium feels it important to do more than report the news or not report it…but to lecture candidates on what topics to talk about…it is usurpative and veering close to the liberal fascism that places the news agency in a dominant role.  Again—if the candidates are vapid or concentrate on one issue, television has the right and the obligation to skip the coverage. Already Channel 2 has the self-proclaimed little Pontiff and arbiter of social rectitude Skippy Jacobson telling Kirk in his commentary that he is overdoing it with the Broadway Bank.  Now the News Director has laid down this fiat!   
            Outrageous. And if he gets tired of one or another candidate running for governor harping on no tax increases and cutting spending, will he issue a similar fiat?  Believe me, the fact that Kiernan once worked for Republican Comptroller Loleta Didrickson and cancelled the office’s Capitol Fax subscription cuts no ice with me…nor should it anyone else: beside the point.  
        *: St. Stanislaus of Cracow [AD 1030-1079]. (Note: This is not St. Stanislaus Kosta [1550-68]. . Stanislaus Szczepanowski who became bishop of Cracow and was martyred while saying Mass near there,  is honored as the principal patron of Poland whose relics are preserved in Cracow’s cathedral. He was educated at Gnesen and was such a bright and articulate scholar that immediately after his ordination, Cracow’s bishop gave him a canonry at the cathedral and subsequently appointed Stanislaus as his preacher and archdeacon. At the bishop’s death the congregation sought to elect him bishop (as this was then the practice).  Stanislaus refused until he was ordered to take the post by Pope Alexander II.  
          He proved himself exactly what everyone expected: a zealous apostle, eloquent in preaching, strict in maintaining discipline and an especial patron of the poor. Poland was ruled at that time by King Boleslaus II who was a prisoner of his unbridled lust and savage cruelty.  Stanislaus remonstrated with him; at first the king appeared to listen and show some repentance—but not long afterward the effects of the admonition wore off and he lapsed into his evil ways.  The denouement came when a noble of his court had a wife who was very beautiful who caught the eye of Boleslaus.  She repelled his advances but he had her carried off by forced and lodged in his palace.  The Polish nobles, frightened for their lives at antagonizing the king, went to Bishop Stanislaus.   
         Stanislaus had true grit such as few bishops show these days or even in the past. He went to the palace, got hold of Boleslaus and told him flat out that he was engaged in mortal sin and that if he did not let her go and change his ways immediately, he—Stanislaus—would excommunicate the king. Boleslaus shouted that a man who would address his sovereign in such terms was more fit to be a swineherder than a shepherd of souls and cut short the interview with threats.  Then Boleslaus resolved to trump up a case against Stanislaus.  Stanislaus had purchased some land for the cathedral from a man who died soon after the transaction.  
           Boleslaus inveigled the dead man’s relatives to allege that the deceased had not been paid.   The relatives with that fictitious case followed the pretense of “appealing” to Boleslaus. Boleslaus in the role of a judge heard their case and forbade any contrary testimony from Stanislaus. The case was so trumped up that Stanislaus seized the initiative and excommunicated Boleslaus.  In a rage, Boleslaus went to Mass the following Sunday but was told that his presence was not welcome and that the Mass would not be celebrated so long as he stayed in the Cathedral.   
          In a white rage of fury Boleslaus and his troops ran through the Cathedral trying to find Stanislaus. Not finding him there, they discovered him celebrating Mass in a little chapel outside the city, the chapel of Saint Michael.  Boleslaus ordered his guards to slay Stanislaus as he said Mass—but the guards desisted. They could not bring themselves to do it. So Boleslaus killed the bishop with his own sword.  He ordered the guards to cut the body into small pieces and scatter them in the fields to be devoured by birds of prey.  This the timid guards did. There was the threat of rebellion by the people against Boleslaus for this act—but the rebellion did not come off. 
          Pope St. Gregory VII put Poland under an interdict which lasted until Boleslaus fell from power.  Some revisionist historians in league the Boleslaus maintained Stanislaus was a traitor to his country because he sought to dethrone Boleslaus but that theory soon died. Two centuries later, Stanislaus  was canonized by Pope Innocent IV.  

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