Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Personal Aside: Did You Hear the One About the Jewish Merchant?...Thoughts While Shaving.

     Feast of St. Peter Canisius*
             Obama’s National Security Advisor’s Belly Laugh. 
              Speaking at a meeting of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy the other day, President Obama’s national security director, Marine Gen. James Jones [Ret] started off with this joke…this from the top White House official who has been putting maximum leverage on Israel to cave in to Palestinian demands…even when they are not warranted such as halting housing construction in east Jerusalem which has never been included in discussions before—under the so-called “even handedness” policy which always forces Israel to concede while the Palestinians frown and say no. 
              Seems there was a Taliban fighter who was lost in the Afghanistan desert and stumbled upon a small store owned by a man Jones described as “a Jewish merchant.”   
              Jones: “…and the Taliban warrior went up to him and said `I need water, give me some water!’  And the merchant said `I’m sorry, I don’t have any water but would you like to buy a tie?  We have a nice sale on ties today!’ 
             “At this point, the Taliban fighter launched into a stream of language that I can’t repeat about Israel, about Jewish people, about the man himself, about his family, he was just saying `I need water! You try to sell me ties!. You people don’t get it!’ 
            “The Jewish merchant said, `well, I’m sorry that I don’t have water for you and I forgive you for all of the insults that you’ve levied against me, my family, my country. But I will help you out. If you go over that hill and walk about two miles there’s a restaurant there and they have all the water you’ll need. 
              “The fighter walked away but returned an hour later and said, `Your brother tells me I need a tie to get into the restaurant.”  
                Ideal story for the top national security guy in the country to tell about our nation’s only major ally in the Middle East, right?  
                If that gaffe…or supposed gaffe…was told by a Republican policy-maker you’d have The New York Times and multi-media at the guy’s throat.  While it was apologized for by Jones would it likely cause a rupture with the nation’s Jewish community leading to a fall-off of votes for Obama in 2012?  It only collected a rebuff from Abraham Foxman before Jones slapped his own wrist for being impolite. 
               Nary a ripple will be made in public discourse because as Norman Podhoretz says in his book Why are Jews Liberals? Jews have largely forgotten their religion…scrapping Torah I which was the old observance ritual for Torah II.   Torah II is what most modern Jews have decided to embrace, substituting for religious precepts, the doctrine of modern secular liberalism as their creed—meaning excessive liberalness in all things including foreign policy and the disdaining of Israel which they see as embarrassingly archaic and provincial.  
               Jews, observant or non-,  are a small voting bloc by the numbers—but significant by means of stature, power and influence. Observant Jews a tiny miniscule, have been tending to lean Republican anyhow—but big Jewish donors, entrepreneurs, the Hollywood types et al …the people Rahm Emanual rounds up…are Torah IIfollowing a largely pro-Muslim, pro-Palestinian ultra-pragmatic credo... presided over by Barack Hussein Obama.  
                                        Thoughts While Shaving… 
                                      A Fence that Works, Dammit!  
              I still don’t get it about the Arizona immigration mess. Secretary Napolitano uses typical liberal demagoguery by saying that she has thrown all available resources at the problem.  Just like liberals: that isn’t remotely the answer. They talk about resources expended—not the solution.  
            The answer is a fence.  For some reason, liberals cannot conceive of a fence. But a fence works. Placed in Arizona and effectively watched it would slow the floodtide of illegal immigrants to a trickle.  
             Liberal hope is that the chaos will lead to a federal law that will legalize amnesty.  It can’t pass.  The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is a fence. Why can’t you get it?     
                               Blago’s Get Even Strategy with Obama. 
            So the redactions on the original Fed bill of particulars against Obama have themselves been redacted and now we know just what the Feds have on Obama. Blago’s trainer…Sam Adams, Jr….not unlike Burgess Meredith in Rocky…is teaching his student to break all the usual bromides.  Hence Blago is demanding that Obama testify. 
              The prevailing thought is that Obama can avoid testifying. I cannot see how.  He is front and center making certain protestations of innocence regarding Tony Rezko and the evidence that the Feds have show a direct contradiction.  
               How can Obama evade testifying?  Because he’s president and he can get his Justice Department to make these unpleasant blemishes go away? Bill Clinton was president when the Paula Jones matter came up. He had a Justice Department too but ended up having to testify.  
                            The Bitterness of the Media with Blago… 
            …is at a higher pitch than it ever was with George Ryan. Why?  There’s no doubt Blago is a crook and weasel…but so was/is Ryan. Why the excessive bitterness toward Blago? 
             Because Blago has shown the guts to want to bring down the media’s favorite, Obama, in Blago’s defense of himself.  
             You threaten media’s darling, Obama, and you’ll pay and pay and pay.  
      *: St. Peter Canisius [1521-97].  He was a Jesuit priest, writer and educator. Born at Nijmegen, Holland with a father who was tutor to the sons of nobility, Peter was educated at Cologne University and at Louvain where he studied canon law.  Rejecting a career in the law and also marriage which his father had arranged for him, he took a retreat at Mainz and decided to join the Society of Jesus.  After ordination he became a prominent teacher and writer and attended two sessions of the Council of Trent. 
        Against his scholarly will, he was sent to do the task of reform at Vienna where there were many parishes without clergy, no ordinations for 20 years, monasteries that stood deserted and general abandonment by the populace of religious practices. The king and papal nuncio both wanted him to become archbishop but he rejected it in favor of being a temporary administrator, turning thumbs down on even being a bishop. There he wrote what became a famous catechism which in some ways seemed the Catholic equivalent of Luther’s work. He lived at Augsburg from 1559 to 1565 writing, speaking, publishing for those lapsed from religion—converting Protestants and encouraging Catholics. 
         He took a leading role in founding the University of Fribourg while at the same time serving as provincial for a new Jesuit province for Austria, Bavaria and Bohemia.  Residing at Prague he founded a university there which became famous for its high academic and religious standards. He is generally reckoned the principal theologian for his generation in central Europe to whom much of the success of the Counter-Reformation is due.  He died of a stroke but it was not until 1925 that he was canonized and named a Doctor of the Church.                       

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