Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thought While Shaving: Edgar Would Rather Have Quinn than Brady—That’s Obvious…

                                                              Feast of St. Hermenegild, Martyr.*
            Rule or ruin has always been the slogan for the Republican half of the Combine. Look at what they did to Peter Fitzgerald.  
          And it’s clear that this is what motivates former Gov. Jim Edgar to diss Bill Brady in such a way as to have Edgar’s own words used as a campaign TV ad by Pat Quinn for his reelection.  First, Edgar was quoted as saying that he…Edgar…admires Quinn’s “courage” to advocate a tax increase.  
         Then Edgar said that Brady is short-sighted in recommending a 10% across-the-board budget cut—that it is insufficient. (All right, then lop  another 10% off andanother until it works).  Finally Edgar said that Brady is being shown as too socially conservative meaning pro-life… for the electorate, notwithstanding that Brady is 10 points up on the lagging, unpopular and vacillating Quinn right now.  Then as a coup de grace Edgar signed up with a radical immigration group that wants amnesty for illegals…saying that if the present restrictions on immigration were in effect, his forebears couldn’t have come to these shores.  
       That alone is tempting reason to keep things are they are. Also Edgar said in lachrymose tones that only a despotic government could remove 10 million illegals from these shores—that it couldn’t be done.  Well, 10 million came here illegally didn’t they?   
        The obvious wish is to tailor a flurry of Quinn TV commercials to aid Quinn’s campaign strategy portraying Brady as a far-right Neanderthal which in Squid terms (GOP division) means pro-life to which Edgar and Thompson have been unalterably opposed and from which George Ryan opportunistically recanted in order to taint his jury pool in order to get him off the hook from the terrors of justice. Edgar says a pro-lifer can’t win in Illinois.  Wrongo. Ryan ran consistently as one…for secretary of state and governor…before he sold out the issue to conform to what he imagined wold be the sentiment of his forthcoming jury pool.  Peter Fitzgerald was one.  
         Ryan’s instant conversion to pro-abort came with his overnight conversion to the most exotic elements of liberaldom—a trip to Cuba to grip the bloody hand of dictator Fidel Castro…and the supporting of $1 million to the despot from private sources… and emptying out death row…all to influence  five Norwegian leftists on the Nobel Prize committee who might be enticed to give him the gold so he could temper conviction with a phony Prize …equivalent to the token given to Obama…so as to mitigate his future indictment.  
      .  There is no doubt about it, Edgar will be an intrinsic part of the Democratic drive to elect Quinn.  Brady wasn’t my first choice or even second but he sure is inestimably to be preferred over Pat Quinn. Anything I can do to elect Brady and spoil Edgar’s evident deal with Quinn I will gladly, gratefully, enthusiastically do. 
         All we need now is the entrance into the campaign on Quinn’s side of Big Jimbo who committed 10 million of his law firm’s pro bono services to the “defense” of George Ryan who was convicted in 2007 of running a government where commercial drivers’ licenses were obtained by illegals and others through bribery…leading to the tragic episode where an illegal immigrant truck driver who got his license fraudulently due to Ryan’s corruption…and who couldn’t understand English…didn’t comprehend that people were trying to shout at him in English as he drove the truck down a Wisconsin highway that his truck was falling apart…leading to a dislodged piece of machinery falling off and striking the car behind, causing that car to burn and barbecuing alive six helpless children inside. . 
           The evidence against Ryan  was so incontrovertible that nothing Big Jimbo could do including sending up the smoothest for-hire defense lawyer in America could ameliorate it. Appeals failed, efforts to challenge jurors failed…despite Big Jimbo’s moving heaven and earth could not deter the justice system from sending Ryan to 6 years and 6 months at Terre Haut federal prison…after which Big Jimbo tried to stage an appeal for pardon with George W. Bush which failed because it coincided with Blago’s stupendous corruption involving trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder. 
            Why has Big Jimbo been so solicitous for his former lieutenant governor?  Does it mean: (a) Big Jimbo has suddenly become a reincarnation of Mother Teresa with the exception that the monies used to defend Ryan were taken from not just his but his law partners’ pockets…or (b) Big Jimbo wants desperately to stay on the good side of the incarcerated Ryan for some reason (you guess)?  The supine liberal media here will not speculate.  
         *: St. Hermenegild, Martyr [circa AD 585]. Another gripping story of the Church fighting against Aryanism, a heresy described yesterday. This involves a family spat which turned deadly.  Hermenegild and his brother Reccared were the two sons of the Visigothic king of Spain, Leovigild by his first wife Theodosia.  They were educated by their father in the Aryan heresy but Hermenegild married a zealous Catholic and was weaned away by her and the bishop of Seville, St. Leander.  Leovigild heard of his son’s open profession of faith and flew into a rage, ordering his son to resign his inheritance. This Hermenegild refused to do and raised an army in rebellion. For over a year son fought father, Hemenegild besieged in Seville.  He fled to a Roman camp only to find that the Romans had been bribed by his father’s money.  Resolutely, Hermenegild, his wife and infant son took refuge in a church where he was sure his enemies would not violate to capture him and his family.

             Ah but the old man was wily and his sent brother Reccared, who was still an Aryan, into the church to woo Hermenegild out with an offer of forgiveness.  Hermenegild was gulled and when he came out, the old man influenced by his second wife, threw Hearmenegild in prison but spared his wife and son.  Once in jail, Hermenegild refused his father’s entreaties. The old man offered to restore Hermenegild to full status if he would but receive the Eucharist from the hands of an Aryan priest. Once again in a rage, old man Leovigild sent guards to the prison who killed Hermenegild with one stroke of an axe.  The old man never showed a sign of remorse but he did commend his surviving son,  Reccared to St. Leander with instructions that Recarred could become a believing Catholic—non-Aryan—if he wished. . 

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