Thursday, May 20, 2010

Personal Aside: Am I Crazy Or Is Obama Helping Us Defeat Him in 2012?

 Feast of…sorry I goofed. Today is the feast of  Bernardina of Siena (whose story I wrote up yesterday).  We’ll take a saints’ day off today.  
                                  Help Me Figure It Out.
          The president of the United States stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the president of Mexico and attacks the state of Arizona for passing an immigration law in response to no action for a national immigration law which has ranked far down the U.S. president’s priority list. 
          Now I ask you: Is this smart politics?  Or what?  Does he really think there’s that strong a Lefty movement in this country after the disillusionment thus far with his time in office? Phoenix ranks second in the world on kidnapping because of an influx of illegals.  Obama attacks the Arizona law which he says encourages racial profiling—but the Arizona law duplicates the federal law in most particulars.  Two of his top cabinet officers have admitted that they shot the bolt against the law without reading it—Attorney General Erick Holder and Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano.  No one has asked if Obama has read it.  
         And now at a time when a heavy majority of the U. S. favors the Arizona law…in the face of all these things—when Obama himself has not been able to avoid charges that he is a 3rd Worlder who has criticized and apologized for the United States throughout the world…in the face of photos taken on his foreign travels showing him bowing deferentially…almost in an inverted U…to foreign potentates…in the face of all these criticisms—with his numbers tumbling...with all these things going on what does he do? 
        He stands out front of the White House with the President of Mexico and lambastes a state that is desperately trying to curb the tsunami invasion of its borders.   
         My question is: Is this guy so Far Left, so diametrically obtuse to political realities here at home that he is once again siding with critics of America the day after he and his party have taken a belting in the elections—the question being: Does he know what the hell he is doing to himself and his party—or what? Or does he care?  
          I almost think he is working in league with the Republican National Committee in churning out weird photo ops for the GOP to capitalize on.  
           I ask this seriously: Is this his way of committing political suicide? There was a time in the Truman administration, in 1951, when the White House seemingly joined to help its enemies. The two-term limit amendment was ratified in 1951 and made an exception for Truman who was president when the ball started rolling for its passage. Truman had intermediaries in the field, looking at New Hampshire et al.  All the while, seemingly blissfully unaware, the White House was committing one terrible goof-up after another.   
        Corruption was rampant; the Kefauver committee was investigating the administration up one side and down the other; 161 employees of the Justice department were either pushed out the door to “resignation” or were fired outright for corruption. The assistant attorney general of the tax division was indicted for accepting favors.   
          It got so bad that the attorney general, J. Howard McGrath decided to hire a Simon pure special investigator to ferret out corruption. It worked out too well. The guy found so much corruption the AG fired him.  The heat came on the administration for firing the special prosecutor that Truman fired McGrath.  
         In the middle of this Truman wrote a letter to the music critic of The Washington Post which was so semi-literate that it was withheld by The Post out of decency, else the nation’s confidence in the presidency would be destroyed…Truman saying that because the guy’s review of his daughter’s singing was so bad he, Truman, wouldunman him, hit him below the belt and smash his testicles.   At the same time we were in an undeclared war in Korea—a war that the Congress didn’t even vote a resolution on as it has with Vietnam and twice with Iraq… but which declared by Truman as a “police action.”   He wrote a letter to the commandant of the Marines and charges “the Marines have installed a propaganda machine that is almost equal to Stalin’s.”  
        When the steel mills were involved in a strike, he arbitrarily seized them and forced them to operate—an act that was judged unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  Still determined to run for president in 1952, he joined the New Hampshire primary and got licked decisively by Estes Kefauver.  That decided it. Truman picked up his marbles and decided to retire.  
         My question is: Isn’t Obama behaving in a sub-rational way if he wants to run again for president?  Is it purposeful or doesn’t he understand that there’s a soft rage burning against usurpative government here.  
         Standing in the rose garden with the president of Mexico assailing Arizona is the worst thing he could do.  And as the media don’t understand what’s happening, he just keeps on doing. 
         Oh yes. Is the Arizona law racist?  Not to the average citizen interested in protecting our borders.  But Carol Marin has read the full text and, unsurprisingly, finds it is racist.   
         That’s why WTTW-TV is doing so well in its latest subscription drive.  Left-wingers like Marin who are front and center.   
          My thesis is this: Obama is so left-wing that he doesn’t have a clue as to the temper of the country.  He thinks blasting Arizona and making nice-nice with the president of Mexico is…hey…good for the Latino vote. Forget all else.  
           You tell me.

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  1. You described it far too logically.

    Logic is foreign to Lefties, Tom.

    IF he decides to remain in office, he's also doing all the right things: encouraging a war in the Middle East, accelerating national bankruptcy...

    All that's needed for a nice little dictatorship.