Thursday, April 22, 2010

Personal Aside: The Pro-Tax Rally Excites Capitol Fax…Get the Hook for Sluttish Megyn Kelly…More.

        Feast of Saints Epipodius and Alexander*

                                Hike `Em Up Higher, I Say!
           My goodness, the Hike Up Your Taxes rally at Springfield Wednesday where thousands of recipients of state largesse are shouting “more!” has Rich Miller of Capitol Fax blog in ecstasy. He streamed all the news and ordered his “interns” to follow it closely.  Oh, the Humanity!   Capitol Fax both the newsletter and blog is known as the unalloyed cheerleader for expanded state services. Faithful to every murmur of the Madigans…almost lip-synch with the Democratic establishment… the letter and blog are nevertheless a rich compendium of information.  Everywhere I used to go in Springfield, visiting offices, I would see the original faxed newsletter on every desk…in every “in basket.”   The state legislators, agencies you name it. An impressive total. At $350 per he devolves great support for his journalism from government. No wonder he’s excited about higher taxes.  
                                   Megyn Kelly.
           Has she taken leave of her senses or has celebrity turned her into a slime-ball where to get ratings she appeared on shock-jock Howard Stern and told about her wild-wild life.  Too disgusting to go into. Megyn Kelly has disgraced the Fox news brand, women generally and should be replaced immediately. She shows herself to be a real pig.  The performance she did was disgraceful and her comments belong in any cheap bordello  Fox ought to buy up her contract today to allow her to go where her sluttish views are tenable.  ‘’ 
               The Struggle to Replace Paprocki at the Puzzle Palace. 
           The jockeying goes on inside the Skunk Works. Our special correspondent whispers:  
          As more time passes, it looks like Paprocki’s replacement will be Polish. There are too many Poles here…that nation has just suffered a great tragedy with the plane crash.  There are many Poles right off the plane who pour money into their Polish churches—so many that the Cardinal can’t risk their money going back across the pond to the motherland.  So it looks like he will select someone who can bumble his way through a Polish-language Mass.   
         Paprocki (called Pap for short) deliberately “brushed up his Polish” which chancellor in preparation of his purple hat. By all estimations he was a quiet, busy little beaver doing everything right so that he could land that hat and now it is paying off in spades for him.  The others—Manz, Perry the prima donna and Kane are eating their hearts out at Pap’s getting an actual See compared to their job of pacifying crabby old pastors whom they are expected to corral—I should have written “shepherd” but of course I mean corral.  
            Now one guy who would be awesome but he’s too old is Jim Kaczorowski, pastor of Queen of Angels, named after a disgraced one left the parish--but that’s another story. He is trilingual—English, Polish and Spanish—and served as chairman of the Presbyteral Council, the semi-legit priest-advisory group to the Cardinal to balance off McLaughlin’s threaten `n thrash group.  He might even have served on the placement board for a while too.  All of these things  make great bishropic material and the best part is Jim wouldn’t want it. So therefore he’s not likely to be asked.  The big boys love to receive the ego-stroking these wannabe bishops offer up no matter how fake it is.  And Jim couldn’t give a rat’s behind about pleasing anyone but God and His people. My kind of bishop. 
               There are some others out there and maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised.  One of them is Canary but he’s not well liked and really to be moved out of Vicariate IV as Vicar would be a demotion. Rasses did this but he knew he would only ever be an Episcopal vicar and he wanted to be back in Lake Forest where he had been pastor at the very wealthy St. Mary’s for a million years.  Most likely, a Paprocki replacement will be named soon and Canary will get his hat at the same time keeping the vicar general post he has now. Then he will be ready for a small See somewhere. And so goes the political church.  
    *: Saints Epipodius and Alexander [AD 178].  The persecutions of Marcus Aurelius…the so-called “Stoic” intellectual emperor whose book “Meditations” is still read… against Catholics raged with special ferocity in the city of Lyons. Among the victims were two young friends—Epipodius and Alexander.  After the martyrdom of a third friend, St. Pothinus, the two left Lyons for a neighboring town.  Being sought out by the Emperor’s police they hit out in the house of a widow. They were eventually arrested—Epidodius in the scuffle losing a shoe which was preserved as a relic. Appearing before the governor, they readily acknowledged to be Catholics. The mob cried out against them but the governor marveled that despite their forthcoming martyrdom they would still attest to be Catholics. Epipodius, the younger, was sentenced to be beheaded and Alexander to be crucified. As he was placed on the rack, Alexander attested to his belief in Christ and his abhorrence of idols.

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