Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: This Just In—Quinn Names a Canoe Czar at $85,000 a Year!…More.

     Feast of Saints Basilissa and Anastasia, Martyrs.*
         The best reason to replace this guy is that he is a liberal incorrigible.  With the state in disastrous debt he named an old pal named Claude Walker as Canoe Czar to regulate the use of these little boats.  He’ll get $85,000 per annum.   Get the hook. 
           That duo of stupid cracks…that Nancy Pelosi is really “a nice person”…and Fox News twists everything…takes care of the eminent Dr. Tom Coburn for  me.  
      Give him the “Michael Steele award for Muddled Intellect.” In my book The Huck still holding firm despite that he let too many out of jail…Palin a no-no (I can’t imagine hearing that screeching for 4 years much less 8: but she’s perfect as a grassroots stirrer-up) …Romney will never, ever untangle Romney-Care with ObamaCare…Mitch Daniels still attractive. Very.  
      The new guys, not the old ones, are the way to go: Daniels, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, et al.   Gingrich?  He’s okay if you have a short memory of how he botched up the Speakership—and his wives before his sudden…Damascus-like…conversion to Catholicism.  
         Ron Paul has had some lucid moments recently. One of those came at during his address to the southern Republican conference when he declared… 
            Obama isn’t a socialist but a “corporatist.” There he’s totally right.   What we have now is the federal government owning just under 50% of the private economy: and if that isn’t corporatism I don’t know what is.  Socialism is the takeover of industry; corporatism is the “investment” of government in industry such as the auto bailouts, the big bank bailouts.  
        A pioneer of this kind of thing was FDR’s Rexford Tugwell whom I knew well (he guest lectured for me at the Wharton School). Tugwell went to Italy to interview Benito Mussolini, an ace corporatist, came back and  designed the NRA whereby big business would cooperate with each other in a government-tailored design to reach markets without cumbersome and what some liberals say is “wasteful economic competition.”    
            Now if somebody could disabuse Paul of crusading to end the CIA and pull all the troops out of Iraq immediately…as well as scotching all the drug laws…he might do pretty well.  But there’s always that old reminder of what he said in the presidential debates of 2008…that we deserve what we get…including 9/11…by being so close to Israel. Ron: The Muslims want to convert us by the sword, why can’t you get that through your thick head? Israel, our rotten culture, are side-issues.  
              To me he’ll always be that crazy uncle you want to keep hidden in the attic when friends come over.    
             His kid Rand wouldn’t be too bad for Kentucky senator: you have to have some kind of libertarian around—and you do.  
             The Vatican secretary of state has said there’s a direct link in his mind between gays…meaning Lavender Priests and pedophilia.  For which he is being excoriated by the usual suspects: media, gay rights politicians et al. And oh yes certain “Catholic publications.” Right on Bertone.  
                                          Vatican Roulette. 
           You’ll never convince me that Benedict XVI is in charge of things at the Vatican until they do something about L’Osservatore Romano, the “semi-official” newspaper of the Vatican which is misleading readers daily.  Either sever all connections with it…fire the editor and make it the official newspaper…or ditch any idea that there is an official or unofficial newspaper. This nonsense of having a “semi-official” paper that publishes views on brain-death contrary to Catholic theology and lists the top 10 rock albums is ridiculous.  
            In fact it should be a test. If the Vatican can’t get its act together on this, it’s an index of how efficacious it is on other more important things. How many cardinals, archbishops, bishops and monsignori does it take to change a light bulb there in the sancto sanctorum anyhow? 
                             No, Edgar Didn’t Blast Brady Again. 
           …but I thought so at first when I read yesterday AM. It was just a recycled story of the same speech he gave… with some quotes that weren’t contained in the original article: courtesy of the pro-tax-hike blog that wants to stir up support for higher taxes.  
             The blog is big on promoting stories like Zorn’s who is worried that Quinn may not win.  Gee! Quinn doesn’t have a campaign manager yet…what gives?  He’s gonna lose unless he does something quick!  
                               Florida’s 19th  District. 
             The lopsided victory of Democrat Ted Deutch over Republican Ed Lynch—62% to 35%--in one of the most Jewish congressional districts in the country…Palm  Beach and Broward counties in Florida…certifies that what Norman Podhoretz wrote in “Why Are Jews Liberals?” is true: Wealthy, largely non-observant Jews for the most part are followers of the second Torah:  scotching all vestiges of their immigrant past… embracing all the fundamentals of liberaldom…increase in minimum wage…ban gay bias in the workplace…against repeal of the D.C. gun control law…favoring withdrawing troops from Iraq…with very little interest in Israel, national defense… or other issues that middle-class Jews are interested in.  
                              Channel 2 Tunes in the Past. 
              Just when CBS-TV channel 2 seemed to spurt up and grab some higher ratings they (a) fired Anne Stake the brilliant TV anchor and (b) retained for some reason known only to God that hoary relic of the `60s past, cliché-laden liberal Walter Jacobson as a commentator. I’ll forgive him for being old (at 81 what else can I do?) but he’s had nary a new idea since he was last on in the `70s. God help us. 
*: Saints Basilissa and Anastasia. [Circa AD 65]. These were two Roman matrons who were converted to Catholicism by the teachings of St. Peter and St. Paul. After the two were martyred, the two holy women removed their bodies by night and saw that they were honorably buried. Their actions were discovered by Roman authorities and the two were thrown into prison.  When they were brought before the tribunal of the Emperor Nero, they fearlessly acknowledged their religion.  He ordered them to be cruelly mutilated and beheaded—which they were.              

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