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Thoughts While Shaving: Greg Hinz’s Offended When Obama’s Called “This Guy”…Denny Kuchinch: The Cheapest Date in Town. More.

Feast of St. Salvator of Horta.* 
                                         Hinz Offended. 
             The delicate sensibilities of Crain’s Greg Hinz are offended because Mark Kirk called President Obama “this guy” and further…perish the thought…that Republican Kirk wants to see Obama become a one-termer—Hinz thoughtfully detailing how important it is to expand Kirk’s influence beyond the Republican base…an idea evidently shared by a major newsletter-blog-fax in town since it seemed to pass on approvingly Hinz’s suggestion.  
           Meaning that Kirk would become an Arlen Specter-like handmaiden to the reigning liberal orthodoxy of The Squid.   The idea would neuter Kirk and make nice-nice with liberals…more than he has already when he voted for Cap and Trade in the House…with the result that if Kirk got elected…which is looking more certain as the days go by…he would become indistinguishable from Chuck Percy (who gave us via Gerald Ford John Paul Stevens as an enduring Supreme Court legacy).  
             . As if by calling Obama “Mr. President” and avoiding the issue of  defeating him in 2012, Kirk will get the support of Hinz’s friends. 
                Not really.  They vote straight…er… down-the-line Democratic anyhow.   
                                       Cheap Date. 
                All Our Kenya-Born Half-Blood American Prince had to do was to invite Ohio’s haunted-looking, hangdog Dennis Kuchinich, a supposed “no” vote on health care to ride on Air Force One to Ohio.  He didn’t even have to tell Denny that if he didn’t switch he’d have to take the Greyhound back to Washington.  Denny capitulated on cue for the media as per instructions from David Axelrod…thereby lining up The Prince for a future fund-raiser which…forget The Prince’s electoral unpopularity…can rake in $250,000 net.   
                 Let me predict: the next guy to be rented will be Little Looie Gutierrez.  Melissa Bean’ll come around.  Foster next. They’ll have a little more trouble with Jerry Costello because his constituency is definitely pro-life.  
               Back to Denny.  
              He’s really a sketch.  A Don Knotts stereotype, he was the nation’s youngest mayor in 1977 when Cleveland went belly-up because he wouldn’t cut enough to balance the budget—thus giving the word “callow” a bad connotation….A vegan, he’s run for president twice—2004 and 2008 and has threatened food companies for supposedly spraying their foods with chemicals.   He’s known as “Under 1% Kuchinich” because that’s the vote he got in New Hampshire last time. Was a pro-lifer but is now hard-core pro-abort.  He calls himself a Catholic but has had three wives with no fix-up in the Church.  His latest is a British subject, a vegan as well, 31-years younger than he.  A definite looker, she’s got an interesting background that almost tops Dennis’ for zaniness.  A former Mother Teresa volunteer in India, she has a BA in theology, a certificate in “Peace Studies” and an MA in “Conflict Resolution.” 
                   All these things plus a silver stud implanted in her tongue. 
                            Liberal Nuns Support ObamaCare. 
               Immediately Catholic apologists came out to explain how 61 nuns purportedly representing 61,000 female religious came out on Axelrod’s media cue to support ObamaCare…denying its effect on abortion…timed with Denny Kuchinich’s turnaround. The apologists say that the nuns were lied to by advocates of Obamacare.   
                Nope. Don’t believe it.  They weren’t lied to. They embody the Leftist revolution in the Church composed of I-wanna-be-me feminist types who brook no authority. 
                Should be about time for Carol Marin to give the Daughters of Charity a glowing interview on all her monopolistic news facets: Sun-Times,,,NBC 5…WTTW-TV.They’re her kind of Catholics.  By the way, where is Falsani, the flower-child of the Sun-Times who used to write religion for them and later did a column only?   Normally she’d be all over this story like a cheap suit.  But wait—there’s always Manya Brachear of the Tribune, writer of a column called The Seeker aka The Seeker for Liberal Meaning in the Universe.  
                                   Perspective on Obama. 
                  Smooth as silk with a forked purring tongue as shown last night on Fox…the truth not in him…as once when he got stuck on logic he said, “it was the right thing to do” as if he ever believed in absolutes…Barack Obama has since election done a 180 from appearing as a moderate, reasonable, well-cultivated Harvard faculty lounge sophisticate…to emerge as a radical, largely non-religious commandant of the effort to convert the United States into a European-style “democratic” socialist parliament. In almost every sector you can think of, Obama is the obverse of what has been embraced by past presidents…Democratic and Republican…until now.   
                  Skipping over health care and going to foreign policy (which of course was not covered in the interview) , it is clear that his argument with Israel has three facets:  (1) He wants to topple Netanyahu because Obama intends to let Iran get away with a nuclear buildup…and  Netanyahu does not. (2) Obama’s policy is to welcome Iran which is run by a certifiable madman into the nuclear weapons family and fears that since the U.S. will not stop its burgeoning nuclear facility, Israel may.  (3) Obama is definitively, intellectually and emotionally a Palestinian and is not a believer in American Exceptionalism.    His unconscionable radicalism has made him unpopular in spending and taxation—but his true disastrous formulation is not perceived much at all by Americans.  
                  Unfortunately Obama’s anti-Israeli stance doesn’t mean a thing with the majority of the Jewish people.  That’s because to a large extent, Jews have abandoned the religion of their forefathers in order to effect assimilation in the secularism of this country—which is very important to them.   Once upon a time…when I was young…it was argued and justifiably so that  liberalism truly did serve Jewish interests.  I was not a liberal myself at that time but I saw the point.  It does not pertain now.  Liberalism most emphatically does not serve Jewish interests.  
            In an effort to be homogenized within the nation…something that somehow is of paramount importance to them, Jews have willingly sacrificed their own identity, have adopted secular liberalism as their creed and have set aside their interests for the vague liberal nostrum of “progress” and “liberal accommodation.” The anomaly is that this modern liberalism…typified by Obama…is inhospitable to Jews. Take for instance: Obama’s warring with Israel and his making nice-nice with Iran whose leader has sworn to wipe Israel off the map. Most Jews are frankly unconcerned about it.  That’s because they walk to shrug off their Jewishness.  
          But it is far more than just the indissolubility of Israel. The prevailing concept of accommodation for Jews is…I regret to say…exactly what Obama is all about: The diminishing of the United States from a leader in the world community to just another nation that will eventually be run for globalism and international consent.  
          But it is not just the Jews. Catholics…as witness the 55,000 nuns across the country represented by the Daughters of Charity and others…are following—setting aside Catholic dogma, Catholic precepts for the easy accommodationism of being…like their Jewish colleagues…indistinguishable in the world.   
            Why else with the world in ferment does the Vatican continue with the newspaper L’Osservatore Romano which has been allowed to confuse millions as to whether it reflects Church teaching or not?  It has published opinion pieces that proclaim Barack Obama is not pro-abortion if you can believe an editor almost of any secular journal would be induced to believe such a thing.  It has dished up the 10 great rock-and-roll albums.  The question is this: If it ISN’T the voice of the Vatican then why is the paper given first access to Vatican documents?  If it IS where is the discipline needed to form a unified presentation?  Good heavens, even The Wall Street Journal  in almost every edition presents a more consistent view of public events…as does The New York Times. 
              The ranking apologist for the flaccidity of the Vatican is, of course, George Weigel who is more like a public relations representative…based on his writing a courtier’s biography of John Paul II…than an historian.  Weigel said the other day that there is no single unity that can be called the Vatican position on things.  REALLY? That’s poppycock. And then he said the favorable view of Obama comes from the Vatican bureaucracy which thinks more as a European entity than anything else. 
                Thanks, George, but it isn’t good enough. It isn’t too much to expect that the center of Catholicism in the world should be able to control a newspaper that gives its ideas to the world…as does The Christian Science Monitor. It’s time for Weigel to stop being a cosmetician and become an analyst.  Rome…I don’t think…at least I hope not…isn’t paying him. 
         *: St. Salvator of Horta [AD 1567]. He is described as being “of Horta” in Spain, because he spent many years in the Franciscan friary of that place…although he was born at Santa Columba, diocese of Genoa in Spain. He came from a poor family and was orphaned at an early age.  He migrated about the country, worked as a shoemaker in Barcelona and at the age of 20 became a Franciscan. He was employed in the monastic kitchen, moved to several monasteries and finally to embrace complete solitude of St. Mary of Jesus at Horta. His sanctity attracted much notice and the blind, deaf and lame came to him to be healed—to his great exasperation…yet many were healed.  He lived a humble life until at age 47 he was seized with an illness from which he died.

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