Friday, May 14, 2010

Personal Asides: Holder Hadn’t Read the Arizona Law He Criticized on “Meet the Press” Last Sunday. More.

 Feast of Saint Matthias*
                      Lefty Minds Operating on Auto-Pilot. 
             I watched many congressional hearings in my time starting when I was a House staff aide in 1958…including some in which I testified myself as an assistant Commerce secretary in 169-71…but I must say I have never seen anything so embarrassing as the admission from Attorney General Eric Holder that despite his condemnation of the Arizona immigration  law on “Meet the Press” last Sunday he had not read the 10-page law—and indeed still had not read it by yesterday morning (Thursday) when he was asked directly if he had by a congressman. 
           It is an index of left-wing prejudice that one can go on a national panel show and say fearlessly that “the Arizona law has the possibility of leading to racial profiling,” that passage of the law he had not read was “unfortunate” and questioned its constitutionality charging that it usurped powers reserved for the federal government.  Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) said tersely, “It’s hard for me to understand how you would have concerns about something being unconstitutional if you haven’t read the law.” He added that the national health care law exceeds 2,000 pages but this consumes merely ten.  
            That same mindset led the oh-so-exalted-journalist Linda Greenhouse to do an Op Ed against it in The New York Times using an outdated version of the bill—and if there was an apology either by Greenhouse or The Times whose editors prejudicially agreed with her and didn’t check the details, I have not read it.  Instead Greenhouse filed yet another liberal Op Ed on legal matters…which she supposedly knows something about (although you could fool me).   
                       Holy Smoke, Batman, They’re Using Holy Name! 
        Along the same lines, there was the appropriation of Holy Name Cathedral…we can hope it was a conference room not the church proper… yesterday for a “protest” of the Arizona immigration law…the “protest” recycling the same-old, same-old stuff that Holder had used—racial profiling. This was written by the Tribune’s will-`o-the-wisp “Seeker,” nihilistic liberal touchy-feely “religion correspondent” Manya Brachear. 
          She dutifully did stenography on the charges made by the Rev. Larry Dowling, pastor of St. Agatha’s, for “Priests for Justice for Immigrants and Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants.”  In the body of her story, Brachear wrote that the law “makes it a state crime to lack immigration paperwork and requires police to determine whether people they are stop in the country legally”—failing to state that it accords with time-tested federal law to that effect…and failing to mention that the investigation would necessarily follow against one who would be stopped on a non-associated charge.  This is the same “seeker” who imbibed the sucker yarn after the Dan McCormack case that the Chancellor would see that things are hunky-dory again—when by the organization chart,  Chancellor always was listed as a prime officer anyhow.  
            Fr. Dowling had a nicely balanced statement which he made at the news conference held at the Cathedral: “We stand in solidarity with all those people in Arizona both citizens and those who deserve a path to citizenship, in opposition to this legislation which has its roots in white supremacist ideology.  We feel that the passage of this bill reflects a narrow-minded, xenophobic and racist attitude toward people of color, especially those of Latino ethnic backgrounds.”  Tell that to the 57% majority of Americans and the 78% of Arizonans…white supremacists all according to Fr. Dowling… who have seen Phoenix become the second murder and kidnapping capital of the world after Mexico City.  
          Adding his poignant case experiences at the conference, Auxiliary Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller described a two-hour detention at Midway Airport several years ago when he returned from Guadalajara and had stories about his being stopped for “questionable” traffic errors in the Chicago area.  Obviously by white racists.  
           It would be interesting to see how sanctioned Holy Name Cathedral as the launching pad for this Democratic party. left-wing propaganda blast—but it would be unprofitable.  Everyone at the chancery would form a circle and point to everybody else which was the case two years ago when then Sen. Hillary Clinton who was then running for the Democratic nomination for president just somehow…how it happened nobody really knows…got invited to speak at a fund-raiser for The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.  Just happened, that’s all.  You know how it is. 
        Yes, we know how it is.  Anyhow the Tribune’s “Seeker” Manya Brachear swallowed it all hook-line-and-sinker with nary a line correcting the misstatements about the Arizona law. 
        After all…misstating the facts to a gullible journalist who doesn’t correct them…elucidating how you’re discriminated against even when you’re an auxiliary bishop by being stopped by traffic cops…that’s the essence of  Social Justice, is it not?  
                                 Bill Brady Still Leads Pat Quinn… 
       …although I don’t know how long since Brady is flailing and flip-flopping every day endemic of the fact that has been going `round every time he runs for state office that he pulls out un-thought-through opinions from his hip-pocket and has to apologize or clarify them in the next go-round.  For which we have good old Jim Ryan to thank, the former board member of Ralph Martire’s pro-tax Center for Tax and Budget Accountability.  Ryan had long since turned to the Left as AG, supporting gay rights and curtailed gun control but ran a kind of decoy campaign based on his name that tossed the gubernatorial campaign into limbo before disappearing one hopes forever. 
          Pat Quinn is so repudiated by nature of his flabby, indecisive governance that Brady can still beat him and be a successful governor…but for God’s sake somebody has to hire a researcher and sit down with the candidate and get his squared away so at least one week can go by without embarrassing contradictions and clarifications.   
   *: Saint Matthias [1st Century].  When Judas committed suicide, the 11 apostles were faced with the task of appointing a successor. The qualifications were (a) to have been a follower of Christ from His baptism to Ascension and (b) a witness to the Resurrection. The choice was between two—Joseph Barsabas and Matthias.  Matthias was chosen by lot. Along with the other apostles, he received the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  Legend takes over after this but what is known definitely is that he preached first in Judea, then Cappadocia and near the Caspian Sea.  We know he was martyred and that his relics were moved by the indefatigable Saint Helena from Jerusalem to Rome.

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