Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: Go Ahead—Put Her Old Man’s Bow-Tie on and They’ll Never Tell the Difference. More. ...

                                  Holy Thursday*
            Put Sheila in a Bow-Tie and They’ll Think Paul’s Back. 
            As my good correspondent-friend Sean O’Kane (wonderful political name) says, the Dems won’t be fully happy until they put a bow-tie on Sheila Simon. I agree. Already fitted with horn-rimmed glasses, add the bow-tie she’d be a spitting image of the ultra-liberal old man (unfortunately). So liberals: on with the bow-tie —make it enduring.  
                                    Paul Simon Loved Humanity. 
             Speaking of the sainted deceased Paul, after Simon decided not to run again in 1996, he left his Senate staff high and dry, not lifting a finger to help them find jobs. Which led to the remark from one of them:  
            “Paul Simon loves humanity. It’s people he can’t stand! 
                    Sun-Times Tells You What TV News to Watch. 
           The height of dinosaur media arrogance came yesterday with an editorial…an editorial believe it or not…from the tabloid Daily Pravda-Sun-Times. The editorial instructed us to get our news first from CNN because Fox which leads the ratings is an arm of the Republican party.  Now digest that for a moment.  
             “Getting news from an outlet that largely panders to one point of view—right, left or whatever—may be self-validating but it’s not a recipe for wise civic participation,” the editorial loftily declared. 
             You could almost hear it whisper: The time may come when we will require mandatory liberal newspaper reading just as we have required health insurance. 
            Can you imagine that the ceiling didn’t fall in on the slavish purveyor of lefty commentary, the editorial page editor, Tom McNamee when he wrote that drivel? 
            Here’s a paper that ridicules Fox for being biased but which touts the following lefties: Roger Ebert who thrills at the movie “Green Zone” which boosts the killing of our soldiers as justification for our international “guilt”…Neil Steinberg the wise-guy from Ohio who writes with a brackish Brooklyn accent against Catholicism, traditional religion of all kinds and prudential morals… 
            Carol Marin the so-called political columnist who deifies the late Studs Terkel and who if she had a conservative thought would suffer a cerebral hemorrhage…Richard Roeper the eternal youth columnist long in the tooth at 50 who prattles trendy liberal views…Lynn Sweet the stenographer-cosmetician for The Squid, explaining their deeds better than they can themselves…Mary Mitchell who sees whitey as the cause of black misfortunes…Rev. Jesse Jackson, a weekly columnist, who believes there should be a Marshall Plan for the cities…read Jackson’s supplier pals…on top of all the other money government spends…Mark Brown who groans with indecision but finally spins the liberal line…Sneed, the gossiper Blago could push anything on…preceded by George Ryan, jail bird who took her to Cuba with him when he was trying to taint his jury pool.   
           All these “counter-balanced” by economic…not social (we don’t want to go THAT far… conservative Steve Huntley. That’s all. 
       *: Holy Thursday.  Today marks the initiation of the Holy Eucharist and the institution of the sacerdotal priesthood, separate from the “priesthood of all believers.” It commemorates The Last Supper that Christ had with his disciples, a celebration of Passover. In Catholic rubric, Christ is the self-offered Passover Victim and every ordained priest presents this same sacrifice by the authority of Christ in exactly the same way.  The Last Supper was also Christ’s farewell to His disciples…some of whom would betray, desert or deny Him before the sun would rise again.  . 

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  1. I had no sympathy with Paul Simon's politics, but one thing about him greatly impressed me. In the early 90's I wrote many letters supportive of the 2nd Amendment to the President and Congress.

    Paul Simon replied personally to each letter I sent him. All the others sent form letter replies.