Thursday, April 29, 2010

Personal Aside: WTTW Lends Itself as Ring-Bearer for Deb Mell’s Lesbian Marriage…More.

  Feast of St. Catherine of Siena*
                                          Enthusiast of the Left.
         If in the future WTTW wonders how it finally lost its middle class donors…if it ever does…it might scroll the video tape back to the tender night of last Tuesday…wherein a deeply affected Carol Marin introduced two lesbian lovers to all of us in Chicagoland…trumpeted for them the announcement of their forthcoming marriage…had them show their rings for the camera…and initiated a not-so-subtle lobbying campaign for Illinois to pass same-sex marriage.    
       One of the lesbians, State Rep. Debbie Mell, who seemed always on verge of lip-biting to prevent tears, is the daughter of the ebullient wart-hog-sensitive Alderman Dick Mell who runs major northwest side tentacles of The Squid.   
       Chances are great that if it had not been for Ms. Marin, the announcement would not have been made under the auspices of the public television station, a portion of whose budget has been, and…they pray to the secular gods of liberaldom…may it always continue…paid with taxpayer money. Marin wrote her Sun-Pravdacolumn for Wednesday promo’ing it as well. She embodies the word enthusiast. With that flaccid management, her persuasiveness is great indeed, combining as it does the high intellectual octane of Jane Fonda and the resoluteness of Mother Bloor [1862-1951].  
       The legislature has always served as a pretty important source of `TTW funding, kicking in bucks where other state social programs go without because the one hand washes the other: `TTW pushes the liberal Dem agenda, the liberal Dem legislature and its media acolytes get on the tube and down comes the money. You get the idea. 
         So does Ms. Marin.  A vehemently dissenting  Catholic, she is `way, `way outside the pale lefty type: supporter of abortion rights, contraception, endorser of public monies for both etc. Yes, the more I think it: the right word to describe her is enthusiast.  
       An almost age 60 latter day college girl enthusiast for anything Left,   Enthusiast Marin shamelessly inveigled the pusillanimous, weak-reed corporate leadership of `TTW to do her bidding on this advocacy show in which no contradictory argument was recognized.  
          That her same-sex marriage advocacy is a distinct rebuke to 5,000 years of Judeo Christian teaching on sexual and conjugal ethics is of no concern to her because, frankly, she is uninterested in anything which is not the whim of the here and now.  Neither she nor her station know nor care about the sensibilities of those viewers who regard the moral laws of God as unchangeable and universal, nor do they care a fig for those who believe moral laws of God are essential to the honor and adoration we owe Him as the origin and destiny of our existence.  
         Marriage is a sacrament to millions of Judeo-Christians, existing under the Old Law since Adam and Eve and under the New Law through Christ who, before His Ascension, established it as a state of life pleasing to God.  Married life has been regarded for 5,000 years as the starting point of a family.  Into the family, human society’s new citizens are born to provide for the perpetuation of the human race throughout the ages. 
       All of which is boring to Ms. Marin and `TTW if they think about this at all.  TV demographics depend upon the upsy-daisy mores of young barbarians who think it cool to thumb-nose God. So Marin and `TTW push their own concept of marriage as being between two humans…at least two humans up to this point… who just kinda, sorta wanna squat together in the same housing.  And understand if you don’t share her and WTTW’s views you’re wallowing in the evil of…god how do I say it?...homophobia.  
         You won’t find homophobia listed in either Old or New Testaments but let me tell you under the new code book of moral relativism it definitely is.  The usual way relativists exploit criticism of sin is by attempting to use John 8:1-11 and stopping short just before Christ hammers the lesson home.  He defends the woman taken in adultery and His immortal rebuke to the crowd getting ready to stone her: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!” That seeming indulgence suits the Marin-`TTW crowd to a “t”—for toleration.  
       …But they leave it there…neglecting the real punch-line which is delivered by The Master after the crowd dwindles shamefacedly.   
         That is His sentence directed to the adulteress herself: “…Now go and sin no more.”  
         They never do get around to understanding that lesson, do they?    
          No, sorry: There is no point in remonstrating with Ms. Marin or her station about equal time for marriage between one man and one woman . They frankly seek viewers who like themselves cannot distinguish absolute moral good from moral evil. 
          So just remember this. Get a coalition started to be in readiness when the next `TTW fund-raiser comes `round.  
        That’s when the solicitation airwaves will be filled with the total traditional…replays of the late Lawrence Welk where traditional family life was glorified…or re-do’s of Peter, Paul & Mary where the trio’s goal was peace toward all.   
          That’s when your campaign should get going. Stressing to all that just when they feel soft, tender-hearted and magnanimous, that `TTW has become an  articulate instrument of the Left and the culture—for which the enthusiast Marin has become its leading advocate.  
         Give `em a buck and you’ll be rewarded by more Marin-gay marriage promo’d telecasts along with other exotic formulae of the Left… all sponsored by “viewers like you.”  
                  Kirk to Skip Palin Rally. Touche.  Pat Hughes is—What? 
                                           Kirk Touche.  
          Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) who sought passionately to get former Veep candidate Sarah Palin to endorse him when he had a primary opponent…and who was turned down…is now turning down the opportunity to be part of the Palin Illinois rally.  O.k.  Nothing wrong with that.  
                                           Hughes Wha?  
        Patrick Hughes who ran against Mark Kirk in the February 2 primary enthusiastically plumped for him the other day and now has been actively stumping for Kirk.  See the difference? 
        This is what turns people against politics. Not that Hughes supports Kirk but that he didn’t ask any advice from his contributors and supporters…one of whom was me ($1,000)…before he jumped on the everybody support Kirk pig pile…hoping to eventually get Kirk support when as expected Hughes wants to run against Judy Biggert in 2012 (Kirk support him? A  fantasy).  
         The usual route is that in a primary that bitter and personal as Hughes legitimately waged, the defeated candidate meets with his supporters and determines what to do next.  Nine out of 10 probably would have told him to support Kirk…but not go up to the front of the church and pass the plate.  But Hughes clearly wants to run for office again and so wants to make amends. 
        Again: nothing wrong with that—but when he gets a bit older and wiser he will shuck that 40-year-old cock-sure entrepreneur’s attitude of doing it all himself for himself…by himself…talking to no one but himself… and consult with those who thought enough of him to pitch in initially in what all of us knew would be a near hopeless race…for which we were plugging our dough down a rat-hole.  We all knew it but thought the point of having an opponent to Kirk’s pro-abort pro-gay rights position was right then. 
          That was more important  than Hughes’ precious ambition to go to Congress to satisfy his own ego needs. 
        There were issues involved, m’friend—not you’re self-promotion.  
      .  Let me tell you Hughes has a whole lot to learn about politics—and right now he has barely made it past kindergarten.  
        And if he thinks I’ll support him again, he has another think coming. 
    *: St. Catherine of Siena [1333-1380]. One unlikely to be swayed by the pomp of clerical power, swinging incense burners and the idea that you don’t give tough-minded advice to bishops and the Vicar of Christ himself when you think they’re in the wrong.  She was born the youngest of 20 (is that possible? Yes it is!) children of a Sienese dyer, Giacomo Benincasa. Siena is near Tuscany in central Italy.  
     She refused to consider marriage and became instead a Dominican tertiary. After some years of solitude, she began to serve as a nurse in a hospital…following which she embarked on tours of conversion, surrounding herself with a group of disciples inflamed by her eloquence: Dominicans, Augustinians. 
          Believe it or not she was a prolific writer though she never learned to write—dictating her thoughts to a secretary.  In all 383 letters dictated by her are masterpieces of expressed sanctity.  In the last five years of her life she became involved with the politics of church and state which embroiled Christendom of the time.  Mustering phenomenal courage she approached Gregory XI and told him bluntly to return to Rome from Avignon, concerned that his curia was too much dominated by French interests. She was the decisive force that brought the papacy home to Rome. 
          She died in Rome. Her home survives at Siena, Italy where her head is also kept but her body lies at S. Maria sopra Minerva at Rome.  She was canonized in 1461 by Pius II; she was declared a Doctor of the Church in 1970.  Her portrait is usually shown as a woman in Dominican habit holding a heart and a book—and wearing a crown of thorns.

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